Aston Martin Debuts Pastel Collection, Limited To California Market

Summer is rapidly approaching and that means adding some lighter colors into your closet to help prepare for the sunnier side of the year. But what if you want to add some extra color to your garage and have the checkbook required to do it? If this is you and you happen to live in California Aston Martin might just have a fashionable solution to your summertime fashion worries with an all-new Pastel paint collection.


Five Flavors of Summer Style

The infusion of color comes courtesy of Aston Martin of Newport Beach (one of the biggest Aston dealerships in the country) and is perhaps one of the most interesting dealer exclusive specials that we have ever seen. The first model is a 2021 Vantage Coupe with the exterior rocking a bright shade of Ultra Violet Purple. Like other Vantage models, this one is powered by a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 and comes equipped with an impressive list of standard equipment. But what if you’re a buyer that feels too confined by a coupe, and wants something that can let you soak in the sky and sunshine? Aston of Newport has thought of this situation and also has a 2021 Vantage convertible that’s painted in a different shade of purple called Cardamom Violet.

Thankfully, the treatment goes beyond the Vantage and the rest of the lineup is also touched by the summertime theme. Like the Vantage, the larger DB11 coupe and convertible also offer a pair of pastel colors but this time focus on the color blue with the duo being painted in Butterfly Teal and Clear Water Blue. Like the Vantages, the DB11s here retain their factory equipment, and as such there’s not much to talk about here on that front.

Last but not least is a vivid special to draw in the SUV crowd with an Aston Martin DBX. This particular DBX is slathered in bright Coral Pink paint which is a visually attractive contrast to the vast ocean of drab greys, silvers, and even white hues that dot countless mall parking lots. This DBX in particular could serve as a very attractive piece of bait to lure in luxury buyers that might not want to but this particular DBX, but could go on to buy other Aston models. We suspect that the custom paints came from Aston Martin’s Q Division but the dealership did not confirm this when unveiling the models and Aston Martin has not issued a statement on the matter either.

The appearance of these special models not only shows that the brand’s dealer network is willing to have some fun, but also shows that Aston Martin’s paint department is capable of creating just about any hue. Ask nicely (and waive some green) and they’ll even match rival paint colors with a lone Ferrari Yellow Vantage in Metro Detroit serving as a vivid example of this in action.