3.3s 2017 BMW R nineT Scrambler – Air-Cooled Boxer ThrillRide! USA Arrival + Specs

All you need to know?

Aircooled boxer engine, race-bike fast — but wearing any tires across any terrain you’re brave enough to ride!  A two-in-one exhaust cannon is said to really shout out like a racebike on full throttle…. ThruuuMmmm… Brummm!  110HP is the top R90 output, and 124-mph the Vmax.2017 BMW R nineT Scrambler

The new R nineT is set for a USA arrival around August of 2016 as a 2017 model-year bike.

To kick off the excitement, here are a few animations of the various looks and modes of the bike…. plus a cool 90 pics of this butch new BMW bike.


2017 BMW R nineT Scrambler


A Down-to-Earth Character Beyond Established Conventions 

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – November 20, 2015… Scramblers – They were ridden by scores of movie heroes and amateur racers. With deep-tread tires, a raised exhaust, somewhat extended spring travel and a relaxed seating position, Scramblers offered riders during the 1950s to 1970s not just motorcycling fun on winding country roads, but also great off-road capability and an extended range of uses. Like the motorcycles themselves, the people who rode Scramblers were not bound by established conventions of time or place. They could be seen virtually everywhere: on winding country roads, stony mountain passes and, where permitted, even on sandy beaches.

The history of BMW Motorrad is also rooted in the Scrambler concept. In 1951, the BMW R 68 was presented at the International Bicycle and Motorcycle Fair IFMA in Frankfurt with a typical raised 2-in-1 exhaust, just like the one raced by BMW Motorrad legend Georg “Schorsch” Meier. While the standard version of the R 68 had a conventional exhaust installed in a lower position, the raised exhaust version was already available back then as a BMW Motorrad accessory. To this day, some owners of this highly valuable post-war BMW Motorrad classic still like to retrofit the special Scrambler-style exhaust.

Now, BMW Motorrad presents the new BMW R nineT Scrambler, a motorcycle which revives the Scrambler era in a very unique way. It has everything that defines this motorcycle type – a distinct spirit created for motorcycle enthusiasts who love things that are pure, essential and non-conformist – combined with the technology and quality of a BMW. Together, with the R nineT Roadster, the BMW Scrambler establishes the new BMW Motorrad Heritage world of experience.


Potent, air-cooled boxer for vigorous power.

The new BMW Motorrad Scrambler features a classic air-cooled, punchy flat-twin boxer engine, which has stood for hallmark design, powerful torque and a unique sound for more than nine decades. The R nineT Scrambler is fitted with the air/oil-cooled boxer with a capacity of 1,170 cc. It delivers an output of 110 hp (81 kW) at 7,750 rpm, develops a maximum torque of 86 lb/ft (116 Nm) at 6,000 rpm and, with the new engine mapping and a fuel system including carbon canister, meets the requirements of the EU4 pollutant class.




Dynamic Scrambler with versatile character.


With the new Scrambler as with the R nineT, BMW Motorrad has responded to the desire of many riders who want to be able to modify their bike according to their own personal taste. The spectrum of potential alterations ranges from original BMW Motorrad accessories to parts and accessories produced by customers to create a unique motorcycle.


Raised exhaust in Scrambler style with a robust sound.


The raised exhaust with two vertically arranged rear silencers meets the requirements of a classic Scrambler. It is fitted very close to the body of the bike, thereby reinforcing its generally slim appearance while producing a deep robust boxer sound. A large-size catalytic converter ensures even more effective exhaust gas cleaning.


Traditional suspension technology with 19-inch front wheel and a wide range of potential variations.


Similar to the R nineT Roadster, the frame concept is a key component of the Scrambler’s extensive customization capabilities. The specially developed steel tubular space frame integrates the boxer engine as a load-bearing element and consists of a front section with integrated steering head and a rear section with swinging arm mount.

The passenger frame can be detached, giving the R nineT Scrambler a particularly unique appearance in combination with the single seat option. In line with the bike’s active riding character, the suspension geometry of the R nineT Scrambler is mainly geared towards sound handling and a neutral cornering response, providing ample riding fun on winding country roads.

