Auto Industry Insider: Top 6 Exotic Car Brands That Rule the Auto Industry

Have you been deliberating on acquiring a new set of wheels this year? Then how would you feel about investing in a luxury car? To some people, a car isn’t just a means of transportation, it’s also an important property that represents their lifestyle and personal brand. Luxury car owners are known to turn heads wherever they go, so if you’re going to cringe at the extra attention, then you might want to reconsider your purchase, and instead go for high-performing Renault cars

Premium cars often come with sky-high prices, but their extraordinary features and turbo power are not for the faint-hearted. Indeed there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about the world’s top-rated cars, if your budget simply cannot stretch. That said, check out this list of the top six luxury cars brands that rule the auto industry.


  1. Ferrari

Ferrari has always stood out in the luxury car market. This supercar brand is associated with speed, luxury, and wealth. Brand Finance rated Ferrari as the most influential luxury vehicle brand in 2014. With a truly fascinating history, a Ferrari luxury car raises the status of anyone who drives it through the streets.

Aside from their beauty, Ferraris are fairly reliable than most other exotic vehicles. You can drive your Ferrari on a daily basis as your chosen means of transportation. The thrill of Ferrari is particularly seen in racing. While different modes come with different specifications, luxury car enthusiasts often choose Ferrari because of the endless opportunities they have with customization


  1. Aston Martin

Aston Martin is a British luxury car brand that was established in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. This iconic luxury car brand is timeless, and it has been rightly associated with speed and luxury. People admire the Aston Martin brand because of their beautiful design exemplified by their true works of art. 

In November 2018, Aston Martin was named the Luxury Brand of the Year at the Luxury Briefing Awards. The British carmaker obtained this achievement because of its excellence and innovation in the auto industry.


  1. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes is well-known for manufacturing premium cars. However, the carmaker also manufactures coaches and trucks. Overcoming setbacks it faced during World War II, Mercedes is now a world-acclaimed automaker that produces a broad range of powerful cars. 

Models of Mercedes cars have varied from the Mercedes Citan to sporty and stunning models like the much popular SLS whose doors open vertically. Mercedes Benz remains a leading auto brand with a vast collection of vehicles to check out in the new year.


  1. Bentley

Bentley was established in North London in 1919, and it has steadily grown to become a famous luxury car brand. It made a big name for itself thanks to its numerous successes in the 24h Du Mans; prominent Bentley models say a lot about the automaker’s dominance in motor racing. The 4 1/2 liter Bentley and the Bentley Turbo E were really impressive on the road.

As of today, Bentley offers a wide range of premium sedans and luxury SUVs. You can buy yourself a new Bentley Continental with about €200,000.  A 558-horsepower Bentley can propel you to your farthest destination in time.


  1. Bugatti

Ettore Bugatti’s history goes back to 1909 when the automobile company was founded in Molsheim. Bugatti cars are highly rated for their aesthetic appeal and performance on the road. Popular Bugatti models that wow car lovers include the Type 30 Grand Prix as well as the Type 55 sports car. Following its founder’s demise, Bugatti went bankrupt and nearly lost its place in the automobile industry.

In 1950, the company was saved by an Italian entrepreneur. As of today, the Volkswagen Group owns the Bugatti brand. If you want to impress the streets, a new Bugatti Veyron may just be the real deal. That said, you’ll probably never get this car for less than €1 million. The Bugatti Chiron will cost you almost €2.5 million, but it’ll deliver you no less than 1,500 hp.


  1. Lamborghini

No mention can be made of the greatest luxury car brands of all time without Lamborghini. Established around 1963 by Ferrucio Lamborghini, this brand initially specialized in building tractors in post-war Italy. However, in a matter of 10 years, Ferrucio Lamborghini made his mark in the luxury car business, producing prestigious sports cars. Be ready to spend close to €180,000 if you want to enjoy the luxury of a Lamborghini Huracan. 

On the other hand, the almighty Aventador looks like a car from a different planet, and you’ll need to pay more than €340,000 to own this super Lambo. For sure, driving premium cars is cool if you can afford them.


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