2025 Aston Martin Vantage Gets More Power, New Looks, & A Pinch Of Familiarity

It can be hard to believe that the Aston Martin Vantage has been in production for over 74 years. While the model has certainly seen its fair share of ups and downs (some of them reflecting Aston Martin‘s shifting fortunes) the Vantage has always been the most popular model that the British sports car maker sells. Aston has chosen to make some key updates to the 2025 Aston Martin Vantage as it prepares to enter a new sports car era.   Vantage, A Blend of Old & New The exterior styling of the 2025 Aston Martin Vantage is a mixture …

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Aston Martin Poised To Debut New Vantage, Will Be Formally Unveiled February 12th

The Aston Martin Vantage is poised for a big change. The British sports car maker recently confirmed that the Vantage was going to be overhauled but didn’t reveal much info on when we would see it in the flesh. But that’s now changing, with the company not only confirming that it would be unveiled on February 12th, but also supplying a lone teaser image as a sample dish.   A Sign Of Things To Come For Vantage The lone teaser image Aston sent primarily focuses on one of the front fenders with the vent work taking center stage. The vents …

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2024 Aston Martin Valhalla Creeps Closer To Production, Will Debut Next Year

It has been a long journey for the Aston Martin Valhalla with the company first unveiling it back in 2019 as the AM-RB 003. Alot has changed since that time with a pandemic and Aston’s very survival during that time taking center stage. However, the company has kept pushing forward with the Valhalla and the company has released new details about the car while also confirming that it will be entering production next year.   Valhalla Sharpens Its Performance Sword With V8 Power The Valhalla is the latest in Aston’s growing lineup of exotic supercars but while it’s easy to …

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Aston Martin Valhalla’s F1 Derived Technology Pushes It Closer To Production, Will Appear In 2024

Aston Martin has recently been on a roll regarding products, with the British sports car maker launching the DB12 and the wild and extremely rare Valour sports car. However, the Valhalla supercar is one model we have not heard much about in a long time. Getting its name from the Norse word for heaven, the development of the supercar has been far from a heavenly experience for Aston. The car was first announced in 2019, with the company claiming that it would get a hybrid V6. However, COVID-19 forced the company to focus on more pressing matters before announcing in …

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2024 Aston Martin DB12 Volante Glides Into Monterey, Brings Droptop Fun To DB12 Lineup

The Aston Martin DB12 coupe was a welcome evolution over the aging DB11, with the model getting a massive suite of upgrades designed to enhance the Grand Touring (GT) experience. But what if you’re a sun worshipper wanting some droptop fun to accompany your GT ownership experience? Aston Martin has filled the missing piece to this puzzle with the all-new 2024 DB12 Volante.   DB12 Volante Shares Coupe Underpinnings, But Has Distinct Personality At first glance, the DB12 Volante and the DB12 coupe appear largely similar, with the exterior styling being largely carried over (save for the folding roof) and …

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2024 Aston Martin Valour Mixes V12 Smoothness With Old School Manual Driving Fun, Only 110 To Be Built

Aston Martin is preparing to retire the legendary V12 engine from its model lineup, with the majestic twelve-cylinder being axed due to encroaching fuel regulations. We thought the DBS 770 Ultimate would be the V12’s swan song, but the British supercar maker has confirmed that we were wrong, and that the engine will play its final show in another model, the all-new 2024 Aston Martin Valour Victor Who? Aston Martin Looks To The Past For Valour Styling Direction At first glance, it’s easy to write off the Valour as a lightly reskinned version of the Victor coupe that’s currently sitting …

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Aston Martin and Lucid Motors Announce Partnership, Will Source EV Components From Lucid

Aston Martin has announced that it intends to create a future that BEV models will eventually dominate. The main question we had was where the company would get EV components for its models. The company has revealed the answer and has killed two birds with one figurative stone by extending its existing partnership with Mercedes-Benz and entering a new partnership with EV maker Lucid Motors.   Lucid To Supply The EV Backbone For Aston’s Green Future The deal between the two companies will see Aston Martin pay Lucid $232 million in shares and cash, with the upstart firm providing Aston …

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Aston Martin Celebrates Recent F1 Successes With All New DBX707 AMR23 Edition

Aston Martin is celebrating the recent success of its Formula 1 racing team which is currently in second place in the Constructor Standings and Fernando Alonso nabbed a podium finish several times including most recently in Miami last weekend. To celebrate, the company has confirmed that it will be creating a special version of the DBX707 called the AMR23 Edition. Aston Martin & Q Team Up For Unique AMR23 Edition The DBX707 AMR23 Edition is a product of Aston Martin’s Q Division and the bespoke division used the opportunity to experiment with paint and interior hues. The core styling is …

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Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate Volante Drops The Top On Performance, It’s Already Sold Out

When Aston Martin first introduced the DBS 770 Ultimate coupe, it promised that this model would be the swan song for the aging 6.0-liter V12 that helped define Aston Martin’s modern era. However, while the world got to see the coupe, Aston Martin held the droptop Volante model close to the vest. That’s now changed with the British sports car maker revealing the DBS 770 Ultimate Volante for the whole world to see.   Same Performance Inspired Styling, Now With A Foldable Roof At its core, the DBS 770 Ultimate Volante doesn’t stray too far from the coupe version when …

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2024 Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate Is V12 Powered Swan Song To Iconic Model, Comes Loaded With Upgrades

The Aston Martin DBS was always considered the last word on performance regarding the iconic DB line of cars. The nameplate made its most recent return on the axed DB9, and it managed to solider on into the DB11 (Aston Martin skipped the ten and jumped straight to the DB11). However, the company knows that the V12’s days are numbered, and it has been celebrating its impending retirement not with a whimper but with a very loud bang. We first saw this on the V12 Vantage, and now the 2024 DBS 770 Ultimate will be the figurative last word both …

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Ultra Luxury SUV Mega Comparision Round 2 – 2021 Aston Martin DBX vs 2021 Bentley Bentayga

When we last checked in on our contenders in our inaugural Ultra Luxury SUV Mega Comparision test we saw the 2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 beat the 2021 BMW Alpina XB7 to advance into the semi-final round of our contest. With that out of the way it’s time to move into round 2 to see which SUV will join the Maybach in a final duel to decide which one will square off against the Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge. This time around it will be the 2021 Aston Martin DBX vs the 2021 Bentley Bentayga in a classic case of plucky underdog …

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Aston Martin Teases V12 Vantage Again, Confirms Wild Bodywork Is Coming To Aston’s Sports Hero

When Aston Martin first confirmed that the V12 Vantage was returning to the marketplace, the company made it clear that not only would this be the final chapter of the V12, but that it would be the most hardcore iteration of the Vantage yet. A new teaser gives us a glimpse of the rear end and it appears that the new model will have the beauty to back up its brawn.   Vantage F1 Edition Donates To The Cause Do not go gentle into that good night.#AstonMartin #V12Vantage #NeverLeaveQuietly — Aston Martin (@astonmartin) December 21, 2021   At first glance, …

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Aston Martin Teases Vantage V12, Is It The Final Swan Song For The Twelve-Cylinder?

