Insider: 3 Reasons to Finally Buy that Motorcycle

Chances are, you’ve been dreaming about your perfect garage for quite some time. It’s not only about having the best car in there, but having a respectable collection that shows your hard work and efforts. Maybe it’s a car you’ve been saving up to buy your whole life, an old convertible your grandfather gave you or a set of classic cars that are your pride and joy.

What about adding a motorcycle to your collection or even yet, making a motorcycle your primary vehicle?

It wouldn’t be a difficult challenge to endlessly debate which image would be cooler: a top-down convertible pulling up to the beach or the biker look rumbling down the highway.

Besides the cool factor, there are plenty of other reasons to take the plunge and buy that bike.

They’re easier on your wallet

Taking your car to the pump can be an occasionally painful moment. Back when you were young, it was fun to hop out of the car and pump gas for the family car. It was something different and you didn’t have to pay the bill.

Now? It’s better to cover your eyes as the numbers climb higher and higher with each passing moment.

Remember that moment in Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd informs Harry that he traded in their 1989 Sheepdog for a motorbike? Lloyd tells him that he can get up to 70 miles to the gallon on the “hog”. Even though that movie came out 25 years ago, the fuel efficiency still remain a significant perk.

You’ll still be making trips to the pump with your motorcycle, but you’ll be doing it a lot less and spending less as well. Motorcycles are much more fuel-efficient than cars, meaning you’ll be riding smoothly for longer periods of time.

They’re more eco-friendly

Besides being more fuel-efficient, motorcycles have other benefits to the environment. For starters, it takes much less raw material to make a motorcycle than it does to make a car. How much? About one-seventh, which is pretty incredible.

Motorcycles put much less strain on infrastructure than cars do. It’s almost impossible to drive without seeing a pothole and motorcycles take a lot of pressure of the transportation infrastructure. Speaking of the infrastructure, it’s no surprise that motorcycles take up significantly less space on the road.

Many cars still only have one driver in them, taking up a lot of space and causing regular traffic jams and stops. We all know that when a car breaks down, it’s going to back up traffic for as far as the eye can see. If a motorcycle breaks down, it’s easy to move it off to the side, minimizing traffic and letting the roads flow more smoothly.

When you’re ready to park, motorcycles take up less space in garages or on the streets. It makes it easier to park and allows more vehicles to fit into space as opposed to being covered with cars.

So you’ll be emitting less and taking better care of the roads at the same time.

They’re safer

Motorcycles offer the driver more benefits than they have in a car. For starters, someone in a car is going to have a smaller field of vision. We’ve all had to crane our necks around to be able to see if another car is coming or what lies outside the car. With a motorcycle, you have a much more open field of vision.

Additionally, you’re going to have fewer distractions on a motorcycle. It’ll be impossible to browse through texts or take a call one-handed as opposed to being in a car.

Lastly, you have great maneuverability if danger arises. You’ll be able to skirt around that pothole or go around a car that suddenly breaks.

Accidents do happen though and it is sometimes difficult to determine who was at fault. Many motorcycle riders do the best to make sure they’re covered in case of the worst. It pays to be able to think ahead and you’ll want to make sure you’ve got your own back covered.

You’ll want to protect yourself and make sure you can get back on the road in no time, cruising around and living bad to the bone.


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