2024 Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness Road Test Review by Ben Lewis

If you haven’t noticed, we’re seeing a resurgence in rugged, off-road type crossovers and SUV’s. From Honda’s TrailSport to Nissan’s Rock Creek editions, people are lining up for that extra-capable, extra-rugged look. And Subaru has been happily playing in that sandbox. We’ve tested the Outback Wilderness, and Forester Wilderness, and enjoyed them both, for their added outdoors-capable look, and upgraded running gear. So now, Subie has added an all-new Crosstrek Wilderness model, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it! Crosstrek Gone Wild! Well, there’s no doubt about what you’re seeing when you look at it – this …

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2025 Subaru Forester Channels Old and New Into One Distinct Package For Families and Trail Warriors

While the Subaru Impreza, WRX, and, the BRZ often take the bulk of the spotlight in the eyes of the press, it can be easy to forget about the Subaru Forester. The Forester has been a popular choice among family buyers for several decades now and the Forester shoulders a large slice of the load in regards to Subaru’s broader sales. Subaru is not looking to change that too much with the 2025 Subaru Forester which blends old carryover bits with welcome revisions to sharpen its role in the SUV segment.   Familiarity Dominates Updates The 2025 Subaru Forester is …

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2024 Subaru BRZ Pricing Revealed, Gets More Expensive But tS Is Coming Soon

Subaru has revealed official pricing for the 2024 BRZ sport coupe. While pricing is increasing for the new model year, Subaru is adding new features to the model including the debut of the all new tS model.   BRZ tS New Pinnacle Of Performance That Also Debuts EyeSight   Before we get into the pricing situation, we might as well talk about the biggest update for 2024, the debut of the BRZ tS. The tS is a spicier version of the BRZ and while it’s sadly not the formal STI model that many Subie fans were hoping for, it does …

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2024 Subaru WRX TR Sharpens Up Driving Experience, Gets Improved Steering and Brembo Brakes

Subiefest has emerged as a premiere attraction for not only Subaru fans looking to get in touch with other Subaru owners but also getting a glimpse at new products from Subaru themselves. The trend continues with the company pulling the veil of secrecy off of the 2024 Subaru WRX TR, which benefits from a number of key upgrades but, sadly, no giant wing.   Performance Takes Center Stage In TR The 2024 WRX TR brings a number of key upgrades to the WRX, but performance will be taking center stage in the TR. While the turbocharged engine carries over largely …

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Road Test Review – 2024 Subaru Impreza RS – This Hatch Has The Moves To Succeed

When Subaru announced that the Impreza would ditch the sedan body style and focus on it being a hatchback-only experience for 2024, it certainly had us asking questions. For one thing, could we buy a four-door in time? (my wife was in the market for a new vehicle back then) and how will consumers respond to this radical transition. Thankfully, the Subaru faithful have responded positively to the changes, and after spending some time with the 2024 Subaru Impreza RS, we grew to like a hatchback-only future as well.   Impreza RS Is Ready For Fun Or Work The RS …

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2024 Subaru BRZ tS Debuts, Still Not An STI Model But It’s Pretty Close And Brings EyeSight To Manuals

Subaru fans have longed for an STI version of the BRZ sports coupe. While Subaru is still not giving those loyalists a formal STI offering, they decided to give them the next best thing, an all-new model, with the unveiling of the 2024 Subaru BRZ tS.   Upgraded BRZ Suspension Aims To Make Car Skate On Tarmac While the BRZ tS is not a formal STI model in name, it does come with several STI-sourced upgrades, including a beefed-up STI suspension with Hitachi dampers and a Brembo brake kit with gold-painted calipers at all four corners. The car also gets …

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Subaru Developing Eyesight For Manual Cars, Will Make Its Production Debut In Japan

Subaru’s EyeSight technology has been a welcome blessing for owners thanks to its suite of safety features and nifty camera system (my wife can vouch for its credentials as a current Subaru owner. However, while the system has made a splash in vehicles with the CVT, other models that come equipped with manual transmissions were forced to miss out on the fun. That’s now changing, with the company confirming that it’s figured out how to make the system finally work with three-pedal commuting.   Manual Friendly EyeSight To Be Japan Market Exclusive…. For Now Before we move any further, we …

