2015 Ford Mustang GT Convertible in 50 Fresh Photos (Plus: State of the Oval for CGI Imagery)

We have been Dr. Honesty lately! Trying to keep it constructive, generally, but it is a slippery slope once you open the taps.

2015 Ford Mustang GT COnvertible GIF

So what does this have to do with the Mustang GT convertible?

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We recently noted in this Mustang Triple Yellow article that Ford’s photography department seems to be less-adept than the best competitors lately.

Video stills below.

NEW Mustang GT Convertible

Aston-Martin DB9 Carbon White — Car-Revs-Daily.com exclusive spinner — Made at my desk from **at least 180 raw image files** =]

Oh, this is actually draft below. It has an error. Try to spot it…

Codename 004 -- DB9 Carbon White VOLANTE 11MS GIFThese auto-play moving pictures leverage a few key insights:

— people hate clicking or even initiating a video player — if they are sure that the auto-play is muted, that is

— the more angles you see of a car, the better you know its appearance

— these will spin forever. it can be sortof enchanting when done artfully

— there is no set template

How about slot-machine-style?

Scion Soul Header


Even Lincoln is in the mix (via the retail site Lincoln.com) — which provides plenty of raw material for spinners like these.

MKC SPINNER ruby red 10MS then 50MS

This is a major weakness in a time when five images are not sufficient coverage of such an important model (in my opinion).

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In the old days of print, that would have been just fine. But sharp-eyed readers like us would tire very quickly of seeing the same rendered images in every magazine (two months from today).

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In terms of both CGI and real-life photography, finding a genuine photo of the new Mustang has not been simple or easy since the car debuted at midnight in mid December.

2015 Ford Mustang GT  Grey Convertible GIF

But is this just a media and journalist issue? It is bigger than that — especially as most showrooming is done online these days. And car dealers are rapidly becoming dinosaurs in today’s future-tech reality.

It is pretty rare for such a retailer to still exist — one whose suppliers and customers would both rather it… went away.


Car companies will never say this, but they do not like many dealer practices either.

Mustang GT silver CarRevsDaily.com Animated GIF

Consumers are more vocal in their open hatred for dealers. So how are they still a mandatory part of this equation? Contracts, laws, servicing and proximity are all reasons. But they are eroding fast.

Ever the active teams in Dearborn, the Mustang GT convertible just came to life in 20 high-res photos!

2015 Ford Mustang GT COnvertible GIF

These could be just really, really good digital renders — but we are pretty good at determining real from fake imagery.

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If Ford needs a guy like me, I am happy to chat any time! (Email below left on bottom of every page:)

Making spinning turntables has — so far — yet to mint me much any actual income….


Dream Big, right?

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2015 Ford Mustang GT COnvertible GIF