Aston Martin goes the perfect green for 2021 Pebble Beach Concours

To the naked eye, it’s arguably the most diverse color for a car maker’s palette. Green. Add to that today’s connotation, and the mere use of the term and color is tricky to negotiate. I for one am not a fan of most chosen greens, save for the 18th one that Aston Martin’s 2021 display booth faces. That being said, there is something to  behold in person, as your brain takes in this particular green that Aston has donned these fantastic cars with. They literally had to snap me out of mesmerizing stare, as they were preparing to host a private function. The surface flowing across these cars are matched by no other trifecta in any display I witnessed. Each is instantly recognizable as an Aston Martin, yet each is fantastically… brilliantly… unique. This was the best visual display. Pure form, pure devotion, pure automobile.