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2024 Subaru Crosstrek Makes U.S. Debut, Benefits From More Powerful Engine But Loses Manual Transmission

The international market has had the 2024 Subaru Crosstrek in its dealer inventories for the past few months, but the U.S. now gets its time to shine, with Subaru revealing the U.S. version of the Crosstrek at the 2023 Chicago Auto Show, where it’s expected to bolster Subaru’s SUV sales here in the U.S.   Light Tweaks Make Familiar Crosstrek Formula Shine At first glance, the 2024 Subaru Crosstrek might not seem like a radical update over the outgoing 2023 model, with the new model having the same shape and core design elements. However, some differences make themselves known after …

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Road Test Review-2022 Subaru WRX Limited – Is It Still The Budget Rally King?

It wasn’t too long ago when the world of rally cars had a significant influence in the automotive world. Subaru and Mitsubishi were the two titans in this war with the two Japanese firms always traying to outdo one another with the Impreza and the Lancer. However, these times have long since faded away, and with the Lancer gone and the WRX STI also pushed to the proverbial dustbin. Can the 2022 Impreza WRX still deliver fun to drivers while also complying with the changing times?   Half Baked WRX Styling A Far Cry From The Old Days @carlmalek #highschool …

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2023 Subaru Legacy Gets Light Updates, New Sport Trim And Technology

With the 2023 Outback getting its share of mild updates, it was only a matter of time before its sedan counterpart the 2023 Legacy would get its turn under the knife. Subaru used the occasion to spruce things up a bit while also adding some new moves to the Legacy’s repertoire as well.   New Sport Trim Highlights Legacy Exterior Design Changes The 2023 Legacy received some updates to the exterior styling with the headlights, front grille and the lower bumper all being worked on. The changes pop out more when you look at the all-new Sport trim for the …

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Subaru Unveils 2022 WRX Sedan, Promises New Performance In Familiar Wrapper, Debuts GT Trim [Gallery]

The cancellation of the 2022 New York Auto Show due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns forced automakers to completely rethink how they unveiled products that were originally intended to shine under the spotlight in the Big Apple. Subaru was a firm affected by the abrupt cancellation, but that did not stop them from unveiling the 2022 WRX, which aims to bring new performance to buyers and embrace the familiarity that has become a hallmark trait of the model.   Familiar Impreza Lines Are Enhanced In WRX Transformation When you first look at the 2022 WRX, you can see that it shares …

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2022 Subaru Forester Goes To The Gym, Debuts Chiseled New Styling In Japan Home Market

First launched back in 2018, the fight generation Subaru Forester was designed to help the hot-selling utility catch up to the times in terms of styling and technology. The Forester is a hot selling model for the Japanese automaker and has become a must-have transportation tool for many families. But it never hurts to stay fresh, and the company has unveiled the refreshed 2022 Forester in Japan.   Fine Tuning The Forester Essentials Compared to some of the other updates that we have seen with some of its rivals, the Forester’s suite of changes is relatively minor. The front fascia …

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New Report Suggests Next Generation Subaru: STI and WRX Getting 2.4 Liter Engine

The next generation Subaru WRX and STI models are still reportedly in the early stages of development, but that has not stopped reports about the duo from popping up on the world wide web. According to the latest report, it appears that a new 2.4 liter turbocharged four cylinder will find its way under the hoods of the duo when they eventually make their global debut. According to the Japanese publication Car Sensor, the new engine is part of a broader three engine power play by the Japanese automaker, with roughly 80 percent of Subaru’s model lineup being fully turbocharged …

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2021 Subaru Crosstrek Debuts, Sport Model Adds More Power

When Subaru promised that it had some big changes planned for the 2021 Crosstrek, we were intrigued especially at the thought of a Crosstrek that could finally have the muscle to go toe to toe with some of its rivals. Subaru has finally taken the veil off of the 2021 version and it appears that this Crosstrek has the goods to truly bring the fight to segment stalwarts. Before we get into things, we might as well address the lone disappointment that comes with the 2021 Crosstrek, power. When the Crosstrek Sport was unveiled, we were curious to see if …