Ever since the current generation Aston Martin Vantage made its way into dealerships a few years ago, rumors have swirled about whether it will once again receive a V12 engine. Aston Martin denied the rumors at first claiming that it wouldn’t fit (we didn’t believe them) and it appears that our suspicions were proven correct, with the British sports car maker revealing that it will indeed be putting a V12 into the new Vantage, but it appears that it will be the last time the Vantage will be paired with it.   Cryptic Teaser Video Points To Swan Song The …

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Aston Martin goes the perfect green for 2021 Pebble Beach Concours

To the naked eye, it’s arguably the most diverse color for a car maker’s palette. Green. Add to that today’s connotation, and the mere use of the term and color is tricky to negotiate. I for one am not a fan of most chosen greens, save for the 18th one that Aston Martin’s 2021 display booth faces. That being said, there is something to  behold in person, as your brain takes in this particular green that Aston has donned these fantastic cars with. They literally had to snap me out of mesmerizing stare, as they were preparing to host a …

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Aston Martin Pays Homage To Its Genesis Period With All New Vantage A3 Edition

Aston Martin’s Q Division is very good at blurring the line of what is indeed possible in an Aston Martin product. We have seen the bespoke division create all kinds of custom creations, but the division rarely embraces Aston Martin’s past. It has done just that once again, with both Q and Aston martin taking the wraps off of a rolling tribute to its past, the Vantage A3 Edition.   Paying Tribute To The Car That Started It All As mentioned, this particular flavor of Vantage is a rolling tribute, and in this instance, it shows its respect for the …

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Road Test Review – 2021 Aston Martin DBX – One Small Step For SUVs, One Giant Leap For Aston?

The allure of SUV sales is a potent perfume, and it’s slowly drawing in more companies. This includes those that might have otherwise been known for producing purely car-based lineups. Bentley, Lamborghini, and even Rolls Royce have all thrown their collective hats in the ring, eager to seize a slice of this new frontier for themselves. Aston Martin might have been a bit late to the party, but it intends to place its battle flag on the segment with the 2021 Aston Martin DBX. But can the DBX stem the sales decay that once defined the brand while also putting …

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Aston Martin Debuts Pastel Collection, Limited To California Market

Summer is rapidly approaching and that means adding some lighter colors into your closet to help prepare for the sunnier side of the year. But what if you want to add some extra color to your garage and have the checkbook required to do it? If this is you and you happen to live in California Aston Martin might just have a fashionable solution to your summertime fashion worries with an all-new Pastel paint collection.   Five Flavors of Summer Style The infusion of color comes courtesy of Aston Martin of Newport Beach (one of the biggest Aston dealerships in …

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Aston Martin Unveils Vantage F1 Edition, Pays Homage To F1 Safety Car

Aston Martin first dropped a hint that a spicier variant of the Vantage sports coupe was coming a few days ago, and while we initially assumed that it would be a revived version of the AMR model. We will give the company credit for throwing the site’s resident British car expert off the scent trail, with the company taking the wraps off of the all-new Vantage F1 Edition.   Safety Car Looks Hide Subtle Elegance As the name implies, this distinctly not AMR-flavored version of the Vantage is a homage to the original F1 Safety Car. The F1 Edition lifting …

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Auto Industry Insider: Top 6 Exotic Car Brands That Rule the Auto Industry

Have you been deliberating on acquiring a new set of wheels this year? Then how would you feel about investing in a luxury car? To some people, a car isn’t just a means of transportation, it’s also an important property that represents their lifestyle and personal brand. Luxury car owners are known to turn heads wherever they go, so if you’re going to cringe at the extra attention, then you might want to reconsider your purchase, and instead go for high-performing Renault cars.  Premium cars often come with sky-high prices, but their extraordinary features and turbo power are not for …

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Aston Martin DBX and Vantage have prices radically slashed in U.S. market

Aston Martin might be traveling through COVID fueled stormy seas these days as it tries to survive, but the company is still committed to try and make decisive moves to preserve its place in the luxury car market. The DBX SUV is finally beginning to roll off the production line, and the company has formally announced that it aims to eliminate regional differences in pricing. To better understand what this means, one can look at the DBX as an example of this move in action. The DBX is a global model that is aimed primarily towards customers in China and …

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Aston Martin To Replace AMG Sourced V8 With In House Electrified V6, V12 Safe For A Few More Years

The recent decision by Mercedes-AMG to phase out all of its V8 engines has left Aston Martin in a bind. When the current generation Vantage and DB11 first appeared on the scene, Aston was quick to point out at the time that it foresaw a healthy future for the V8. But with the engine being axed, Aston was forced to go to creative measures to resolve this impending problem, and has confirmed that an all new engine is indeed in the works to replace it. Less is more in this important regard, with Aston taking the unusual step of eventually …

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Aston Martin Unveils Vantage Convertible, Touts World’s Fastest Convertible Roof

The current generation Aston Martin Vantage certainly has the goods to be a good sports coupe. With curvaceous styling, newly improved technology, and a spirited twin-turbocharged V8 under the hood the Vantage can finally be considered a legit competitor in the sports car ranks. However, the one thing that has always missing from this iteration of Vantage is the ability to drop the roof. Aston Martin was keen to rectify that problem, and has formally unveiled the all new 2021 Vantage roadster. Dropping the Volante moniker for the first time ever, the roadster adopts many of the same styling cues …

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Aston Martin Confirms Valhalla Moniker For AM-RB 003, Will Build Only 500 Examples

With Aston Martin‘s recent obsession with Norse mythology, the British supercar maker has confirmed that its second all new offering will continue this trend and adopt a Norse inspired name. With the Valkyrie leading the way, it’s only fitting that the next model would be inspired by the ultimate destination for Norse warriors that were slain in combat, Valhalla.   It is certainly an improvement over its development name the AM-RB 003 which was a bit too wordy for our tastes, and it also serves as a figurative glimpse into the sheer levels of performance and driving pleasure that the …

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Aston Martin Vantage AMR Brings Manual Transmission, Lighter Weight To Buyers

Aston Martin’s AMR sub-brand has produced an impressive list of hits during its relatively short time of being a production grade option for Aston Martin buyers. However, while the DB11 and the other big Astons have benefitted from this upgrade, the 2018 Vantage was forced to sit on the sidelines. That changes with the unveiling of the all new limited edition Vantage AMR.   A key rule that defined older Vantage ownership (and arguably the best way to fully enjoy the car) was to avoid the single clutch automated manual, and go for the more analog. but purist preferred manual …

