2015 YAMAHA Sports Ride Concept – Deep Dive of Gordon Murray Links, Production Intent

2015 YAMAHA Sports Ride Concept

More info and a huge batch of photos to share of the very-exciting Yamaha Sports Ride concept from Tokyo!  But, frustratingly, no actual engine specs or performance to share.

What we know know is definitely enough to wet the lips: a 1500-pound, mid-engine sports coupe embracing motorbike fun as well as mass-production pricing.

Sounds promising, yes?  Of course!

Likely to be powered by a high-strung four-cylinder engine to back wheels via a paddle-shift automatic transmission, the Sports Ride concept is not just a flight of fancy from Yamaha. Yamaha’s precision engineering skills are well-known globally, with a built-in distribution network also part of the motorcycle, ATV, snow- and water-craft empire.

These smarties are also behind the scenes making the Lexus LF-A’s chassis and engine, it is worth remembering. Among their dozens of other automotive specialist roles, of course.

The design and purity of the carbon-fiber concept is beautiful yet also ‘elemental,’ as Yamaha describes it. The general meaning is that every piece will be a thing of beauty. Combined, they form a purity of purpose that becomes beautiful. Just look inside this saddle-leather and carbon interior for evidence!

Beneath the fairly polarizing nose look, there is serious genius at play. This is the latest step in Yamaha’s commercializion of the Gordon Murray Design iStream production system. The goal is to make CF vehicle assembly a simple and low-capital offering… versus massive industrial stamping presses, etc in normal auto plants.

Following the MOTIV city car, the Sports Ride is obviously a passionate return to form for Gordon Murray, McLaren F1 engineer and entreprenier.

We sincerely hope the Sports Ride makes production. Practically speaking, the vehicle would compete closely with the 2016 Mazda MX-5 or Subari BR-Z. Both of those cars kiss $30k in their most loaded forms… so quite affordable in their own right. In price and spirit, the Alfa Romeo 4C might be a more apt competitor.

Would the Sports Ride Concept be as cool in a cut-price, production trim — excluding most of the tasty exposed-carbon exterior and posh cabin?

That is a great question!  We certainly would love to hoon around full-throttle corners in it regardless.

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2015 YAMAHA Sports Ride Concept

Design Concept for a 2-Seater Sports Car

Would it be possible to build a car that is fun to drive in the same ways a motorcycle is exciting to ride? As a further evolution of our multi-wheeled vehicles, Yamaha is currently developing a compact 4-wheeled automobile based on a new concept unlike anything before. One of the vehicle’s most distinctive features is the lightweight, high-rigidity, high-strength frame based on the iStream®* process that reflects ideals used for Formula One racing cars. iStream® makes it possible to build a range of variations based on this one platform, from urban commuter cars to sports cars and SUVs, covering a wide variety of uses and different types of driving enjoyment. Since revealing the MOTIV prototype at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013, we have been making steady development progress toward models for production and commercialization. We hope you look forward to the day when you can get behind the wheel.


Elementalism design, where each part is complete on its own, while establishing overall harmony.
It expresses the beauty of “the one and the whole” which shares with Yamaha motorcycles.

Although it cannot be seen directly, the strength of the frame can be felt through the motif around the cabin.

Similar to the tank and cowl of a motorcycle, separate cabin and front / rear cowls create a silhouette with a sense of unity.

Individual functional parts are mounted in the lightweight and high-rigidity frame, featuring a unique instrument panel structure with leather upholstery where the driver comes to contact.

A new sensation of driving unlike any other cars.
Designed to express the driver-machine relationship close in feeling to motorcycle riding, by placing the rider, machine and the environment in Yamaha style, achieving an exhilarating driving sensation.

Making use of the freedom of its construction, transparent material is used in the roof, doors, and in the floor, bringing the presence of earth closer as you drive through.

The symmetrical design of the driver’s area enables to envision the field of sight of a motorcycle rider on the road.

The origin of Yamaha craftsmanship lies the insatiable pursuit of the true essence of design.
Attention to materials and processes in every detail are also followed through in this model.
Feel the uniqueness of Yamaha resting in every part of the vehicle.

The headlights reminiscent of the YZF-R1 are testament to it inheriting the genes of the Yamaha flagship sports model.

The center-up muffler, similar to the rear-view of a sports bike, is applied with a patent nano-coating technology.

Metal, leather, and carbon; different materials given optimal placement in the high quality, functional interior.

Side-mirrors extend from between the cowl and the cabin.

Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor Corporation share the same brand. A speaker built-in top case is made with wood grain techniques inspired from Yamaha musical instruments finished with sunburst paint used for guitars.
Chassis carbon fibre monocoque
Weight 750 kilo / 1,654 lbs
Length / Width / Height 3,900 mm (153.5 in) / 1,720 mm (67.7 in) / 1,170 mm (46.1 in)