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2015 Subaru Legacy B4 BLITZEN Concept 1 copy

Auto Industry Insider: 5 Cool Car Modification Tips for Beginners

Whether done as a hobby or a profession, the practice of modifying cars has been around for as long as cars themselves\. The market for modifying cars is huge, which gives us plenty of choice and room for creativity when upgrading our cars, but it can also be a confusing task for beginners. For those people, the best places to start are the simple modifications that will have the biggest impact. If you are considering making changes to your car either for performance and aesthetic reasons, here are 5 car modification tips for beginners to get you started. Swapping tires …

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2020 Subaru Outback Limited – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

If there’s a company that epitomizes the “You Don’t Mess with Success” mantra, it’s Subaru. You rarely get a revolutionary, all-new, blow-your-mind model from the automaker. And we’re fine with that. Everything’s so good already, they prefer to perfect what they got. Introducing the all-new 2020 Outback! You didn’t notice? Well, it does look very familiar to anyone who has loved the previous five generations of Subie’s tall wagon. The size is about the same – 1.4” longer and 0.6 wider than the previous model. The lines look a bit crisper, with a large hexagonal grille, LED fogs and front …

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2019 Subaru Crosstrek Plug-in Hybrid Review by Ben Lewis

Subaru loves to go their own way. That’s one of the things we love about them. We recently tested the WRX – a powerful sports sedan with rally-car DNA. The new Forester, a crossover with that same feel of something a little different from the mainstream. Need a 3-row SUV? You can get the Ascent, and enjoy that Subaru goodness in a larger package. It takes real engineering talent to stay true to your school (cue Beach Boys), and still meet, compete, and beat other vehicles in your segment. So, now we have the all-new Crosstrek Hybrid – the company’s …

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2019 Subaru WRX Series.Gray – Review by Ben Lewis

Funny how things change. Today, if a friend tells you they’ve bought a Subaru, it’s probably a Forester, or an Outback, maybe an Ascent. And they’re all lovely vehicles. But back in 2002, when you bought a Subie, it was probably a WRX. And it was revelation – a rally proven, high-performance legend that the brand finally decided to bring over here. And it radically changed what people thought about Subaru. And it was the beginning of a long relationship between the cute little sedan or hatch and those who love to drive. Well, now we have the 2019 WRX …

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The Case for a 2016 Legacy GT 2

Insider: 2 Top Tips for Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car might be good on the wallet, but it’s not always good with regards to aspects such as performance and history. When you buy off an individual rather than a reputable seller, especially, you never quite know what kind of car you are actually investing in. In order to avoid buying a rust-bucket of a motor, you need to err on the side of caution whenever you dip into the second-hand market. While you’re at it, be sure to put the two top tips listed below into practice, too. Have it checked over by a trusted mechanic …

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Subaru Teases 2020 Outback, Promises More Capability and Technology

When the 2020 Subaru Legacy first made its appearance at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show in February, the first question on the world’s mind was when the Subaru Outback going to make its eventual appearance? The long running wagon version of the Legacy has always been a key partner for its sedan sibling, and the company has revealed that the Outback will indeed make its debut at the 2019 New York Auto Show on April 17th. Subaru’s teaser images don’t reveal too much about what kind of design defines the newest iteration of the Subaru Outback, but the Outback does …

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2019 Toyota 86 GT 2

2019 Toyota 86 GT – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

Someone said a bad thing. They said driving is on the way out. That people would rather Uber or Lyft than own a car of their own. That sports cars will be the first to go. Someone has not been in a Toyota 86. The Toyota 86 could be the ambassador for all things that car lovers love. And a little bit of time behind the wheel could convert a lot of skeptics too. Let the propaganda begin! Sports Car Ancestry.com The 86 is beautifully-designed. Time flies in auto-dom. When the 2013 FR-S appeared, it was a sensation – a …