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DBS Superleggera 8

2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera – Startup Video & Gallery – Amelia Concours Highlight

The DBS Superleggera is hard to preview in photos. We were blase about the machine overall and leaning toward thumbs-down on the design — before seeing one in the flesh at Amelia Concours. Witnessing this machine is enough to bring butterflies — even when parked next to a Countach and new Vantage. Nearby to McLarens galore and even the SCG-003C hypercar.  DBS simply has stage presence and curb appeal that is impossible to quantify. Impossibly cooler than its lightweight clamshell bonnet or wider tracks could imply on paper versus DB11. Of course, the fact that this vehicle has all the …

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Aston Martin Teases Project 003 Hypercar, Expected To Blend Usability and Performance

Following the giant splash that Aston Martin made with the launch of the Valkyrie hypercar, the bespoke British sports car manufacturer has confirmed that it is working internally on an all new hypercar project, which is expected to be revealed in full at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed “Project 003” Aston Martin claims that the new model channels a lot of the lessons that were learned on the Valkyrie project, but it manages to still maintain its own distinctive DNA. Aston also revealed that Project 003 was engineered to deliver what the company calls “class-leading dynamics on both road …

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Aston Martin Unveils Sleek 2019 DBS Superleggera

When it comes to defining the ultimate production Aston Martin, the DBS nameplate has always played a key role in distinguishing these special cars from the rest of the fold. The DBS moniker also means more performance, which is whats exactly in store for the newest chapter of DBS. Dubbed the DBS Superleggera, this DB11 based monster replaces the old Vanquish S and also resurrects the “Superleggera” moniker which has not been seen on a production Aston Martin for several decades. Aston Martin stylists added a larger hexagonal shaped front grille, as well as a tweaked lower bumper which is …

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Aston Martin Unveils Limited Edition “V600” Vantage, Model Customer Commissioned Special

With the all new 2019 Aston Martin Vantage slated to arrive in showrooms around the world in the near future, the long serving and aging previous generation Vantage will eventually be relegated to the pastures of retirement. But some Aston Martin customers were unhappy to hear that the newest Vantage will not feature (at least for now) a V12 engine. This unhappiness prompted Aston to take swift action, and they commissioned a limited run of “V600” variant Vantages to send off the 2018 version with a bang. The “V600” designation is nothing new for Aston, with the moniker first appearing …

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DSC_0380 copy

2019 Aston Martin VANTAGE – Photo Flyaround w/ LEDs Lit

  The shockingly sexy new V8 Vantage was easily one of the stand-out stars at the Amelia Island 2018 Concours. This gorgeous new nose, sweeping panel surfaces and taut, tight tail end.  Wisps of a bent LED lightbar in back will make grown men weak in the knees.  The tail is even more impressive beside the brand-new DB11 Volante parked nearby.  This is future-sexy and Vantage has it nailed. 2019 Aston Martin VANTAGE

Aston Martin Reinvents Its Sporting Pedigree With 2018 Vantage Coupe

With a new era being ushered in thanks to a partnership with Mercedes Benz, the newly re-energized Aston Martin is keen on reinventing itself, and has followed up on the recent unveiling of the DB11 with perhaps the most important offering yet, the 2018 Aston Martin Vantage. The previous generation Vantage was a lingering spectre of the old Aston Martin with an aging platform, V8 engine, and a fussy semi-automated manual relegating the otherwise handsome Vantage to the back of the sports car line. In short, it was like a hipster wearing Abercrombie and Fitch in a sea of Ralph …

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Worst of Tokyo – 2017 ZAGATO IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo Sport

Not one to brag about my automotive skills, mostly.  But I can see a Corvette reskin from about five miles away.  And I certainly know what cutting-edge design does and does not look like. Zagato’s New IsoRevolta IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo is fairly hideous on first inspection.  It is a dated example of surfacing with little to no aerodynamic engineering to justify its many wings. The carved bodywork and pseudo floating fenders are interesting.  How could a giant Chevy V8 fit under a hood even lower than the stock Corvette?! This VGT Sport concept is ostensibly available to buy.  Not sure who would want …

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2018 Aston Martin Vanquish Gets Triple ZAGATO Gifts! Speedster + Shooting Brake

A hot trio of new ZAGATO Aston Martin models just hit the web ahead of their concept lawn debuts at Pebble Beach Concours! The Vanquish Zagato Volante takes the DB-Z coupe looks to new heights.  Those taillights alone are worth their design weight in gold!  But wait, there is more.  More of Zagato’s trademark Double Bubbles in the Vanquish Volante Speedster!  Twin helmet cowls on the rear decklid add a racy touch indeed.  Just 28 of the Speedsters will be made, versus 99 of the cabrio and 99 coupes. A production run of 325 leaves another 100 cars somewhere.  And …

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Aston-Martin-Valkyrie_digital colorized

6 Ways the 2019 Aston Martin VALKYRIE Is Next-Gen Bonkers

Whisper it, but Aston is on a serious roll lately. The launch sales of DB11 are strong and Vanquish is holding its own versus Bentley and Porsche.  All two dozen copies of the halo 2016 Vulcan track star sold out in days, and the future of the DBX SUV is on track for arrival in summer 2018 to stores worldwide.  From a brand new factory in Wales, of all places! Sure, Rapide and Vantage are showing some age, but will be rejuvenated fairly soon with new AMG turbo powertrains. And then we have this masterpiece.  The collab with Red Bull …

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Aston Martin Unveils VALKYRIE, Rapide AMR and Vantage AMR Pro [Video + 60 Pics]

When Aston Martin first unveiled its new hypercar to the world, we were big fans of nearly everything about it. From the slick styling to the promise of impressive performance numbers, everything seemed to align perfectly. That is, except the AM-RB 001 moniker which was reminiscent of a typical part code at your local Autozone store. Thankfully, Aston Martin has rectified this error with an all new moniker. Dubbed “Valkyrie,” this beast was created in a joint effort between Aston Martin and Red Bull with the Valkyrie showcasing Red Bull’s advanced vehicle technologies, as well as subtly previewing a new …

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Elegance Rebooted – 2017 Aston Martin DB11 First Look – By Carl Malek

When Aston Martin first unveiled the 2017 DB11 coupe, it represented a monumental shift for the British supercar maker. Aston Martin has always been known for its unique heritage, but lacked a versatile stable of fresh product to truly standout against supercar benchmarks like Lamborgini and Ferrari. The 2017 DB11 looks to change all that thanks to its revamped styling, performance and technology. This special car heralds a promising future for the brand, but will all of its new tricks help it cement a spot in the hearts and wallets of Aston loyalists? Or does it miss the mark?     …

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Geneva 2016 – Showfloor Mega Gallery – Part Two 111-tile

