Cleveland CycleWerks Unveils Retro Inspired Falcon EV Motorcycle

Electrification is rapidly becoming an emerging force in multiple aspects of the motoring world. But while the application of the technology in cars is still overcoming some hurdles, the opposite is true in the motorcycle landscape with an explosion of offerings and contenders. This surge has certainly captured our attention (so much so that this author is working on purchasing a Zero branded bike) and we always like seeing who enters the ring next. In this instance, it is the folks at Cleveland CycleWerks who have unveiled their all new Falcon model.

As the name implies, the company is based in Cleveland, Ohio and the bike presented here is more of a stylish commuter bike versus being an offering that focuses on prividing all out performance. The unique blend of retro-futurism traits is a unique calling card, and it has managed to catch our attention. There will be two versions of the bike the Falcon 01 and the Falcon BLK. The $7,995 01 model is about as stripped of a base model as you can get, with the 150 pound bike being powered by a single 2.2 kWh battery pack which brings a maximum range of 80 miles when riding in Eco mode, or 50 miles when it is used in a more vigorous matter. Top speed is limited to 65 mph which is lower than the 80 plus mph top speed offered by the Zero FXS.

However, we suspect that most buyers will opt for the BLK model which offers significant improvements over the 01 variant. Cleveland CycleWerks representatives claim that the BLK can go up to 160 miles in Eco mode or 100 miles in spirited riding. The beefier range is thanks to a larger battery 4.4 kWh dual battery pack which is actually made from two 2.2 kWh swappable battery packs. A lighter 175 pound curb weight allows the BLK to have commendable amounts of performance. It still won’t outshine formal performance bikes, but the BLK is within striking distance of the fore-mentioned FXS as well as other higher end commuter bikes in its segment. Of course, all of this range and performance does not come cheap with the Falcon BLK having a base price of $14,995. The first 20 however will be special “Founders Edition” bikes that give owners the ability to customize it while its on the factory floor.


As for the base Falcon 01, the price of entry is significantly lower, with the base price starting at $7,995. The BLK’s DNA does filter through a bit to this model, with the 01 having the same charging time as the beefier BLK variant. Both models come equipped with a two year/unlimited miles warranty for the power pack. While Cleveland CycleWerks is making its first foray into the electric motorcycle segment, the company itself actually has an established track record prior to this, with the firm having over a decade of experience making gasoline powered offerings.