In optimal Scrambler style, front wheel suspension is in the form of a telescopic fork with rubber gaiters and a spring travel of 4.9 inches. Rear wheel suspension is provided by a Paralever single-sided swing arm, similar to the other boxer models. Suspension and damping are provided via a central spring strut. The spring travel is 5.5 inches vs. 4.7” for the R nineT.

The new BMW Scrambler is fitted with light alloy cast wheels. In typical Scrambler style, it has a large 19-inch front wheel with tire sizes of 120/70-19 at the front and 170/60-17 at the rear.

In view of the impressive riding dynamics of the R nineT Scrambler, the brake system – which comes with ABS as standard – is fitted with 4-piston calipers, steel-wrapped brake lines and 320-millimeter brake discs at the front. At the rear, effective deceleration is ensured by a single-disc brake with a diameter of 265 millimeters and a 2-piston floating caliper.


Special ergonomics for a relaxed Scrambler feel.


A relaxed upright seating position is one of the key features of a Scrambler. For this reason, the ergonomic triangle of handlebar-seat-footrests has been redefined. With handlebars that are higher than the R nineT, slightly less seat padding and rider footrests that are positioned somewhat lower and further to the rear, the new model gives the rider a relaxed riding feel.


Purist design, attention to detail and a classic color concept.


Whether with the standard light alloy cast wheels or the optional cross-spoke wheels – the new R nineT Scrambler always demonstrates authentic style. One important design objective was to deliberately ensure a purist appearance. From all angles, the BMW Motorrad Scrambler is defined by a blend of classic and modern elements of motorcycle design style.

The circular headlamp gives it an expression of freedom, independence and serenity, while the speedometer with analog display features a simplistic style that very much reflects the classic principles applied to the development of the BMW Scrambler. Eye-catching elements are the painted 4.5 gallon sheet-steel fuel tank and the trim cover made of fine aluminum with an embossed R nineT inscription running across the air intake duct on the right-hand side.

The new member of the BMW Motorrad Heritage world of experience also conveys its high-quality workmanship in the details. These include refined aluminum forged parts that are glass-bead blasted and then given a clear anodized surface, the aluminum clamp for the tubular handlebars, which bear an engraved BMW Motorrad inscription, and the tapered two-person Saddle Brown seat with attractive stitching.

The new BMW R nineT Scrambler is available in Monolith metallic matt paint. The bike’s classic, purist character is enhanced by black components such as the frame, swing arm, wheels, fork slider tubes and engine housing.


Highlights of the new BMW R nineT Scrambler:

  • Purist design.
  • Classic color concept.
  • Stitched seat
  • Detailed workmanship
  • Air/oil-cooled 2-cylinder boxer engine with a capacity of 1,170 cc. Output 110 hp

(81 kW) at 7,750 rpm, maximum torque of 86 lb/ft (116 Nm) at 6,000 rpm.

  • Designed to be customized.
  • Modular frame concept with removable passenger frame offering a range of variations.
  • Classic wheel suspension by means of telescopic fork with rubber gaiters at front and

Paralever at rear.

  • Large 19-inch front wheel typical of a Scrambler.
  • Upright seating position in classic Scrambler style.
  • Raised exhaust fitted close to the body with twin muffler.
  • Axially mounted 4-piston brake calipers, steel-wrapped brake lines, 320-millimeter brake discs and ABS.
  • Individually tailored special accessories in the familiar high quality typical of BMW Motorrad.




BMW R nineT Scrambler powerfully individual character with authentic appeal.
Deep-tread tires, raised exhaust, wide handlebars, extended spring travel and a slightly modified design – this simple but effective formula was used decades ago by dedicated motorcycle enthusiasts and manufacturers to convert existing road machines into so-called Scramblers.


In addition to riding fun on the road, Scramblers also offered the rider good off-road suitability and, therefore, an extended range of use. Scrambler riders were to be seen virtually everywhere: on winding country roads, stony mountain passes and – where permitted – on sandy beaches. Up until the early 1970s, Scramblers were regarded as the ultimate all-round motorbikes before eventually being eclipsed by the new class of enduro bikes with their greater capacity for off-road riding.


Now BMW Motorrad presents the new R nineT Scrambler, a motorcycle which revives the Scrambler era in a very special way. It has everything that defines this motorcycle type, filled with a very distinct spirit and created for motorcycle fans who love things that are purist, reduced to the essentials and non-conformist.


