Suzuki Details Key Updates For 2022 Hayabusa, More Power and Technology Redefine Icon [Video]

Suzuki promised that big changes were coming to the iconic Hayabusa for the 2022 model year. But we were left in the dark on just how far the changes went towards making the 2022 Hayabusa a better motorcycle? Suzuki has shed some new light on the subject, and we think buyers will be very pleased with the changes.

Slicker Styling Improves Aerodynamics, Diet Cuts Weight

A key change that many buyers will notice is the exterior styling of the 2022 Hayabusa. Suzuki wanted to try and make the Hayabusa even more aerodynamically efficient than ever before. The trimmed-down appearance is accompanied by more rounded accents, which not only thoroughly modernizes the bike but also allow the latest iteration of the Hayabusa to have “one of the best drag coefficients achieved by any motorcycle,” as touted by Suzuki reps.

However, there’s more going on beneath the surface, with the company making several changes. You would have to look closely to spot them since the twin-spar aluminum frame and its extruded aluminum pieces carry over mostly unchanged. But the sub-frame has been lightened slightly, with Suzuki engineers removing 1.5 lbs of extra weight. This, along with several other weight-saving measures, helps the Hayabusa weigh in at 582 lbs, which is four pounds less than the 586 lb curb weight that defined last year’s model. The revised weight also helps ensure a perfect 50:50 weight distribution.

The frame itself is supported by a KYB sourced 43 mm fork at the front, with the rear being supported by a KYB mono-shock. The 2022 Hayabusa comes with 17-inch wheels, which are shod with Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22 tires. Braking has also been enhanced, with the bike now being equipped with front and rear 320 mm disc brakes with Brembo’s Stylema four-piston calipers being used at the front wheel. The rear wheel remains unchanged, though with the rear brakes being equipped with a single-piston Nissin caliper. The new Brembos should help improve high-speed braking behavior, and it’s yet another sign of just how committed Suzuki is towards making the Hayabusa a track terror once again.


More Power Forms Heart Of 2022 Hayabusa

Buyers hoping to see the Hayabusa gain a bigger engine will be disappointed to hear that Suzuki engineers chose to maintain the current dimensions with the 1,340cc DOHC inline-four engine, even losing some horsepower in the updates. The 2022 model now makes 188 horsepower, which is down from the 194 horsepower that defined the previous generation bike. The engine is paired with a six-speed transmission that now comes bundled with a bi-directional quick shifter as well as a slipper and assist clutch mechanism.

With the engine and transmission being roughly the same as before, where are the changes you might be asking yourself? The answer lurks in some of the finer details that define the whole setup. Suzuki engineers made several key adjustments and upgrades to the engine. They include revised cylinder heads, improved oil passages, and even revised timing for the magneto. All of this and more help make a difference when the Hayabusa is allowed to be ridden at high speeds, with the company claiming that the new bike is more responsive than before, with the sprint to 60 mph being done in 3.2 seconds (down slightly from 3.4 seconds.) Top speed is unchanged, though with the bike topping out at 185 mph, which should be fast enough for most buyers.

A revamped exhaust system rounds out the changes with the new setup incorporating a new crossover pipe that helps connect the first pipe in the system to the fourth and final pipe. This 2 into 4 setup helps with weight distribution, with the system even shedding 4.5 lbs of curb weight.


Enhanced Electronics Coming To 2022 Hayabusa

In addition to the performance upgrades, the 2022 Hayabusa also brings the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.) to the iconic nameplate for the first time. Bikes equipped with this system benefit from a wide range of electronic rider aids as well as a six-axis IMU. A ley part of the system is Suzuki’s Drive Mode Selector Alpha that not only comes with three preset modes and three configurable modes (for a total of six) but is also hardwired into the Hayabusa’s ride by wire technology.

The small screen in the instrument cluster was updated to a TFT LCD unit with key information such as lean angle, driving mode, and gear indicator all being displayed prominently in front of the rider. The bike’s electronic bag of tricks does not end here, though, with the Hayabusa also getting a 10-mode track control system, anti-lift system, cruise control, and even slope and hill control capability.


When Can I Buy a 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa?

Suzuki has not confirmed when the bike will be available (or when it will come stateside), but pricing has gone up to $18,599, which is a noticeable bump over the old model’s $14,799. The bike will be available in three different color combinations (Glass Sparkle Black/Candy Burnt Gold, Metallic Matte Sword Silver/Candy Daring Red, and Pearl Brilliant White/Metallic Matte Stellar Blue.

When the Hayabusa eventually arrived, it will face some serious competition from both Kawasaki’s Ninja lineup as well as Honda’s latest crop of performance bikes. But the Hayabusa has a unique cult of personality, especially among riders that remember its glory days in the early 2000s. It will be interesting to see if an infusion of technology and a focus on some of its inner workings will allow this bike to reign supreme once again. In the meantime, Suzuki released a brief video of the Hayabusa in action, which can be seen below.