Aston Feeling Dark /Sexy /Moody for 2014! New DB9 Carbon — Huge Ducktail Spoiler — Vanquish Tech

Codename 001 — DB9 Carbon White

Codename 001 -- DB9 Carbon White Coupe 90

These new Carbon DB9’s are really the cream of the crop. While still wearing the DB9 tag, this car is almost totally new versus any pre-2012 cars.


The Carbon DB9’s 0-62MPH time is quoted below at 4.6-seconds with the latest Speedshift II torque-converter automatic and launch control, which almost ensures a 4.5s or below time for the slightly shorter 60-mph sprint run.

DB9 Carbon BLack Animation GIF

That torque converter note is not a jab. A smooth and relaxed auto is an asset for this car in 99% of real-life driving.


The beauty of being a small, high-glam and focused operation like Aston-Martin is that every bit of intelligence in hypercars, limo’s etc. directly flows back into the current breadwinner model lines.

Codename 002 — DB9 Carbon Black VOLANTE

 Codename 002 -- DB9 Carbon Black VOLANTE GIF

The Rapide S, Vanquish and V12 Vantage have all provided a really huge swath of new tech from which to upgrade the DB9.

The key differences here versus the Vanquish? The DB9 Carbon editions are cheaper and more businesslike.

Codename 003 — DB9 Carbon Black Coupe

DB9 Carbon Coupe GIF

Externally, the aggression all wears a black-tie of glamour. Up front, a much deeper splitter forms a wide swooping slash that flows into the clean lower bumpers.

Caption -- DB9 Carbon White versus standard DB9
Caption — DB9 Carbon White versus standard DB9


Moving toward the side profile: larger new sills dramatically enhance the sense of low and wide proportions, but without many racing/sports overkill in the shapes. Just very smooth and flowing way to show big power from all sides.

blackclose blackdiffuser blackdlo blacksidestrake blacksillplaque

Static Images Gallery — Codename 004 — DB9 Carbon White VOLANTE


The Carbon Volante and Coupe DB9s also wear new ducktail spoilers out back. This is different from the Vanquish, which now sports a One-77-inspired floating rear wing.

Each has merits, but the DB9 is perhaps the true Double-O model by eschewing a lurid paint color.

Standard DB9 below.

2014 Aston Martin DB9 Animated GIF


The Bond links run deep at Gaydon, with the DB9 available in Skyfall Silver — for example.

Header Graphic animation ALPHA


These black or white Carbon cars are both new shades and newly-darkened trim upgrades throughout.

As shown via the photos painstakingly gathered,  organize, edit and save in a hundred-tab Firefox extravaganza?  (Not to mention what happens next in my DIY animagic studio:)

These cars are codenamed with a Double-O prefix, by color and body style:

Codename 004 — DB9 Carbon White VOLANTE

Codename 004 -- DB9 Carbon White VOLANTE 11MS GIF

Mechanical Specifications — 2014 Aston-Martin DB9 Carbon

Official details below from Aston.

DB9 Carbon Black & Carbon White
Vantage N430
The Aston Martin DB9 family grows at Geneva with the arrival of the DB9 Carbon Black and Carbon White special editions.

Style and visual drama are the special editions hallmarks as they perfectly emphasise the timeless GT’s sporting nature.

The new Carbon Black accentuates the 183 mph DB9’s 6.0-litre V12 potential through a strong dark theme underpinned by a unique combination of lightweight carbon fibre features. Meanwhile, the contemporary Carbon White special edition creates a dramatic visual effect with the carbon fibre and dark elements contrasting strongly against the Stratus White paint and accented caliper colour.

Codename 001 -- DB9 Carbon White Coupe 90

Striking exterior additions for both Carbon Black and Carbon White editions include carbon fibre side strakes and black window surrounds reinforcing the powerful visual themes.

Inside, a strong black styling theme with a choice of accent colours in line with the caliper shade showcases carbon fibre details and new black hardware. Bespoke sill plaques with the Carbon Black or Carbon White logo, communicate the cars’ rarity, too.

Of course the styling changes don’t alter the DB9’s inherent grand touring capabilities, qualities that make it the world’s most admired and desired GT.

Today’s DB9 features the modern AM11 V12 engine which uses ‘Gen4’ VH architecture and hardware, tuned to suit the character of a classic GT. The result is an engine with effortless torque of up to 620 Nm and peak power of 517 PS.

Prices for the special edition DB9 Carbon Black and Carbon White models are available on application at any of Aston Martin’s 147 dealers.

Aston Martin Design Director Marek Reichman explained: “The classic DB9 Carbon Black and daring DB9 Carbon White special editions give this timeless GT a fresh and highly desirable new appearance.

“Meanwhile, the exciting details that define N430 should leave no one in any doubt about the car’s motorsport roots. Bold graphic treatments and the option of vivid colour combinations conjure up clear visual echoes of the race circuit.”

Aston Martin can be found at stand number 5253 in Hall 5 at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, once again taking place at the Palexpo complex. The marque will be showcasing eight cars at this year’s show, with examples of the new V8 Vantage N430 and DB9 Carbon Black sitting alongside other current models including the Rapide S four-door sports car and new Vanquish Volante.

DB9 Carbon BLack Animation GIF