2017 Morgan EV3 – Electric 3 Wheeler Is Streamliner Heaven

ev3Exciting first look full reveal from Morgan today ahead of the Goodwood Festival of Speed: the iconic Three-Wheeler in electric form!

Dubbed the EV3, this prototype is on the way to production with a weight loss of nearly 200-pounds versus the gasoline model, plus a much sportier handling balance.

Why such a change in dynamics versus the normal 3 Wheeler? That model’s highly unusual engine placement ahead of the front axle creates some quite extreme forces on the chassis in hard driving. That huge polar movement around bends is part of what makes the 3 Wheeler such a joy to drive and drift — but is not the fastest possible configuration.

The EV3’s 75kW motor on the back wheel is powered by batteries living throughout the lower floorpan of the alloy roadster — creating a much purer front/rear distrubtion and promising quicker laptimes via added grip around corners.

The motor roughly converts to about 100 horsepower, which might seem low… until you realize the EV3 weighs less than some sectional sofas. Just 900-pounds is the quote for the EV3 prototype, which is down from a 1050-pound for the standard car.

Traction for sprints like the 60-mph run will still be a joyful challenge, thanks to the instant EV torque arrival. But with that all-new balance and much lower center of gravity, the EV3 will likely be even more fun and hilarious to pilot than the petrol machine.

In addition, the rear tire of the EV3 appears to be much wider than the gas model’s drive rubber. A 60-mph time of less than four seconds is confirmed.



Design-wise, the removal of the piston engine from the front bumper (and exhaust pipes from the side) brings out the natural streamliner style of the 3 Wheeler shockingly well. The Bonneville salt flats racer rendering is a particular favorite. We hope Morgan picks some cool and slim LED headlamps for the production car — for the sake of style as well as energy efficiency.

Morgan hopes for a minimum range of 150 miles when the first cars arrive with owners in late 2016 as a 2017 model.

This EV model is a nice development of the Morgan offering, especially in the USA. The 3 Wheeler is the only brand-new Morgan currently on sale in the states, but will hopefully be joined by the new Aero 8 and Speedster in the next few years.



The EV3 actually premiered at the British Embassy in the Czech Republic this week — with a much closer look at the production-ready prototype UK car fans will see next week at Goodwood.

Live images c/o: http://auto.idnes.cz/morgan-ev3-svetova-premiera-prototyp-elektromobilu-fyl-/automoto.aspx?c=A150619_172235_automoto_vok

2017 Morgan EV3

Morgan announce electric 3 Wheeler – The EV3



Morgan are excited to confirm that a prototype model electric 3 Wheeler, The EV3, will be shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed later this month.

The Morgan EV3 concept is the second full electric vehicle produced by the Morgan Motor Company. Following the Plus E, the EV3 is based on the standard Morgan 3 Wheeler that was reintroduced back in 2011. Bespoke to order, hand crafted and most of all fun, the EV3 looks at the world of zero emissions motoring with an entirely new approach. Morgan is excited to announce that this prototype version is currently undertaking a full testing and development programme and is expected to go into production towards the end of 2016. A single rear electric motor provides 75kw of power and the overall weight is less than its combustion based counterpart at 450kg. Range is expected to be approximately 150 miles.

The EV3 first prototype will be on show later this month at the Goodwood Festival of Speed as part of the Niche Vehicle Network stand (Permier row, stand 7).