Ducati XDiavel Amps Up Luxury And Style Factor In Motorcycle Segment

The Ducati XDiavel is a motorcycle that already pushes the envelope of style, luxury, and performance. However, what would happen if Ducati allowed the XDiavel to explore more of its luxury character and give it a few extra standard features? The answer is the all-new XDiavel Nera a limited production bike that boldly goes where no XDiavel has gone before.


Luxury Makes XDiavel Nera Shine

The all-new Xdiavel Nera is the fruit of a partnership between Ducati and Poltrona Frau with the latter being known for making high-end furniture. Don’t; let that fool you though because the furniture maker does have a division called “Interiors In Motion” which is responsible for transportation-related projects. 

However, unlike some of their four-wheeled projects like the Volkswagen Phaeton and the Alfa Romeo 8C the XDiavel has much less space for upholstery so the firm chose to express themselves on the saddle of the bike. Each hand-built seat is available in five different colors (Siam Red, Cemento, Steel Blue, India, and Selva) with laser engraved X logos being scattered about. In addition to the seat, the Nera also comes with a two-tone gloss and flat black color combination and plenty of red accents being splashed throughout. 


Performance Still On Tap

With this particular XDiavel focusing on style and luxury, performance is largely unchanged with the Nera being powered by the same 1.3 liter 90 degree V-twin engine that sees duty in other XDiavels. The engine makes 152 hp and delivers 93 lb-ft of torque at 5,000 rpm. The bike also comes with an impressive array of standard equipment including cruise control, ABS, and Brembo brakes on both wheels.


When Can I Buy A XDiavel Nera?

Ducati is accepting orders for the XDiavel Nera but buyers will have to act quickly, Ducati is only producing 500 units with each bike starting at $29,795 which is a noticeable increase over the $20,805 Dark model. Nera buyers will also get a couple of goodies for signing on the dotted line including a Nera exclusive key chain and a document holder that’s made out of the same elegant material as the seat.

The XDiavel Nera is also a contrast to the trail-ready DesertX and it appears that Ducati is exploring all angles as it prepares to compete in a rapidly evolving motorcycle market that’s still navigating through the obstacles brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.