Video Status Update — Site Traffic is Skyrocketing! Uniques Up 503%; Pages Viewed Up 325%; Total Hits Up 350%

Yes! This business is going to work — and that is definitely thrilling news to me.

The video above explains and shows my happy face with the latest monthly site traffic reports. But, what does all this have to do with car news? ANALYTICS Snapshots Feb2014 -- 4

It means we are on the right track to making this a huge, sustainable business.

This is critical so I can start paying myself a salary that does not have a (negative) sign in front of it. It is also important because car-makers are very busy.

Percent  Percent Change Calculator

They do not have time for us until we can get this site to a seriously large place.

All this basically comes down to Reach, or ‘influence’ in non-media terms. =] ANALYTICS Snapshots Feb2014 -- 2

The below snapshots are a far cry from the full Excel reporting, which we would be ***happy*** to provide to an prospective investors and car companies.

But my big grin probably says it all. 500% growth is a huge achievement, and I hope to continue this upward trend via hard work,  unique auto news, and high-res artwork that is not available from any of the (slightly lazy-seeming? or just fat/happy? or just obsolete in general?) big-name car magazines.


In the original business plan, I called 90-days-late print car mags “Hopelessly Yester-tech.”

It is not an either/or scenario, but the smart money is certainly on the future and digital media versus legacy car mags that seem to be getting worse and more-out-of-touch every single month.