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2020 Subaru Legacy Brings Big Screen and Turbocharged Power to Eager Buyers [Video]

It’s not very often that we have the chance to write about an all new Subaru Legacy sedan. This iconic Subaru has been in production for over 30 years, and it has racked up a whole host of awards during its time in production. Subaru is very keen on not letting the latest iteration of the Legacy rest on its loins, and has prepared a whole host of upgrades for the 2020 model year aimed at keeping the Legacy fresh and relevant, even as it faces the surging tide of SUV and CUV demand head on. The exterior styling of …

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Toyota/Subaru Refute Reports of Demise of GT86/BRZ, Confirm Next Generation Model Is In The Works

Following a flurry of reports that suggested both the Toyota GT86 and the Subaru BRZ were not long for this world, representatives from Toyota and Subaru denied reports that both cars would be axed, and also revealed that work on the next generation Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ is already underway. While Toyota’s recent partnership with BMW on the Toyota Supra/BMW Z4 is currently center stage news these days, it can easy to be forget that Toyota also has a partnership with Japanese rival Subaru for production of the budget minded Toyota GT86 (aka the old Scion FR-S) and the …

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Industry Insider: How to Successfully Buy a Used Car

As new cars will depreciate in value the moment you drive them away from a dealership, it makes perfect sense to purchase a second-hand vehicle instead. However, there are many factors to consider when buying a used car. Not only will you need to ensure it is dependable and suits your budget, but you also must organize the appropriate paperwork to ensure you can legally drive the vehicle. For help getting started, here are some top tips on how to successfully buy a used car. Set a Vehicle Budget Before you start browsing the different used cars available near you, …

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2019 Subaru Forester Limited – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

Subaru owners are faithful. To the vehicles, to the brand, to the ethos. It keeps owners in the fold, and attracts new buyers in big numbers. Like the Prius, Tesla, Jeep and others, people like a brand or model that stands for something. So, you don’t go messing with success. Familiar lines Now that we have an all-new, 5th –generation Forester for 2019, it’s not a big shocker that this model is evolutionary, rather than revolutionary. Which is okay, since there wasn’t anything wrong with the previous model. You might have trouble picking the new one out, so here’s some …

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Being A Car Owner For The First Time: What To Be Aware Of

Owning a car can be a brilliant experience. A car offers freedom, opportunity and independence as well as making life much more convenient. For those who are thinking of buying a car for the first time, there’s a fair amount of information to be clued up on. As well as offering opportunity, having a car is also a responsibility, too. Below is a handy run-down of what to be aware of as a first-time car owner. Insurance Car insurance is an absolute essential for car owners. Should you be uninsured, and be involved in an accident of any kind, you …

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2018 Honda CR-V 1.5T AWD Touring – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

It’s amazing how time flies in the auto industry. Especially in the compact SUV segment. We tested the all-new 2017 CR-V less than a year ago, but it’s got loads of competitors nibbling at its heels, from an all-new Subaru Forester, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and Toyota RAV4 plus a heavily-revised Jeep Cherokee. And don’t forget the Nissan Rogue Sport, Hyundai Kona and other ilk, that are a little smaller, but still in the hunt. How you holdin’ up? Being such a competitive segment, most manufacturers seem willing to be more expressive in their styling – you don’t want to be …

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2019 Subaru ASCENT Premium – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

We’ve always admired that Subaru stays true to its roots. A clever mix of marketing and engineering makes Subie owners set apart from the crowd. And in an age where so many brands seem to offer similar products, that difference is a fresh and welcome breeze. That said, Subaru doesn’t operate in a vacuum – they have to offer vehicles that buyers want. A perfect example is the 3-row crossover. Right now, that 7-passenger capability is a hot ticket, and we’ve seen everything from the new VW Tiguan to Kia Sorento stepping up to snag a bite of that apple. …

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Insider: Japanese Legends Still Turning Heads in 2018

Around twenty years ago, the likes of the Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution were reaching the height of their desirability. Many would say they were also at their design peak as well, and cars of that era are still considered by many to be the most stylish of all the models produced. Both these cars are still being sold across the States, and have earned a very loyal following from their fans. Those who drive and keep these cars form a deep attachment to them, feelings that many will cheerfully confess could be described as love; but what is …

