Worst of Tokyo – 2017 ZAGATO IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo Sport

Not one to brag about my automotive skills, mostly.  But I can see a Corvette reskin from about five miles away.  And I certainly know what cutting-edge design does and does not look like.

Zagato’s New IsoRevolta IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo is fairly hideous on first inspection.  It is a dated example of surfacing with little to no aerodynamic engineering to justify its many wings.

The carved bodywork and pseudo floating fenders are interesting.  How could a giant Chevy V8 fit under a hood even lower than the stock Corvette?!

This VGT Sport concept is ostensibly available to buy.  Not sure who would want it.  The basis is a Callaway Corvette.

But any Vette basis instantly sets off alarm bells.  Note: they do not actually specify if this is even a C7.  It could be a C5 under that plastic bodywork — barely holding all its parts together for the showstand.

Sorry to be harsh.  But you have to realize that pricing for this imposter is likely to be around $500k.  This is a shameless amount of markup for an old car title –= even if it was reborn by a legendary Italian design house.

The new Aston Martin Zagato collaborations are also pretty Pontiac-esque in their awfulness.

2017 ZAGATO IsoRevolta Vision Gran Turismo Sport