The new BMW Scrambler also has the genes of more than nine decades of BMW Motorrad, applied here in the form of a unique concept, pure riding pleasure, a reduced, classic design and a deliberate focus on the technical essentials. With its classic style and purist expressiveness, it is intended for all those looking for an authentic motorcycle that offers robust character and thrilling riding dynamics.


And there is more to this new BMW boxer than just a BMW motorcycle that has not existed in this form before. As with the development of the R nineT itself, BMW Motorrad designers’ and developers’ focus in developing the Scrambler was centered on the emotional component of the man/machine connection in addition to pure technical functionality. They followed the principle that a motorcycle has to offer optimum technological efficiency as well as appeal to all the rider’s senses and stimulate powerful emotions. In short: it has to arouse real enthusiasm – when opening the garage door in the morning, savoring a stop at the top of a mountain pass or enjoying a ride along a winding country road!


The new R nineT Scrambler draws on iconic elements of a bygone era, combining the current technological attributes of BMW motorcycles with classic design principles and a degree of individualization that remain unparalleled to date.


Feisty Scrambler character with a great capacity for customization.


Customizing is all about individualization – making alterations to motorcycles to suit personal preference and taste. The range of customization options runs from BMW Motorrad Original accessories to aftermarket offerings from famous custom designers.


With the new Scrambler as with the R nineT, BMW Motorrad has responded to the desire of many motorcyclists who wish to customize their bike themselves by making modifications that suit their personal tastes and riding preferences.


For this reason, the new Scrambler features a particularly sophisticated overall concept that enhances the capacity for individual modification. It also has a wide range of technical provisions that allow installation of items from the extensive range of BMW Motorrad special accessories, permitting further customization.


In this way, customers themselves can become actively involved in configuring their own personal BMW Scrambler. Based on the main existing components of the engine and suspension, the Scrambler offers riders a broad spectrum of possibilities to completely individualize it according to personal preference.


Powerful, air-cooled boxer engine for dynamic riding fun.


The longitudinally mounted 2-cylinder boxer engine with power transmission via a universal-shaft drive has been synonymous with BMW motorcycles for more than nine decades. Like no other motorcycle engine, the air-cooled BMW Motorrad flat twin power unit stands for unmistakeable, authentic design, powerful torque and a unique, throaty sound.


The BMW R nineT Scrambler features the familiar air/oil-cooled boxer engine with 101-millimeter bore, 73-millimeter stroke and capacity of 1,170 cc. Its peak output is 110 hp (81 kW) at 7,750 rpm and the maximum torque of 86 lb/ft (116 Nm) peaks at 6,000 rpm, with a maximum engine speed of 8,500 rpm.


Engine mapping has been redefined for use in the R nineT Scrambler with a view to satisfying the requirements of the EU4 pollutant class. At the same time, the fuel system has been fitted with a carbon canister for tank ventilation purposes.


Control of the four valves is via two overhead chain-driven camshafts (DOHC) per cylinder. Valve activation is handled by very light and therefore speed-resistant rocker arms, and valve clearance compensation is by means of light hemispherical shims.


Power transmission to the rear wheel is via the well-established 6-speed gearbox and the universal-shaft drive. As befits the riding dynamics of the new BMW Motorrad Scrambler, a shortened final driver ratio is used for the best possible acceleration and optimum gear connections.


Raised, close-mounted exhaust in typical Scrambler style for a striking boxer sound.


The raised exhaust with two vertically arranged rear silencers made of blasted high-grade steel meets the requirements of a classic Scrambler with an authentic air-cooled engine. It is mounted deliberately close to the body of the R nineT Scrambler, thereby emphasizing the bike’s slim appearance – a style that already defined the typical Scrambler more than 50 years ago.


The new Scrambler has an electric servomotor and an acoustic valve controlled by opening and closing cables so as to meet the desire for a particularly robust boxer sound while still complying with noise emissions regulations. In addition, a large-size catalytic converter ensures even more effective exhaust gas cleaning.


The BMW Motorrad accessory program also gives customers a range of individualization options for the exhaust system so as to be able to adapt the new Heritage BMW entirely to their own personal taste.