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2018 Subaru CrossTrek Review 11

2018 Subaru Crosstrek 2.0i Premium – Road Test Review

Subaru refreshed its Outback Jr for the 2018 model year with a bump in horsepower and fresh LEDs on the top trims.  New cabin tech and the slightest of slight design upgrade to detailing outside and in completed the refresh. Most notably, the top Crosstreks now have a sexy LED DRL that comes standard with the upgraded bi-xenon, auto-highbeam cornering lamps on the Crosstrek Limited. Humbler trims like our 2.0i Premium tester have to make do another year with bulb DRLs and a decidedly dowdy look on the road. No LEDs in front for this trim but some searingly-bright LED …

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2019 Subaru Forester Teased Ahead Of New York Debut

Subaru’s Forester CUV has become a key cog in the Japanese firm’s plans for sales dominance in recent years. Naturally, this high degree of popularity means that Subaru engineers had a very slim margin of error when they were creating the 2019 Subaru Forester. The trickle of teaser images the company has released has not revealed too much about their efforts, but the latest image does provide a glimpse into its all new tailgate. A key change is the pincer shaped rear taillight which is a cue carried over from the Viziv series of concept cars. The daylight setting of …

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2018 Hyundai Sonata 2_9

2018 Hyundai Sonata 2.4L Limited – Road Test Review

Not everyone drives their car like an escaped felon. More accurately, the vast majority of midsize sedan shoppers have little to no interest in 0-60-mph times, lateral grip or brake feel. These concerns are just totally alien to their transportation needs. Your average midsize sedan buyer wants tons of cabin space, low monthly payments and easy-to-operate tech features. So why drive like a madman? We took a relaxed, more realistic, approach to this Sonata Limited review.  The video is thick with minutes and minutes of walk-arounds inside and out; back seat and front.  Totally sedate throttle inputs – enjoying the …

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2017 TOKYO Motor Show LIVE – Top Ten Sexiest Debuts

Tokyo is full of EVs and stand-tall vans per usual.  But this year the eco flavor has a lot more speed and outdoorsiness.  Cars like the Nissan IMx — a preview of a Juke replacement running 400+ electric ponies.  Taller ride height and gravel-busting looks are part of the Subaru VISIV concept’s rallytough looks. We even love the new Mitsubishi Mazda is on a roll with its gorgeous Vision Coupe concept — a light teaser of where the humble Mazda6 is going in the future.  Same for the sexy shrink-wrapped KAI Concept for its 2019 Mazda3 flavors. Cars like the …

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2017 VW Golf Alltrack S 10

2017 VW Golf Alltrack S w/ 4Motion – HD Road Test Review

Wagons are back! Have you heard? Small families and bachelors alike are rediscovering how easy, smooth and practical they are versus the endless line of mini SUVs.  Wagons have better mileage, handling and — sometimes — even long-roof style. There are places where the Golf Sportwagen’s low ride height is simply not ideal — even with that car’s optional 4Motion AWD system.  For mountain states like Colorado or Vermont, there can never be enough tall, 4×4 wagons to choose from. Subaru has had this market on lock for decades now with their big Outback and smaller Crosstrek wagons. VW is …

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2018 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Limited Sedan – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

When people ask us what’s “in” this year, we have an answer: Premium. It seems like these things cycle through. One year, it’s performance, the next – gadgets. Safety and autonomous tech are going to be with us now for the foreseeable future. But this year – especially in smaller vehicles – carmakers are pumping up the quietness, the tech, and the high quality goods. And with so many buyers fleeing to small crossovers, this makes sense. If you can’t compete with the versatility, you compete with feel-good of an upscale drive. And next in line for the primo treatment …

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Top 11 Hot Hatchbacks in the USA for 2017