Geneva 2016 – Showfloor Mega Gallery – Part Two

So, so much hotness in here. Aston Martin DB11, Huayra BC, Apollo Arrow, Remac Concept One, Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, new Spyker and Zenvo’s….! Our favorite is split between the new Apollo and the DS E-Tense.   Geneva 2016 – Showfloor Mega Gallery – Part Two      

Own the ONLY 2016 Aston Martin DB10 – SPECTRE Hero, Vulcan, DBX and DP-100 All Slightly Awful, Though

The DB10 is finally available to buy! But not for you.  =] Just ten of the bespoke 007 rides were created ahead of the film. It was not immediately clear if that ten included the movie stunt cars, or how the ten DB10’s would be sold. We now know.  Eight were used to film the movie, while two stayed in pristine and brand-new condition. Aston is keeping one of the new cars for itself to enjoy.  And that last one? Up for grabs!  Christie’s auction house is selling the DB10 on February 24th to benefit MSF, or Doctors Without Borders …

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Quattroroute 2015 Zagato Mostro photos 10

2015 ZAGATO Mostro Is Custom Carbon Supercar Aimed at GT3 Drivers

  A very exciting reveal this weekend in Lake Cuomo! Zagato has graced the Villa d’Este COncours with their latest creation: the Mostro powered by Maserati. Honoring ten decades of Maserati Zagato specials and the 1957 ‘Monster’ in particular, this exotic supercar design is being produced and sold to five pre-selected customers. The car is built on a carbon tub with a front-mounted Maserati V8 engine, believed to be the 4.7-liter, dry-sumped screamer from the GranTurismo lineup. Power is sent to the back wheels via a rear-mounted six-speed transaxle. Double wishbones and 19-inch wheels round out the simplistic and race-car-like …

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2013 Aston Martin ZAGATO DB9 Centennial Spyder 26

2015 RM Monterey Preview – 2013 Aston Martin ZAGATO DB9 Centennial Spyder

There have been many attempts to drastically alter and update the style of Aston Martin DB9 supercars — many by Aston designers themselves. The most unrecognizable by far, however, was from Zagato. A DBS Centennial Coupe introduced the shockingly blocky redesign from Zagato, showcasing a full-width vertical grille unlike any production Aston. Not a single panel is shared with the production models, with all-new and uber-formal lines changing the proportions and stance of the Aston from a supercar GT into a super-lux cabrio perfect for Monaco. The tail of the Zagato DBS Centennial is even more appealing in its unique …

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2006 Aston Martin Rapide Concept  14

Concept Debrief – 2006 Aston Martin Rapide – Murdered by Lehman Brothers?

Reviewing this 2006 Aston Martin Rapide concept, it is almost unreal how closely the eventual 2010 production car is to its original inspiration. As you may know, the Rapide has been a major drain on Aston’s resources since sales of the four-door are only a quarter of originally anticipated. In its debut, the Rapide created a huge volume of excitement in the enthusiast community. It seemed at the time like a perfect sports-sedan with all the coolness of an Aston and a back seat and trunk that were truly practical. This excitement led to hundreds of eager deposit-makers — people …

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Geneva 2015 Galleries – The ENGLISH! McLaren, Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Lotus and MINI

Geneva? Wasn’t that huge swarm of media intros and press conferences almost 10 days ago? Yes, yes it was. The Geneva Motor Show is currently open to the public and the Palexpo center is packed wall-to-wall with the world’s hottest exotica. Here is why we are revisiting this mega-show: there are 400 photos in our Geneva 2015 file folder that have not been published yet. Some of the cars are cool, some are curious, and some are normal economy hatchbacks. A dozen of the big reveals are in individual articles — viewable at the Geneva category page over here.  But …

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RM Arizona 2015 Preview – 2003 Aston Martin DB7 Zagato

A pair of these very-rare Aston Martin Zagato specials are set for RM Auctions big sale in Arizona Janaury 15th and 16th. Somewhat surprising? The cabrio is estimated to earn near $100,000 less than the coupe. It looks like after this auction we’ll know the true value of the famous Zagato double bubble roof…. even if the Roadster is arguably more stylish with its flowing hardcover tonneau.   2003 Aston Martin DB7 Zagato   RM Auctions Arizona 15 – 16 January 2015 Lot 216 2003 Aston Martin DB7 Zagato $300,000 – $375,000 Chassis no. SCFAE12383K700040 Engine no. 00416 Production no. …

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db ar1

RM Arizona 2015 Preview – 2003 Aston Martin DB AR1 by Zagato

A pair of these very-rare Aston Martin Zagato specials are set for RM Auctions big sale in Arizona Janaury 15th and 16th. Somewhat surprising? The cabrio is estimated to earn near $100,000 less than the coupe. It looks like after this auction we’ll know the true value of the famous Zagato double bubble roof…. even if the Roadster is arguably more stylish with its flowing hardcover tonneau. 2003 Aston Martin DB AR1 by Zagato   RM Auctions Arizona 15 – 16 January 2015 Lot 217 2003 Aston Martin DB AR1 by Zagato $200,000 – $250,000 Chassis no. SCFAE62303K800002 Engine no. …

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cc100 colors32345

2013 Aston Martin CC100 COLORIZER

What if the CC100 was amazing, you thought, but the retro colors were a turnoff? We’ve tweaked the accent and main shade here to show three new finishes, complete with flawless 360-degree turntables for each. Enjoy!         CC100 Magenta   CC100 Green CC100 Red   CC100 Magenta  


Concept Flashback – 2013 Aston Martin CC100 Speedster Was Dubbed DBR100 In Development

  The amazing CC100 Speedster makes the Jaguar Project 7 look like a silly branded parka. A complete conversion from the softtop Vantage into the CC100 sees completely unique carbon-fiber bodywork all around, mini door-tops with open and exposed airflow elements at hip-height for both passengers, and a fantastic shrouded cabin. A complete lack of windshield glass means helmets would definitely need chinstraps on tight for high-speed driving, but the overall effect on the CC100’s style makes it worthwhile. Double head-height roll spikes are a stylistic delight, and even include extra roll-over protection in the form of ram-actuated extra roll …

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aston ice drive 2015

Aston Martin Ice Drive Event Now Taking Reservations for Crested Butte 2015

Even without the four-figure package price of the Aston Ice Drive event, we can all enjoy these amazing photos of the latest English supercars — all seriously sideways! Aston Martin Ice Drive 2015 COLD COMFORT: ASTON MARTIN ON ICE PROMISES BESPOKE LUXURY 22/12/14 Aston Martin ice drive event returns to exclusive Colorado resort Custom-designed tracks are purpose-built over 250 man hours Strictly limited availability for exclusive three-day drive program Irvine, CA, 22 December 2014: Aston Martin is again offering adventurous drivers the chance to experience the power and performance of its great British luxury sports cars in one of the …

