Wildest Geneva Reveal – 2017 Lazareth LM847 – Monsterbike Runs 500HP Maserati V8!

Imagine all the show-stopping appeal and road presence of the Dodge Tomahawk V10 concept from the early 2000s… but made real, ride-able and road-legal acros Europe!

And then imagine swapping the V10 for a much-better-sounding Maserati V8!?

The results would be world-shaking.

Such is the case for the custom-engineered Lazareth LM847 out of France.  This firm has been making some insane custom bikes, quads and car/bike hybrids for years, but this LM847 takes the firm to a whole new level.

This seems like the perfect bike for the Clooney crew to thrum around Lake Como.

But also a great fit for Ellay, Dubai and beyond.2017 Lazareth LM847 11 2017 Lazareth LM847 6

The bike makes so much power that it actually runs a single-speed transmission with hydraulic coupler.  Beyond the chain final drive and exposed mechanicals, there is beauty in the design throughout.  The twin front and rear wheels promise more traction than generally possible for any motorcycle. Independent suspension at all four corners allow the bike to corner with all contact patches firmly planted on the ground.  That is the biggest achievement here over the Tomahawk from an engineering perspective — and what makes the LM847 so promising.  With this design, four wheels are also helpful when at stoplights or when stationary — they keep the heavy beast upright without the rider needing to put a foot down.

We also love the extra-wide handle bars, the horizontal LED headlamps and the entire stance of the long, wide machine.

Estimated pricing?  Considering the one-of-a-kind nature of the LM847… we’d ballpark at least $300k and a 4-month lead time before delivery.

Check out the company bio and website links below… if you can get past the eye-popping bike itself!

2017 Lazareth LM847

2017 Lazareth LM847 – TECH SPECS


Engine: V8 4.7L Maserati 32-valve cylinder:  4691 cc displacement Collector:  2 stainless steel manifolds 4 in 1


Hydraulic coupler – 1 speed
final Chain transmission


470 hp at 7000 rpm
Torque 620 Nm at 4750 rpm


Front:  Dual 420mm discs perimeter
Stirrups Nissin 8 pistons

Rear: Double 255mm Brembo 4-piston disc

Mirrors and levers Rizoma

Tyres: Michelin Power Cup Evo


Length: 2650mm Width:  900mm Height: 1000mmWheelbase: 1850mm Weight:  400kg


Motor carrier – Body polyester and carbon

Shocks:  TFX Suspension Technology

LAZARETH, automobile manufacturer, Motorcycles and Wazuma.

The creation is limited only by the imagination



At first, Ludovic Lazareth merely preparations Autos-Motos. Then over the years it has moved towards prototyping and manufacturing its own vehicles. Graduate school Espera Sbarro , he stayed in contact and is considered one of Mr Franco Sbarro disciples. After spending a few years in the prototyping department atAIXAM-MEGA  (Andros Trophy ice racing cars – MEGA Track, cut touring terrain with a V12), he decided in 1998 to create the company Lazareth Auto -Moto to give free rein to his imagination and creativity.


Ludovic Lazareth designs the design of its vehicles as a sculpture, scale 1 and directly around the mechanics. The lines of each vehicle are carved and polished until the desired style is achieved. The molds are made from these masters and are used to make the final pieces of fiberglass, kevlar and carbon fiber. This method of creating combines craft, art and craftsmanship.

The technical study and industrial development benefit to them when the latest methods and technology tips.


Each vehicle has a service department. The component parts are referred to our vehicles, listed or stored to perform their replacement at any time in the life of your vehicle.


Whether you are an individual, a business or an industry, we count already among our customers and partners, Yamaha Motors Europe (Hypermodified Range) , NTN SNR (The Commuter3 and E-Wazuma ), the motorcycle manufacturer  BUELL (with XB12S ), and evenIntersport ! (Design and realization of a concept bike for the brand  Sunn )

To accompany us in each of our projects, the best equipment with us as  Brembo , RhizomePfp Racing – Öhlins

We also work for film (The Century Fox for Babylon AD, Europa Corp with TAXI 4, MG Production) and his stunt, such as multi world record holder in ATV Eric Barone (TAXI 1 and 2, LUCY Luc Besson)

Micro series

Our structure is suitable for industrialization projects. From prototype to its approval until the start of the series, we also ensure its distribution nationally and internationally.

Our ability to adapt our production to each product depending on demand has already shown several times. This was the case of the B-king in 2004, the V-max Hypermodified   done for  Yamaha motor europe and the   R1200R Scrambler (all produced in numbered series of 10 copies)

The Wazuma R1 , available only to the control is designed to be assembled in less than one month.

The company Lazareth Car is registered as a manufacturer with the ITC, UTAC and CNRV.2016-03-07_152439