Super Soco TSx Brings EV Fun To Beginner Motorcycle Segment

The electric motorcycle segment is growing at a rapid pace, with new contenders emerging at an equally agile pace. But while companies such as Energica, Zero, and countless others are covering other niches in the broader segment, there is a noticeable void in the world of beginner bikes (those that are catered towards new riders looking to enter the fold for the first time.) The folks at Super Soco are out to remedy that problem and have unveiled their entry into this key niche the TSx.

Buyers looking to have crotch rocket levels of performance will not find it here, with the TSx clearly not suited for this role. Instead , it has roughly the same power as a 50cc beginner motorcycle. The 45 mph top speed might not seem impressive to most, but the low top speed translates into a very inviting riding experience and that can help new riders gain the valuable experience needed to help prepare them for the challenges presented by more powerful bike entries. The Super Soco TSx also had a high degree of style, with the design adopting a very distinctive naked sport bike motif for a dash of athleticism. The bike also weighs a mere 154 lbs which when combined with the Bosch sourced 1900 watt electric motor allows the bike to have commendable levels of performance. The EV motor itself has two maps built into it, with a restricted mode limiting the top speed to 25 mph, while the all out unrestricted mode unlocks the full 45 mph top speed. It can go up to 40miles on a single charge, but a built in storage compartment allows the installation of an optional second battery pack which boosts the range to 80 miles. A key catch however is that each battery takes three and a half hours to fully charge, so make sure to have some activities planned while your waiting for the battery to fully charge.

The Super Soco TSx will arrive in four colors (black, orange, gray, and red) with a base price of £2,999 which translates to $3,740 in U.S. dollars. It is unknown if the TSx will eventually make the trek to the U.S. with the Super Soco brand being sold mainly in the U.K. However, the idea of a true entry level EV bike offering could resonate with some buyers, and as a result, the bike might be able to perhaps gather a solid following if given the opportunity to grow and build a following here in the States.