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mansory zapico

3.3s MANSORY Zapico Is The Pagani of Motorcycles

The design and construction of this masterful Mansory motorcycle debut is second to no manufacturer in the world. Short of Pagani, perhaps! You can see how nearly every single part of the Mansory Zapico is custom-milled from alloy billet or hand-laid in carbon-fiber. The design itself is delightfully long-wheelbase and menacing, with a huge scale and 160-horsepower engine all kept low and ultra-cool. This is definitely a man’s bike — it is huge. But that does not stop the custom S&S V-twin engine from shooting the Zapico to 60-mph in just 3.3-seconds. Looks like that giant 285-section rear tire is …

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2015 Aston Martin Works 60th Anniversary Vanquish

2015 Aston Martin Works 60th Anniversary Vanquish Is White/Gold Eyeblaster

Like many Mazda Miata’s before it, the long-running Aston Martin special edition parade continues today unabated. This anniversary of Q cars via the Aston Martin Works team is definitely an eyeblaster — but perhaps not for the right reasons. Luckily, this template and color choice just shows the huge variety of choices available with a Works Aston.       2015 Aston Martin Works 60th Anniversary Vanquish   ASTON MARTIN WORKS 60TH ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION VANQUISH 12/12/14 Six bespoke models celebrate Aston Martin Works’ 60th anniversary Cars incorporate aluminium from Aston  Martin pistons of relevant eras Unique colour and trim …

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aston lagonda taraf gif

2014 Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf Unveiled in Dubai with DB10-Influencing Nose

Updated 12.5.14 Well, big day for Aston Martin! The new DB10 was front and center for the SPECTRE cast announcements, with director Sam Mendez pulling back the silk cloth on Aston’s future sportscar. Not a moment too soon!? Aston has been endlessly jabbed for their reheated styles in the last few years. But what we all may have forgotten is that we *love* that current style. But time moves onward and so does Aston. The new DB10 makes much more sense in the context of the limited-release Lagonda by Q Branch for 2014. This car is absolutely intense from many …

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2016 Aston Martin DB10 for 007 in SPECTRE + 10 Street Cars Available

Bond is back in a new film, Spectre, in November of 2015 about a year from now. To equip the world’s favorite tinker-tailor/soldier-spy, Aston and EON productions just revealed the very tasty new DB10. The name is confusing for a few reasons, and we only have a single official photo of the car so far. But here is the skinny: Based on the V12 Vantage chassis, perhaps running new turbo AMG engines underneith. Wider and lower grille opening may indicate intercooler breathing room, plus a taller hood for packaging reasons? Unknown as of now. The car will be sold to …

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Iconic Classics - 1955 Aston Martin DB3S Earned $3

Iconic Classics – 1955 Aston Martin DB3S Earned $3.7M At RM Monterey 2012

Aston Martin classic buyers come in similar taste preference buckets as new Aston buyers: either conservative Silver and Green rule the mind, or wild shades and racing liveries. This fire orange example of a pristine DB3S falls into the latter camp very spectacularly. Emblematic of Aston’s resurgent post-war mission to take on the world’s best in racing, the DB3S is best known today as one of the most beautiful racing roadsters of all time. 1955 Aston Martin DB3S RM Auctions Monterey 17 – 18 August 2012   Lot 214 1955 Aston Martin DB3S Sports Racing Car To be auctioned on …

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lagonda gif

Update2 – 2015 Aston Martin Lagonda Production Debut – Exclusively Available in Middle East

Updated 10.5.14 New photos and production details of the new Lagonda limo — including a cabin that is breathtakingly posh. Regretfully for some, the Lagonda will only be available to buyers in the Middle East. As a low-volume model like the One-77, the Lagonda is sure to be one of the rarest of all luxury four-doors. 2015 Aston Martin Lagonda             PREVIOUS Lagonda lives! Breaking news with a confirmation from Aston-Martin on the 2015 Bespoke Super Saloon project – which is officially the new Lagonda saloon car. 2015 Aston Martin Lagonda     Inspiration for …

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Lagonda SUV edits gifghk

Digital Renderings Fix the 2009 Aston Martin LAGONDA SUV Concept

 This is a light update to the previous LAGONDA article, but one that is best as a distinct piece to avoid confusion. As identified below, the nose and tail of the Lagonda SUV concept were its biggest problems. The make it hard to love. FIXED NOSE RENDERINGS The grille is far too large and far too bright. During a few hours in Photoshop, we have identified the eggcrate grille design as the true fault up front. It makes this Lagonda look like a Chrysler Sebring — which is not a flattering comparison for a superlux SUV. We have made the …

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Lagonda SUV gif

Concept Debrief – 2009 Aston Martin LAGONDA SUV Concept

  The Aston Martin  Lagonda SUV was easily the most-hated SUV concept of 2009 when it debuted. People absolutely hated it. They hated the design mostly, but fell back on SUV hate for extra emphasis. The only other concept whose design has been so roundly hated was the Bentley EXP-9F — which required a full redesign, led to the re-assignment of the CEO who approved it, and ultimately pushed the production Bentley SUV debut back at least three years. What do these two hated SUVs have in common? — Long-history sports-car brands’ first attempts to move into the crossover market …

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VCB gif

2015 Aston Martin VANQUISH Carbon Black and Carbon White Editions

The monochromatic and gloss-black styling trend continues to gain pace today with the launch of the latest special editions from Aston Martin: the Vanquish Carbon Black and Carbon White. Sutle tweaks all around add menace to the classical beauty in the Vanquish design, which is overhauled mechanically as well with a new eight-speed automatic and dynamic improvements as well. The Carbon Black and Carbon White upgrades are available to order and configure now on Aston Martin’s website as the coupe or drop-top Volante. http://www.astonmartin.com/en-us/cars/the-new-vanquish/vanquish-carbon-edition 2015 Aston Martin VANQUISH Carbon ASTON MARTIN REVEALS VANQUISH CARBON SPECIAL EDITIONS 17/09/14 17 September 2014 …

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DB3S gif1

1955 Aston Martin DB3S Earns $5.5M At Gooding Pebble Beach 2014

$5.5-million is a very high tally for any Aston Martin, but this 1955 DB3S is surely a deserving specimen. As both a show car and a racecar, the DB3S is a stunning beauty and a timecapsule of design in the 1950s. The chassis design was completed by a famed Austrian engineer with experience designing Auto Union racers in the 1930s, while the exterior design by Frank Feeley is perhaps Mr. Feeley’s finest-ever work. Feeley was a Lagonda man until joining Aston with Lagonda’s buyout in 1947, where his ultra-luxury model focus was shifted to racecars. One amazing element of the …

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MANSORY Cyrus is Fascinating Carbon Widebody for Aston Martin DB9 and DBS

