Jeep Wagoneer Family Vs Ford Expedition How Does It Measure Up?

The dust is still settling off of Jeep‘s unveiling of the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer family. We went into depth on the duo here, but we wanted to dive deep and see how the Wagoneer and the Grand Wagoneer measure up against a key rival, the 2021 Ford Expedition. The big Ford is arguably one of the most popular family haulers in the market today and will undoubtedly be a potent measuring stick for the Wagoneer. Check out how the tale of the tape measures up below.


The War Of Styling Favors Wagoneer

When it comes to aesthetics, we think the Wagoneer has the edge over the Expedition in this regard. It’s not because of the Jeep’s attempts at trying to make us do the time warp again (Rocky Horror Picture Show fan here) back to the days when its predecessor ruled the roads, but rather because of what Jeep designers have managed to do with the design. The look is still very futuristic, and the splashes of trim and other design themes help make the Wagoneer in both of its forms look assertive and confident.

The Expedition, on the other hand, has an aging problem. The big SUV has not been majorly updated since it originally appeared in 2018, and it’s starting to lose ground to some of its rivals. The look is still distinct and plays into Ford’s attempts at making the Expedition look sleeker, but when viewed against a segment where every update counts, the Expedition’s aging essentials do stick out like a sore thumb. They also play a role in making the Expo not look as elegant as the Jeep in higher trim levels, and it doesn’t draw the eye nearly the same way as the Grand Wagoneer. Recent sightings suggest that Ford is preparing a significant facelift for the Expedition, and it will be interesting to see how all that pans out.


Wagoneer Interior Is Flashy, But Expedition Is Proven

Arguably the most significant change that the Wagoneer brings to the fight is its interior. Jeep managed to shovel a lot of standard equipment into it and even move things in new directions with the multiple screens that the Grand Wagoneer and select trims have. This all adds an impressive amount of flash, but we have questions about long-term use in the real world. Putting this many screens into a cabin is a relatively new frontier for a full-size SUV and the first-ever “co-pilot screen” is a segment-first to boot. Launching new technology can be a challenge. We are curious to see if Jeep engineers can iron out all the gremlins before the Wagoneer makes its way into the hands of consumers because there’s certainly plenty of potential here.

The Expedition’s interior, in comparison, is aging just as gracefully as its exterior styling, and it doesn’t come with standard leather seats either. But the Ford does have a proven software platform when it comes to the SYNC 3 software that’s bundled into its infotainment system. SYNC has proven to be a key component of the Expedition’s infotainment setup, and it has allowed the Expedition’s to be one of the easiest systems to learn and master in the industry. The Jeep’s Uconnect 5 system promises to be just as easy as SYNC 3, but with SYNC 4 eventually making its way into the Expedition in the future, it will be interesting if the Wagoneer can maintain its tech edge.

The Jeep will have no problem beating the Ford in cargo space, with the Wagoneer boasting 27.4 cubic ft of space with the seats up. That’s roughly 7 inches more than the 20.9 measurements wielded by the Ford and the space grows to a whopping 206.5 cubic feet of space with all two rows folded down.


Turbocharging vs. Naturally Aspirated A Tough Choice

A key requirement for any SUV is how much power is lurking under the hood and when it comes to that aspect of things, the Jeep and the Ford are on two different planets. The Expedition uses a 3.5 liter turbocharged EcoBoost V6 that produces between 375 to 400 horsepower (depending on trim.) A 10-speed automatic is a sole transmission here, and Ford claims that it allows the 3.5 liter to perform at its best.

In contrast, the Jeep has two V8 engines but loses two cogs in its transmission, with the big SUV using an eight-speed automatic versus the Expedition ten-speed. The engines are very muscular, though with the 6.4 liter Hemi V8 having a 71 horsepower edge over the EB engine. The Jeep also has better towing with the 10,000 lb rating trouncing the Expo’s 9,000 lb figure (9,300 in certain flavors.)


At the end of the day, pricing and the core reason for your purchase will play a big role in which one you ultimately choose for your driveway. While we have to wait until we have an opportunity to get behind the wheel of the 2022 Wagoneer lineup to see how these big Jeeps perform out in real-world use, the Wagoneer should certainly make many of its rivals take notice, especially if it manages to mesh all the right pieces in place firmly.