4.6s 2018 BMW i8 Roadster Is No-Brainer Ragtop

The i8 is amazing to drive!  In Sport+ this machine opens up its full 374HP and rockets forward with glee.  Triple turbo thrumming behind you and popping out racy noises from the exhausts.

But the i8 has a problem.  It is so light because of all that carbon fiber.  Which is expensive.

And intrudes on the doorsill in a major way.  This makes i8’s beautiful swan wing doors make sense.  They are very-much needed to help get in and out.  With a low roof on the coupe, this has been a barrier to the car’s wider success.

This Roadster hopes the reinvigorate sales of the $150k flagship.  By doing more with less.

Less roof, more joy.  Not quite a full roadster with the flying buttresses of the rear three-quarter continue on the roadster.  But there is airiness between the uprights and surely enough to make the even more delightful.

Makes sense to us!

2018 BMW i8 Roadster