Pebble Beach seems like the ideal place to arrive in a Mansory hypercar. While the avant garde style of Mansory upgrades might seem like overkill in any normal city, Monterey during Pebble Beach thrives on what is new, what was great in classic car history, and what is next in supercars. The Mansory Cyrus upgrade pack consists of a a full cabon-fiber overshell for the DBS and DB9 from Aston Martin. The whole effect is actually quite dramatic at channeling the One-77 as well as two other things: — from afar, the Mansory Cyrus might recall a camo’d or wrapped …

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Aston Martin RAPIDE VOLANTE Possible from Newport Convertible Engineering

Newport Convertible Engineering almost wrote the entire book on factory hard –> soft-top conversions. Often completed on a one-off basis — the NCE process has been making almost anything into sunny cabrios for decades. This includes SUVs and various other unlikely candidates, like the $30,000 Tesla Model S Cabriolet conversion shown below. But what many of these fantasy builds do not have is the existing Vanquish Volante drop-top sharing similar bones to the Rapide. This would seem to make the Rapide an amazing candidate for a high-fashion, four-door cabriolet. Something like the Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive concept. Or, for that matter, …

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RAPIDE S 2015 gif 1

4.2s, 203-MPH 2015 Aston Martin RAPIDE S Also Nabs New Dampers, Torque-Tube and 8-Speed ZF Transaxle

Even more thrilling news from Aston! The technical upgrades to the Vanquish and Vanquish Volante also join the Rapide S saloon-car for 2015. This brings an enormous leap in agility and pace at all times thanks to the latest and greatest ZF Touchtronic III automatic transmission. Mounted in back on the rear axle, this transaxle setup creates an exceptionally balanced sportscar with weight distribution balanced exquisitely. A transaxle layout is the best method for a supercar sedan – as shown by the previous Maserati Qauttroporte and other heroes with four doors over the years. The Rapide S also brings new …

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3.6s 2015 Aston Martin VANQUISH Adds Amazing ZF 8-Speed Auto for 201-MPH Vmax

Thrilling news from Aston Martin today! The 2015 Vanquish brings a hefty set of upgrades and updates – including the best-ever automatic transmission from ZF. Dubbed Touchtronic III in its Aston duty, this amazing box is a wonderful complement to the new 2015 adaptive/adjustable dampers and a new torque tube as well. The eight-speed auto optimizes the 568-hp V12’s power to great effect in all scnearios. This includes the 60-mph sprint, where the 2015 Vanquish nails a 3.6-second pace. This is down more than 0.6-seconds versus the current car. Great stuff! The full details are out – below is nearly …

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V12 Vantage Headergif1

3.9s, 565HP 2014 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster – FULL Debut in 80 Photos, Video + Engine Clips and Builder Details

Small car, huge engine. This has been the most successful formula for making lively sports cars since the AC Cobra and before. To that end, Aston Martin has dropped its latest and greatest 6.0-liter V12 into its smallest roadster: the Vantage. With performance of just 3.9-seconds to 60-mph through the automatic transmission, an exhaust note that gives you goose bumps every time, and personalization options that run to 30-plus colors — this is the pinnacle of Aston Martin in 2014.   SONIC DEBUT VIDEO DEBUT 2014 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster 2014 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster Full …

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bulldog 1 gigf

Concept Flashback – 1979 Aston Martin Bulldog vs 2014 Aston Martin DP-100 Vision GranTurismo

Concept Flashback – 1979 Aston Martin Bulldog vs 2014 Aston Martin DP-100 Vision GranTurismo Aston took its future vision and threw it into fast-forward by the mid-1970s and early 1980s. The model range at the time was a mix of the Vantage and the Lagonda sedan – one looking and feeling like it was frozen in 1969, the other, 1999. So one very antiquated, and one ahead of its time. The 1980 Bulldog concept was ostensibly a range-topper; something to leapfrog the competition and bring the Vantage and supercar customer base into a bold and futuristic new decade. Alas, the …

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Estoque Concept gif header1

Concept Flashback – 2008 Lamborghini Estoque – Binned In Favor of SUV, But Design Influences Huracan Dramatically

The Lamborghini Estoque from Paris 2008 created a flurry of media attention and even compelled some eager buyers to put down deposits on the car during the great auto show. Over the next year and a half, Lamborghini evaluated the concept’s production feasibility in detail – bouncing volume and pricing business plans back and forth to the Volkswagen Group board, exploring Panamera collaborations for the platform, and even building out a long-term front-engine GT car plan to accompany this gorgeous four-door to Lamborghini dealerships. This last bit – with a front-engine coupe and cabrio joining the business plan – made …

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Aston Vanq Volante 2014 gif header

2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante In the Flesh! ThisClose To Test Drive, But…

Thinking and writing about Aston Martin makes me kick myself in the tits again today for missing a chance to drive the 2014 Vanquish Volante last month at Road America. Alas, it was late in the day and the Vanquish had been very occupied by the 100 other journalists on hand. There was only one test drive left, and another hack got his paws on it first. Maybe next year…. Is what I have been saying since I saw my first DB7 at a resort in Michigan in 1995. I will get behind the wheel of an Aston Martin. Not …

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Aston goodwood 2014 gif1

Aston Martin Zings Up Goodwood Hill (to its AMG Future) in Vantage S, Rapide S and Vanquish

Aston Martin is on firm footing for the first time in over a decade: with the Mercedes-Benz AMG partnership signed and sealed, the company is poised for an exciting next chapter. We are thrilled to see the resulting sportscars – they will bring the best of both worlds to Aston showrooms very soon indeed. It is a mutually-beneficial gig all around – this is no charity write-off for Mercedes-Benz. First and foremost, it will allow Daimler to increase its average transaction price overnight – which is a somewhat silly metric for success that is nonetheless highly considered by the influential …

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Aston-Martin DP-100 VGT gif2

Update1 – Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo Is Mid-Engine Hyper Exotic With 800HP V12TT

UPDATE1 – High-Res Photos from Aston Martin now included. But first… the name.  DP? Ferrari has the FF — which we all are sure does not mean anything in sex slang. But now we have the DP? What is next in the hypercar naming lexicon?   A perfect example of wanting what we cannot have this morning from Aston Martin. The DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo broke cover today at Goodwood showing ultra-modern proportions and a mid-engine hypercar design study. Of course, Aston is famous for many things. But mid-engine cars? Not really one of those things….! But even so, many …

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Aston Martin ELV8 by Tom Burkart and Lutz Valdeig hgeader gif 1111

2017 Aston Martin ELV8 Crossover, SUV and AWD Sedan Renderings

 2017 Aston Martin ELV8 Crossover, SUV and AWD Sedan Renderings SUV adaptions by Car-Revs-Daily.com staff Original Artwork by Lutz Valdeig – Atelier Valdeig PART TWO: ASTON GOES AWD All the previous article applies to this SUV idea even more. Aston Martin could sell alot of SUVs or crossovers with access to the 4Matic-ready platforms of Mercedes-Benz. 2017 Aston Martin CROSSOVER RENDERING 2017 Aston Martin SUV 4×4 RENDERING   2017 Aston Martin AWD SEDAN RENDERING ASTON MARTIN REACHES INFLECTION POINT   Big changes at Aston Martin – 2013 and 2014 have finally seen the big apex point in the company’s resurgent …