Distinctive frame concept with newly defined suspension geometry and various customization possibilities

The new R nineT Scrambler addresses the desire of many motorcycle fans to be able to make technical and visual modifications – known as customizing – by means of a special frame concept. For this purpose, the bike features a completely newly developed steel tubular space frame which is modular in structure. It comprises three components: a main front section, a rear section with integrated end section and a passenger frame. These three frame components are bolted together.


As in the R nineT Roadster before it, the passenger frame in the Scrambler can be detached, allowing owners to change the look and therefore also the character of the dynamic BMW boxer according to personal taste.


In line with the bike’s active riding character, the suspension geometry is mainly geared towards good handling and a neutral cornering response, offering lots of riding enjoyment on winding country roads. The wheelbase is 60.1 inches, the castor 4.4 inches and the steering head angle 61.5 degrees.


Purist Scrambler feeling – both with and without a passenger.


As equipped, the new BMW Scrambler enables two up riding. The seat height for the rider is approximately 32.3 inches, which in conjunction with a narrow inside leg width, provides comfortable seating for both rider and passenger.


If the intention is to go on more ambitious solo rides, the passenger frame can simply be detached, giving the rear a particularly compact and light appearance. This reinforces the character of the R nineT Scrambler as an uncompromising riding machine reduced to the absolute essentials.


Relaxed seating position thanks to special ergonomics.


In addition to optimal handling qualities, a relaxed seating position is one of the key properties of a Scrambler. For this purpose, the ergonomic triangle of handlebars-seat-footrests was redefined with the aim of achieving a much more upright seating position. The handlebars were raised further than those on the R nineT by means of a newly designed fork bridge with raised clamp blocks, while the padding of the seat surface was slightly reduced. At the same time, the rider footrests were positioned slightly lower down and further to the rear. The BMW Motorrad range of accessories also offers other seat solutions for individualization of the new R nineT Scrambler.



Classic wheel suspension by means of telescopic fork at the front and Paralever at the rear.


In keeping with the traditional style of a Scrambler, a conventionally structured telescopic fork with a tube diameter of 43 millimeters and a spring travel of 4.9 inches takes care of the front suspension. As in numerous Scrambler models of bygone days, classic rubber gaiters protect the open slide areas of the fixed fork tubes.


Rear wheel suspension is taken care of in tried and tested fashion by a Paralever single-sided swinging arm as featured in the other boxer models. Suspension and damping functions are taken care of by a central spring strut with a spring finished in white and a spring travel of 5.5 inches. The spring rest is adjustable and rebound-stage damping can also be set to continuously variable levels.


An interesting feature supporting further customization is the housing of the rear-wheel drive. As with other boxer models, this has three mounting points which can be used for the side attachment of items like a license plate and lighting unit depending on local regulations.


Light alloy cast wheels and enduro style footrests.


The new BMW Scrambler is supplied with light alloy cast wheels. The large 19-inch front wheel with 120/70-19 tire is in keeping with the typical Scrambler look. This is matched perfectly at the rear with a 17-inch tire, size 170/60-17. The new BMW boxer can be ordered with the extra of deep-treaded dual-sport tires in classic style (standard trim: road tires) and with cross-spoke wheels as factory options.


The footrest system also highlights the bike’s rustic, masculine character. Enduro-style toothed steel footrests with removable rubber inserts ensure stable, secure support in all conditions.


The technical counterpart to the impressive contemporary riding dynamics of the new R nineT Scrambler is a dual disc brake. With 4-piston brake calipers, steel-wrapped brake lines and a brake disc diameter of 320 millimeters, it ensures high-performance and stable deceleration even when traveling at speed. At the rear, deceleration is ensured by a single-disc brake with a diameter of 265 millimeters and a 2-piston floating caliper. Like all BMW motorcycles, the new Scrambler comes with BMW Motorrad ABS as standard. In addition to this standard ABS, Automatic Stability Control is also available a factory option for increased safety when accelerating.




Special on-board electrical system for extended scope when customizing.


A far-reaching modification of the BMW Scrambler’s electrical system allows riders to further customize and hone its profile according to their preferences. The parameters and interfaces in the electrical system have been selected so that alternative electrical components such as headlamps and turn indicators can be installed if desired.


The separation of the engine and vehicle wiring harness allows the motorcycle to be customized more extensively with less effort. This is of particular interest to professional customizers.


Design and color concept

Purist design and attention to detail.


