Aston Martin Unveils Vantage F1 Edition, Pays Homage To F1 Safety Car

Aston Martin first dropped a hint that a spicier variant of the Vantage sports coupe was coming a few days ago, and while we initially assumed that it would be a revived version of the AMR model. We will give the company credit for throwing the site’s resident British car expert off the scent trail, with the company taking the wraps off of the all-new Vantage F1 Edition.


Safety Car Looks Hide Subtle Elegance

As the name implies, this distinctly not AMR-flavored version of the Vantage is a homage to the original F1 Safety Car. The F1 Edition lifting several welcome touches from the fore-mentioned safety car. That includes a bigger front splitter, a large rear spoiler, as well as large side skirts. The exterior styling is otherwise unchanged, with the F1 Edition being available as both a coupe and a roadster.

However, buyers will be limited to only three colors (Aston Martin British Racing Green, Lunar White, and Jet Black.) All three hues are available in gloss or satin finishes, though we wonder how Aston Martin Racing Green is different from other hues of British Racing green that we have seen on countless other cars over the years. A more noticeable change will be the 21-inch wheels which are the largest ever fitted on a Vantage and are currently exclusive to the F1 Edition.

The interior also comes with its own share of changes with F1 Editions featuring welcome splashes of Alcantara and leather appointments. Like the exterior, the interior is largely unchanged from its predecessor, minus the material swaps with the infotainment system, the basic dash design, and even the button layout all being carried over.


Upgraded Chassis Defines Performance Upgrades

With the exterior and the interior preferring to play it safe with their updates, it should come as no surprise that the bulk of the attention was focused on the performance side of the coin. While it’s not an outright reboot, the upgrades here are welcome additions with Aston engineers enhancing the chassis. The bulk of the changes here are found in the steering and suspension, with underbody modifications being made to help enhance aerodynamics. Engineers also made changes to the dampers and springs to sharpen the car’s handling manners, especially when tossed into corners.

The engine is still the same 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 that sees duty in other Vantage models. Still, engineers have made some minor changes that increase horsepower to 528 horsepower (a gain of 25) and 505 lb-ft of torque. Aston, however, claims that there’s more than meets the eye with the company claiming that the tweaks deliver performance that’s “sustained for longer to further increase traceability and in-gear urgency.” Still, we will wait until we have an opportunity to drive the car in person to see if it does indeed deliver on that promise. The eight-speed transmission has also been upgraded with quicker gear changes and better track behavior, two of the key goals.

When Can I Buy a 2022 Vantage F1 Edition?

Aston Martin has not released U.S. pricing as of yet and, for the moment, has not even confirmed that the model will be offered on our side of the pond. The company did confirm that it’s taking orders for both the coupe and the roadster with base pricing for UK-bound coupes starting at  £142,000. Roadsters command a hefty premium and will start at €162,000. The first production units will be delivered to customers this summer, and we hope that the company will reveal more about the F1 Edition’s chances of crossing over to the new world.