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Lutz Valdeig Aston Martin LV8

Exclusive! Future Car Rendering – 2016 Aston Martin LV8 – Lagonda Vignale by Lutz Valdeig

Original Artwork by Lutz Valdeig Atelier Valdeig ASTON MARTIN REACHES INFLECTION POINT Big changes at Aston Martin – 2013 and 2014 have finally seen the big apex point in the company’s resurgent modern history. Ulrich Bez has stepped aside from some of his all-controlling ways, huge chunks of equity have been sold to investment firms, and a broad partnership with Daimler Benz means Aston finally has some big-company resources to utilize once again. For as much-maligned as Ford was during their stewardship of the brand, Ford was a wonderfully generous partner to Aston-Martin during the many, many years that it …

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1937 BMW 328 GIF header

Car Museums Showcase – 1937 BMW 328 and R60 Sidecar Motorcycle

The 1937 BMW 328 is a little-seen roadster gem from BMW that was, perhaps, the firm’s most advanced and sophisticated achievement outside of aircraft engines at the time. 1937 BMW 328 and R60 Bike in Spartanburg, SC Seeing one so close in the flesh really rings home how advanced this 328 was versus its contemporaries from Aston-Martin and Jaguar — two much-better-known sports-car innovators (and competitive benchmarks) of the time.   Where those cars both still wore giant flat fenders, the 328 is completely smooth in all areas. This aero-led thinking was surely a testament to BMW’s aeronautic history until …

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Aston Martin V12 Zagato header GIF spinner3

Aston Martin V12 Zagato – Future Classic Showcase in 5 Flawless Color Turntables

THE WHO Like many small British brands who shall not be named, Aston can feel a victim to its own design success, at times. The DB7 kick-started this modern styling vogue, which led smoothly to the 2000s Vanquish and DB9 and the modern range. But sometimes what is needed is not evolution, but revolution. This latest safe-design kick is the blowback from Aston-Martin’s aggressive design flirtations in the 1970s and 1980s — cars like the Lagonda sedan and the Bulldog wedge concept were so ‘out there’ that they nearly bankrupted the company of customers and ideas. All while making the …

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Aston-Martin-DBS-Centennial GIF

Block-Chic Zagato Aston Martin DBS Centennial Hits Concours Circuit at Villa d’Este

The artful styling direction at Zagato typically ebbs and flows between two extremes: curved softness and sharp brutality. Things appear to be swinging back to the sharp side of the ruler lately, with the DBS Centennial by Zagato implementing creases and a blocky nose and rear form that is much more 1980s than we have seen from Aston or anyone else, since that decade, perhaps. The Alfa-Romeo SZ and even many Astons from this era whole-heartedly embraced crisp graphics: just recall the Aston-Martin Lagonda saloon car for reference. Curves and flow are not totally out of the picture for the …

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RM Auctions Monterey 2014 Preview - 1961 Aston-Martin DB4 GIF header

RM Monterey 2014 Preview – 1961 Aston-Martin DB4 Superleggera – Lost by Castrol Ltd, Found By You

This sentence originally closed the article, but must be bumped to the front: This is a Superleggera car — with an alloy bodyshell! HIGHLY DESIRABLE…! Carrozzeria Touring handled these few cars, if we are not mistaken… This DB4 was originally delivered to Castrol in the United Kingdom, forty years before Castrol motor oils officially became part of British Petroleum in the year 2000. For trivia buffs, CC Wakefield and Company became Castrol in 1960, before being purchased by Burmah Oil in 1966. But this has nothing to do with this outstandingly-authentic DB4, which is in true “Barn-Find” condition. Somehow, the …

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Coolest Vintage Hood Ornaments -- RM Auctions Amelia Island 2014 -- Pierce-Arrow, Cadillac, Stutz, Chrysler, Ford, Aston-Martin, Bentley and More 43 - Copy

Coolest Vintage Hood Ornaments – Pierce-Arrow, Cadillac, Stutz, Chrysler, Ford, Bentley and More…

I have an odd fascination with artful hood ornaments, and took some close-ups of favorites over the big Amelia Concours weekend. But first: when did hood ornament become a dirty word? They previously epitomized the height of class and prestige — while often serving functional benefits as well. Pierce-Arrow As the top-mounted radiator cap in the early days of luxury cars, you know knew the cap was screwed on (and threaded) correctly when the symbol faced dead ahead. (Ford) One highlight you must wonder about right away is the life-sized Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy. She is a 1940s art deco …

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LMP1 safety 999 GIF

In-House Racing Expert Chris May Asks — Are Established Tracks Safe For Today’s Race Pace?

By: Special Contributor Chris May Established Race Tracks:  Are they Safe Anymore? It’s a loaded question that I have been wrestling with over the past couple of weeks.  So you might ask, ‘Why is this on your mind, bit of a random thought?’ Well, the genesis of the thought process started last year when the racing community lost Allan Simonsen tragically at Le Mans.         I, just like many other racing fans, was glued to the TV as we watched the historical event unfold and the tragic cloud that fell upon the race with 23 hours left …

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1937 BMW 328 GIF header

Car Museums Showcase – 1937 BMW 328 and R60 Bike in Spartanburg, SC

The 1937 BMW 328 is a little-seen roadster gem from BMW that was, perhaps, the firm’s most advanced and sophisticated achievement outside of aircraft engines at the time. Seeing one so close in the flesh really rings home how advanced this 328 was versus its contemporaries from Aston-Martin and Jaguar — two much-better-known sports-car innovators (and competitive benchmarks) of the time.   Where those cars both still wore giant flat fenders, the 328 is completely smooth in all areas. This aero-led thinking was surely a testament to BMW’s aeronautic history until this point, but also a deep bow to the …

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1937 Bugatti Type 57C Roadster -- Leaves Me Cold GIF

Amelia Island Time Capsules: $903k 1937 Bugatti Type 57C Roadster — Leaves Me Cold — Find Out Why?