Whether fitted with the standard light alloy cast wheels or the optional cross-spoke wheels, whether enjoying a ride with a passenger or solo – the R nineT Scrambler is supreme and impeccably stylish in all situations. Its silhouette signals laid-back elegance, the classic proportions being largely established by the boxer engine, a compact sheet steel fuel tank and the slim-lined, filigree rear.


One important design objective was to ensure that the body features were reduced to achieve a purist appearance. By limiting the design elements to the motorcycle essentials, the new BMW Scrambler conveys its character highly effectively with a just a few carefully designed components. From all angles, the BMW Motorrad Scrambler blends classic and modern elements of motorcycle design with high-quality surfaces.


Slim front section.


As the central feature of the front silhouette, the classic circular headlamp of the R nineT Scrambler expresses experience, poise and serenity. The slim proportions are established by the classic look of the boxer engine and the narrow 19-inch front wheel. Just like the Scrambler specimens of the 1950s to 1970s, the headlamp can also be fitted with a protective grill (Not legal for road use).


Perfectly integrated in the front section, the instrument cluster features a classic circular speedometer with analog display and integrated indicator lights. Housed in a high-end metal casing, the simplicity of the speedometer reflects the classic principles observed in developing the BMW Scrambler. The range of BMW Motorrad accessories also allows the addition of a classic engine speedometer with analog display.


In addition, the R nineT Scrambler comes standard with a dual-row LCD display showing important information such as time and trip distance.


Painted fuel tank with contrasting aluminum trim.


Eye-catching elements are the painted 4.5 gallon sheet-steel fuel tank and the trim cover made of fine aluminum with an embossed R nineT inscription which runs across the air intake duct on the right-hand side. As a striking technical contrast to the painted fuel tank surface, the air intake has a clear anodized surface – an eye-catching, finely brushed technical look.


As part of the range of factory options and special accessories, the R nineT Scrambler can also be individualized with an aluminum fuel tank featuring either visible or sanded seams.


Harmonious classic details, skilfully applied.


The new BMW boxer conveys a sense of high-quality workmanship in numerous details. For instance, the fork bridges with tapered screws and the conical shape of the mount for the steering damper are high-end forged aluminum parts with a surface that is glass-bead blasted and then clear anodized. The clamp for the double-butted aluminum tubular handlebars, also made of aluminum, bears an engraved BMW Motorrad inscription, and there are bore holes at the steering head that allow the attachment of a riveted type number plate (special accessory) reminiscent of historic BMW motorcycles.


Historic role models drawn from nine decades of BMW Motorrad history are also echoed in the circular headlamp with sheet steel casing and the BMW emblem positioned centrally on the bulb cover. In corresponding style, the R nineT Scrambler is fitted with white turn signals and LED rear light.


Another interesting detail is the front fender. It is bolted to the slider tubes by means of a fork stabilizer, skilfully highlighting the use of classic motorcycle construction elements.

The tapered and stitched two-person seat in Saddle Brown simulated leather demonstrates refined workmanship and the use of high-end materials. As an alternative here, the range of accessories provides a solo seat with a typical Scrambler-style tail panel that further enhances the dynamic and masculine feel of the BMW Scrambler.


Classic, purist color concept.


The new BMW R nineT Scrambler is finished in the color Monolith metallic matt, which is also found on the fuel tank and headlamp housing.


The bike’s classic, purist character is enhanced by black components such as the frame, swing arm, wheels, fork slider tubes and engine housing. Meanwhile, numerous aluminum surfaces create fascinating contrasts and a technical look.


The front fender and the tail panel of the solo seat – if mounted – are finished in black silk matt, emphasizing the bike’s classic appearance.


Equipment program.


An individually harmonized range of BMW Motorrad options, special accessories and rider equipment items perfectly match the overall concept of the R nineT Scrambler.


Factory options are supplied directly and are integrated during the production process. Special accessories are installed by the BMW Motorrad dealer or by customers themselves. These are features which can also be retrofitted.



  • Cross-spoke wheels (standard suspension).
  • Dual-sport tires.
  • Automatic Stability Control ASC.
  • Heated grips.
  • Hand-brushed aluminum fuel tank with sanded or visible weld seam.
  • Chrome exhaust manifold.
  • High seat.
  • Lowered suspension.
  • Alarm system.



Special accessories.

