Ducati unveils the trail ready 2021 MultiStrada V4, lighter, sleeker, and more powerful than ever [Video]

Ducati always manages to make a splash when it has something new to show the world, and with 2021 rapidly approaching, the Italian motorcycle maker decided to formally unveil the 2021 MultiStrada V4 which aims to be the most capable and sophisticated MultiStrada the company has ever produced.


All new from the ground up

The core shape of the MultiStrada might look like it hasn’t changed much at first glance, but Ducati revealed that the bike has been completely redesigned from the ground up, and tweaks have been made from end to end. The bike is now slightly shorter than before which helps enhance maneuverability, but it has also gotten slightly taller in an attempt to help improve the amount of ground clearance that’s available. The front end has a bulkier appearance, but Ducati reps claim that was necessary to help make room for the larger 5.8 gallon fuel tank. We think it helps give the MultiStrada V4 more of an edge in terms of personality, and we’re glad to see it have that mean streak quality to it.

That fore-mentioned wheelbase now measures in at 61.7 inches, while the seat rides higher at 33 to 33.8 inches (compared to the outgoing model’s 32.5 and 33 inch ratings.) A lower seat is available for shorter riders, and the bike is still very light, weighing in at a mere 478 lbs dry versus the 461 lbs recorded by the base 1260 variant.


Weight saving measures mix with newfound ruggedness

A key part of the MultiStrada’s transformation is some of the extreme weight saving measures that went towards cutting as much weight from the bike as possible. An all new aluminum monocoque chassis plays a big role in this regard, and incorporates a 50mm Marzocchi inverted fork that’s attached to a 19-inch wheel at the front. The rear uses a 17-inch rear wheel and an adjustable monotube shock with up to 7-inches of travel. The standard model features alloy wheels, but buyers that upgrade to the V4 S model can switch them out for stylish wire spoke wheels. This option also comes bundled with a Marzocchi and Ducati developed Skyhook electronic suspension. Look for that particular piece of kit to help the MultiStrada unlock its full handling potential.

As mentioned, technology is a leading force in the new MultiStrada V4, with the standard model featuring a 5-inch color TFT display that not only controls the various power and driving modes, but also other goodies including Ducati Wheelie Control, as well as the innovative Ducati Traction Control system. The spicier S model features a bigger 6.5 inch display as well as an enhanced suite of electronic driving aides. Those include adaptive cruise control, a hands free ignition system, as well as an up down quick shifter. The V4 S Sport doubles down on the weight saving campaign, and comes equipped with a carbon fiber mudguard, as well as a Akrapovic exhaust system. If that latter items sounds very familiar to you, its because the firm has made exhaust systems for several exotic car offerings including the Ford GT Carbon Edition.


 Wicked performance sharpens MultiStrada’s purpose

Ducati has always been known as being a motorcycle maker that specializes in pushing the performance envelope with many of its products. While the MultiStrada V4 is not quite as extreme as some of its track focused corporate stablemates, it’s no slouch either, with the bike being powered by a V4 Granturismo engine. The souped up four cylinder produces 170 horsepower at a lofty 10,500 rpm and 92 lb-ft of torque at 8,750 rpm. The bike soldiers on with a six speed transmission, but Ducati reps revealed that the gear ratio was revised slightly with a shorter first gear and a taller sixth gear for improved performance, highway fuel economy and comfort.

Braking power here is handled by 320mm disc brakes with four piston Brembo sourced brake calipers at the front wheel. The rear wheel uses a smaller 265mm disc with a single piston caliper at the rear. The system also incorporates the latest iteration of Bosch and Brembo’s 10.3ME cornering ABS system. That should help the MultiStrada cover all the bases both on and off the road.


When can I buy one?

Sadly, Ducati did not confirm final pricing for the MultiStrada V4 and the firm also did not reveal distribution plans. However, with the entry level version of the current generation V4 starting at $19,995, it’s safe to assume that the new one could enter the $20,000 range with S and S Sport variants charging the expected premiums. In the meantime, we have included a video of the MultiStrada V4 in action which can be seen below.