Honda Introduces 2020 Hunter Cub CT125, Aims To Dominate Leisure Bike Segment

When it comes to a motorcycle that can be the equivalent of a swiss army knife, few can match the iconic reputation that comes bundled into the Honda Super Cub. An iconic mainstay that has been in near continuous production since the mid 1950s, the Super Cub has evolved over the years to maintain the simplicity and ruggedness that has defined the marque, but adding new technology along the way. Fast forward to 2020, and Honda has once again significantly upgraded the venerable Cub with the unveiling of the all new Hunter Cub CT125.

The Hunter Cub returns after a long absence, and aims to give Honda a strong entry into the leisure side of its segment. In this case, the Hunter is based on the Super Cub C125, but it has received a number of key upgrades including a stronger frame, more suspension travel, bigger tires, and a skid plate that helps protect the engine from debris. A higher mounted exhaust also helps it from being sheered off by a rock and it meshes nicely with the shape, which is otherwise carried over from the standard Cub.

The Hunter is capable of carrying up to two riders in reasonable comfort, and it is even equipped with a rear mounted luggage rack to help carry their gear in style. The 6.5 inches of ground clearance allows the Hunter Cub CT125 to be quite capable in a wide swath of terrain, and while it is not a Jeep Wrangler in this regard, the Hunter Cub should be enough capability for a wide range of buyers. Performance comes from a four stroke single cylinder 125cc engine that makes 8.7 horsepower, and 8.1 lb-ft of torque. The decimals in these figures might seem insignificant at first glance, but they are important in the broader sense of things. According to a report from the publication Japanese Nostalgic Car the engine was tuned to deliver more low end torque with high end horsepower being trimmed back a bit to help enhance livability. The Hunter is also outfitted with a 1.4 gallon fuel tank that gives it up to 220 miles of driving range, disc brakes, and even a single channel ABS system to help keep the front wheel from locking up during hard stops.


Pricing for the 2020 Honda Hunter Cub CT125 will start at 440,000 yen (about $4,000) which includes a 10 percent sales tax. For the moment, the Hunter will be a Japanese market exclusive, but with Honda’s Powersports division already selling the Monkey, Super Cub, and the Grom here already, look for the Hunter to eventually join the lineup sooner or later especially if demand is sufficient enough for Honda to speed up plans to bring the Hunter state side.