Aston Martin Confirms Valhalla Moniker For AM-RB 003, Will Build Only 500 Examples

With Aston Martin‘s recent obsession with Norse mythology, the British supercar maker has confirmed that its second all new offering will continue this trend and adopt a Norse inspired name. With the Valkyrie leading the way, it’s only fitting that the next model would be inspired by the ultimate destination for Norse warriors that were slain in combat, Valhalla.


It is certainly an improvement over its development name the AM-RB 003 which was a bit too wordy for our tastes, and it also serves as a figurative glimpse into the sheer levels of performance and driving pleasure that the Valhalla is capable of delivering. Like the fore-mentioned Valkyrie, the Valhalla brings a number of innovative technologies to the brand, and will adopt much of the construction techniques that are present in that model. This include an all carbon construction, as well as uniquely innovative aerodynamic aides. When it eventually goes on sale, the Valhalla will be powered by a high output turbocharged V6 that will be married to an electric hybrid system which is a bit similar to the layout we have seen in other hypercar entries including the Porsche 918 and the Ferrari LaFerrari. The exterior styling is a composed mixture of elegance and balance and thankfully doesn’t manage to stumble all over itself in the quest to appeal to both ends of the hypercar buying spectrum.


“Norse mythology contains such powerful language and rich storytelling it felt only right that the AM-RB 003 should follow the Valkyrie’s theme” revealed Aston Martin Lagonda CEO Andy Palmer. “For those fortunate enough to own one I’m sure they will recognize and appreciate the name’s connotations of glory and happiness, for there can be few more hallowed places than the driver’s seat of an Aston Martin Valhalla.” Palmer elaborated further highlighting the long legacy that the “V” car series had had over the past several decades. “Together with the recently announced Vanquish Vision Concept, Valhalla continues this proud, seven decade old ‘V’ car naming strategy, providing an evocative and powerful moniker fit for one of the world’s most compelling ultra-high performance cars.”


When the Valhalla eventually makes its way into Aston Martin showrooms, it will be even more exclusive than the Valkyrie, with the company only producing a mere 500 examples of the all carbon fiber hypercar. Pricing has not been released as of this writing, but look for the Valhalla to command a price tag worthy of its mythological nameplate, as well as the unworldly levels of performance that it is capable of achieving.