Plowing through my gigantic Amelia Island photo folders. =] Not only do I rarely meet a Bugatti I do not like — I think the Amelia Island 2014 event was the first time I have ever touched any Bugatti, whatsoever! Therefore, you can imagine my internal surprise at my blase feelings toward this magnificent 1939 57C — which were less than positive. I just didn’t like it. The color seemed off, the coachwork overwrought, and certainly not nearly as stunning, genuine and authentically-desirable as the racecars across the room. I blamed poor lighting on day one due to the car …

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Header Aston Martin 15-98 Roadster RM PHOTOS GIF

Amelia Island 2014 – 1939 Aston Martin 15/98 ans DB4 SuperLeggera

 Amelia Island 2014 – 1939 Aston Martin 15/98 ans DB4 SuperLeggera Before we dive into this incredibly delicate but very powerful 15/98 shortie roadster — here is a selfie of your humble scribe with a touchably-smooth (caressably-soft?) 1960 DB4. Smooth, but definitely not soft. This DB4 wears the cherished SuperLeggera badge — indicating its body was made of aluminum-alloy versus steel.Aston-Martin worked with Milan’s Carrozzeria Touring on a number of projects in this era. Estimated weight saving with alloy? 250-pounds or more. This DB4 sold for $462,000 by RM Auctions on March 8th, 2014. Adding $150,000 to that total takes …

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RM Auctions MONACO 2014 Preview -- 1958 Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback by Franay 26

Meet the Real Bond Car: 1954 Bentley Continental R-Type Fastback — RM Auctions Monaco Preview

As much as we young folks like to think Aston-Martin is the epitome of a Bond car, that was not actually the case the first few times our man slid behind the wheel in Ian Fleming’s novels. His preferred coach in at least the first few books is the Bentley Continental R-Type, in black, if we’re not mistaken. Without quoting any of Flemings work (for lack of time, in honesty); the R-Type Fastback Sports Saloon certainly best matches my memories of his first car-of-choice. For, you see, Commander Bond was a bit of a lout. He was not a wild …

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HYUNDAI Coupe Designs HND-9 animated gif header

Hyundai COUPE Design Analyses: Concept HND-9 Shows Best Possible Style Roadmap for Both Shorter and Longer RWD Coupes From Hyundai

Hyundai is a very smart and savvy organization, staffed by some of the keenest automotive minds available at any price. Further proving their strategy to move upmarket and laterally toward enthusiasts, the Genesis sedan and Coupe lines continue to blossom. With this core rear-drive platform, many cars are possible that would have been mere pipe-dreams in the past. (And the present for others such as Acura who are tied to front-drive up and down the range.) HYUNDAI CONCEPT HND-9   My favorite details on the HND-9 are many, but include the free-form grille shape, the swan-wing doors that bring part …

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2015 Ford Mustang GT Convertible in 50 Fresh Photos (Plus: State of the Oval for CGI Imagery)

We have been Dr. Honesty lately! Trying to keep it constructive, generally, but it is a slippery slope once you open the taps. So what does this have to do with the Mustang GT convertible? We recently noted in this Mustang Triple Yellow article that Ford’s photography department seems to be less-adept than the best competitors lately. Video stills below. Aston-Martin DB9 Carbon White — Car-Revs-Daily.com exclusive spinner — Made at my desk from **at least 180 raw image files** =] Oh, this is actually draft below. It has an error. Try to spot it… These auto-play moving pictures leverage …

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Header Graphic animation ALPHA

Aston Feeling Dark /Sexy /Moody for 2014! New DB9 Carbon — Huge Ducktail Spoiler — Vanquish Tech

Codename 001 — DB9 Carbon White These new Carbon DB9’s are really the cream of the crop. While still wearing the DB9 tag, this car is almost totally new versus any pre-2012 cars.   The Carbon DB9’s 0-62MPH time is quoted below at 4.6-seconds with the latest Speedshift II torque-converter automatic and launch control, which almost ensures a 4.5s or below time for the slightly shorter 60-mph sprint run. That torque converter note is not a jab. A smooth and relaxed auto is an asset for this car in 99% of real-life driving. The beauty of being a small, high-glam …

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My Car In Detailed Turntable Animations + 30 Photos -- 2006 Subaru Legacy GT Limited  31

My Car In Detailed Turntable Animations + 30 Photos — 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Limited

One would assume that after working for some big tech names like Pandora.com and Starcom Worldwide that I would be able to master aspect ratios. Yet that silly Kodak-style 4×6, 5×7 etc layout glitch often keeps my swanky animations from playing on the homepage. Probably for the best — the site is slugggg-ish today, and those Aston Martin N430 Spinners topped 8MB in some configurations. Each! So, not exactly a low-bandwidth type of mind on thisguy. Sidebar: all the GIFs are download-able on purpose =] Regardless, I saw another very pretty car today that might make for an attractive animated …

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2014 Aston-Martin N430 Vantage — Specs and Five Liveries Detailed in 150+ Images

Intro/Summary Points: Wow. Aston really wants to sell these cars. Today. The N430 upgrade comes in five flavors that are all very modern, exciting and enticing. The N430 is also visualized and configurable on a this very dashing new website .   I personally really admire the volume and quality of new images, which are far more extensive than Aston has typically provided to the press ahead of special edition models. Without these angles, none of my turntables are possible.(The 5MS table above is comprised of 90 images, for example.) Big hat tip for this and the RT from @AstonMartin …

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Concept Flashback: Zagato Draws A Blank Trying to Make 2012 BMW Z4 Roadster and Z4 Coupes Sexy Again

The 2012 BMW Z4 faced a real crisis of confidence. While overall roadster sales have fallen off a cliff since 2009, the Z4’s problems are even more severe.  From an all-star BMW style icon … into a niche-within-a-niche model that tallies sales in the hundreds per year? But was the styling of the fourth-gen car partly to blame? The original Z3 was such a smash hit – I can clearly recall being smitten with this humdrum four-banger roadster. Even on steel wheels, it look fantastic. Even with just a 20-second James Bond Goldeneye cameo its only claim to fame at …

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CarRevsDaily Supercars 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish 30

Supercar Showcase: 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Centenary Edition

The new Aston Martin Vanquish is looking mighty tempting these days. Fresh styling outside, fresh tech inside, and sprint performance finally worthy of its pricing. That pace is 4.1-seconds to 60mph, officially, in case you were wondering. This low-rev quickness is a huge improvement versus the previous drag times for the DBS thanks to a host of changes to the V12 engine to liberate more ferocity. The new paddle shifters for the automatic add versatility, letting drivers instantly blip down a gear or three or max exhaust bellow. The new styling is actually quite memorable and distinctive, particularly in one …

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1960s Classics Changing Hands At Record Prices - And Frequency5

1960s Classics Changing Hands At Record Prices – And Frequency

1960s Classics Changing Hands At Record Prices – And Frequency Throughout 2013 Springtime is auction season, and this year things were hotter than ever in the market for early 1960s exotica. Last weekend, Bonhams sold a one-off 1960 Bertone DB4 GT Jet for $4.9 million at a special event by the AM Works Service based at the old factory in Newport Pagnell. This weekend, a 1962 Ferrari 400 Superamerica SWB Coupe Aerodinamico is on the block the RM Auctions Lake Cuomo event. The rush of car buying in Pebble Beach in August also reached a fever pitch this year, but …

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