  • Solo Scrambler seat with tail panel.
  • Engine speed display.
  • Protective grill for headlamp (does not comply with road traffic registration requirements).
  • Engine guard.
  • Race style number plate, left / right.
  • Scrambler windshield.


Matching R nineT accessories:

  • Tank bag and rear bag with attachment.
  • Hand-brushed aluminum fuel tank with ground or visible weld seam.
  • Knee pads for fuel tank side surfaces.
  • Comfort passenger seat with grab straps.
  • R nineT seat (only in conjunction with R nineT passenger seat or comfort passenger seat with grab straps).
  • HP sports silencer by Akrapovič (can be mounted in raised or lowered position)
  • Cover for main frame bolting point left / right.
  • Handlebar end pieces made of aluminum.
  • Cylinder head covers in chrome, silver or black.


Rider equipment.

  • .
  • Black Leather jacket.
  • FivePocket trousers.
  • BMW Motorrad Style Vintage Collection.


BMW Group In America


BMW of North America, LLC has been present in the United States since 1975. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars NA, LLC began distributing vehicles in 2003. The BMW Group in the United States has grown to include marketing, sales, and financial service organizations for the BMW brand of motor vehicles, including motorcycles, the MINI brand, and the Rolls-Royce brand of Motor Cars; Designworks, a strategic design consultancy in California; a technology office in Silicon Valley and various other operations throughout the country. BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC in South Carolina is part of BMW Group’s global manufacturing network and is the exclusive manufacturing plant for all X5 and X3 Sports Activity Vehicles and X6 and X4 Sports Activity Coupes. The BMW Group sales organization is represented in the U.S. through networks of 339 BMW passenger car and BMW Sports Activity Vehicle centers, 150 BMW motorcycle retailers, 123 MINI passenger car dealers, and 36 Rolls-Royce Motor Car dealers. BMW (US) Holding Corp., the BMW Group’s sales headquarters for North America, is located in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.


Information about BMW Group products is available to consumers via the Internet at: www.bmwgroupna.com

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Journalist note: Information about BMW Group and its products in the USA is available to journalists on-line at www.bmwgroupusanews.com and www.press.bmwna.com



Engine Output and Torque.

110 hp

Technical Specifications

BMW R nineT Scrambler
Capacity cc 1 170
Bore/stroke mm 101/73
Output kW/hp 81/110
at engine speed rpm 7 750
Torque Lb/ft 86
at engine speed rpm 6 000
Type air/oil-cooled 2-cylinder boxer engine
No. of cylinders 2
Compression/fuel 12.0:1 / premium unleaded (95-98 RON)
Valve/accelerator actuation DOHC
Valves per cylinder 4
Ø intake/outlet mm 39/33
Ø Throttle valves mm 50
Engine control BMS-MP
Emission control closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter
Electrical system
Alternator W 720
Battery V/Ah 12/14 maintenance-free
Headlight W 60/55 H4
Starter kW 1.2
Power transmission – gearbox
Clutch Hydraulically activated dry clutch
Gearbox constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox
Primary ratio 1.737
Transmission ratios                 I 2.375
                                               II 1.696
                                               III 1.296
                                                   IV 1.065
                                               V 0.939
                                                   VI 0.848
Rear wheel drive Universal shaft
Transmission ratio 2.91
Frame construction type Tubular space frame in steel, engine self-supporting
Front wheel suspension Telescopic fork, Ø 43mm
Rear wheel suspension BMW Paralever
Total spring travel, front/rear in 4.9/5.5
Wheel castor in 4.4
Wheelbase in 60.1
Steering head angle ° 61.5
Brakes front Hydraulically activated twin disc brake, Ø 320 mm
rear Single-disc brake Ø 265 mm
ABS BMW Motorrad ABS



BMW R nineT Scrambler
Wheels Aluminum cast wheel
front 3.0 x 19”
rear 4.5 x 17″
Tires front 120/70 ZR19
rear 170/60 ZR17
Dimensions and weights
Total length                in 85.6
Total width with mirrors                in 34.6
Seat height                in 32.3
DIN unladen weight, road ready lbs 485
Permitted total weight lbs 947.9
Fuel tank capacity gal 4.5
Performance figures
Fuel consumption (WMTC) mpg 45
0-62 mpg s 3.6
Top speed mph 124