Aston Martin Teases Vantage V12, Is It The Final Swan Song For The Twelve-Cylinder?

Ever since the current generation Aston Martin Vantage made its way into dealerships a few years ago, rumors have swirled about whether it will once again receive a V12 engine. Aston Martin denied the rumors at first claiming that it wouldn’t fit (we didn’t believe them) and it appears that our suspicions were proven correct, with the British sports car maker revealing that it will indeed be putting a V12 into the new Vantage, but it appears that it will be the last time the Vantage will be paired with it.


Cryptic Teaser Video Points To Swan Song

The twelve-second video doesn’t say very much but it does tease a very potent soundtrack and it ends with the words “Never Leave Quietly.” This ending note along with Aston’s assertion that “It’s not just a Limited Edition, it’s a Final Edition” all point to the twelve-cylinder using this last appearance to make its curtain call to the world. The 5.9 liter V12 (rounded up to 6.0 liters for the sake of marketing) is the lone remaining symbol of Aston’s former relationship with Ford and has become one of the company’s hallmarks since it made its original appearance in the 1999 DB7 Vantage.

It has undergone its fair share of evolution since then, and it became an instant staple in older versions of the Vantage shortly afterward. But in the end, it’s still a product of the past (it’s based on two Ford V6 engines after all) and with the Gaydon based brand reaping the rewards of a collaboration with Mercedes Benz, it has become an outcast as more of the company’s models use AMG sourced engines.


Electrification Also Playing A Role In The Demise Of The Twelve Cylinder

Along with the massive infusion of Mercedes hardware, the V12 is also being squeezed out by the rapid pace of electrification and ramped-up emissions regulations, especially in Europe. The latter requires Aston Martin to meet tighter mileage and emissions targets which is something that the aging V12 simply can’t do anymore.

Aston Martin is also preparing for an electrified future and recently confirmed that both the Vantage and the bigger DB11 will be fully electrified once their successors begin rolling out to showrooms in 2025. Look for Mercedes Benz to play a big role in this regard too, with the two companies collaborating on electrification research and technology to not only keep costs down but to also make better use of their combined resources. This effort to reduce costs has even extended to the lineup, with the brand recently slashing prices on the Vantage and the DBX SUV.


When Will We See The New Vantage V12

Aston Martin didn’t reveal exactly when the new model will appear, but it’s a safe bet to assume that it will happen sometime next year. Like older Vantage V12s, look for this one to be a limited production model too and it will carry a price tag to back up its exclusivity. It’ll be sad to see the V12 go (it certainly made a memorable first impression during my time with it years ago) but look for it to leave this world not with a whimper, but rather, a big glorious bang.