Concept Flashback – 2001 Chevrolet BORREGO Concept – Reborn Subaru Brat?!

At first sight, the short-wheelbase pickup truck concept from Chevy in the early naughties seems to be a baja or rally variant of some kind of truck in the existing range.  Perhaps the S10 or even the Blazer of the 1990s?  Surely a small-block V8 up front, right?

In fact, this machine is something else entirely.

Under its trendy panels and reconfigurable tailgate — to allow the two-seater to add two more in back — the Borrego is actually an AWD Subaru under its Chevy-tastic panels.  Turbo four and all….

Needless to say, this ‘Brat 2.0’ was never built… as fun as it would have been to flog up and down some giant Michigan sand dunes!

Or at the car’s namesake off-road park in California… the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (ABDSP).  Anza Borrego, as we just discovered, means Bighorn Sheep.  Not quite a slam dunk, but this first Chevy/Subaru collaboration definitely had potential. 


Concept Flashback – 2001 Chevrolet BORREGO Concept