This spring has been a renaissance for hot hatch testing here at Car-Revs-Daily.  We’ve had the great pleasure of flogging the two reigning champs: the Focus RS and Golf R — and realized these pocket rockets are a speedfreak’s dream come true.  So tight and nimble.  So ferocious on throttle.  And so affordable versus a big V8 in Camaro  or Mustang!  Affordable to buy and also to insure and own. They make spouses less furious  than an impractical two-seat coupe.  And they are actually useful at transporting big things via their fold-down back seats. The market for hot hatchbacks has …

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2017 Subaru ASCENT Concept is Jumbo, 7-Seater Outback Headed to Showrooms Next Year

Subaru has been hinting and teasing its 3-row intentions for years now.  Since the Tribeca bowed out gracefully, in fact, we’ve seen VIZIV concepts galore.  We lost track. Maybe six concepts on that Viziv badge.  Refining what a seven-seat Subaru might be. A new approach was needed, and we now have a 98-percent look at the finished, production product.  The high roofline adds nearly a half-foot of air inside the cabin versus the 5-seat Outback.   An all-new platform drops the floor dramatically in the second row too, giving what looks like amble wayback access and big captains chairs for …

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2017 Subaru WRX 5

2017 Subaru WRX Limited Sport Lineartronic – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

WRX= love. But CVT= hate. Can they get along? For Subie’s sake!? Few cars are as enamored by enthusiasts as the WRX. While the rest of the world had enjoyed Subaru’s extreme rally car for the street, it wasn’t until 2002 that we got one here. It was worth the wait. While it had a cult following for the in-the-know, the majority of the population had no idea. We have happy memories of terrorizing a Porsche 911 with a silver, bug-eyed 2002 test sedan. It was so unassuming, yet with its turbo-four cylinder and all-wheel-drive, immensely capable and fast. What’s …

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2017 Subaru Legacy 2.5i SPORT – HD Road Test Review

The trusty midsize sedan segment of the car business has found itself in an unusual spot these days. SUVs and low gas prices mean the old days where Camrys and Accords sold by the dozen are long gone.  They are now fighting to be a purchase not of necessity, but one of desire. Subaru has stepped up with a serious rival in this high-stakes game.  A car that is still easy to buy and own, but with added pizzazz to make it pop versus the onslaught of new, high-riding competition. Subie’s answer? The new-for-2017 Subaru Legacy SPORT trimline.  The car is …

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Concept Flashback - 2001 Chevrolet BORREGO Concept 2

Concept Flashback – 2001 Chevrolet BORREGO Concept – Reborn Subaru Brat?!

At first sight, the short-wheelbase pickup truck concept from Chevy in the early naughties seems to be a baja or rally variant of some kind of truck in the existing range.  Perhaps the S10 or even the Blazer of the 1990s?  Surely a small-block V8 up front, right? In fact, this machine is something else entirely. Under its trendy panels and reconfigurable tailgate — to allow the two-seater to add two more in back — the Borrego is actually an AWD Subaru under its Chevy-tastic panels.  Turbo four and all…. Needless to say, this ‘Brat 2.0’ was never built… as …

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2017 Subaru Impreza SPORT 22

2017 Subaru IMPREZA SPORT and 5-Door – Live NY Debut

Some serious WRX coolness in the new Impreza Sport sedan and 5-Door! Here is the official release plus 20 live photos from New York. 2017 Subaru Impreza SPORT   SUBARU INTRODUCES ALL-NEW, U.S.-BUILT 2017 IMPREZA 23/03/16   Sedan and 5-Door Styles New Subaru Global Platform Significantly Enhances Safety, Ride Comfort and Agility Award-Winning EyeSight®, Plus New Driver Assist Technologies SUBARU STARLINK™ Safety and Security Features and AppsNew Subaru Design Language Debuts 2.0-liter Boxer Engine with Direct Injection and Higher PerformanceFirst Impreza to be Built in U.S. New Sport Version with 18-inch Wheels, Sport Suspension and Active Torque Vectoring NEW YORK –  …

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Geneva Debuts – 2016 Subaru XV Concept – Less Hideous, More Production-Ready

Subaru has been bringing shockingly ugly concept cars to Europe for the big auto shows as long as anyone can remember. We’re equally unimpressed by this concept’s detailing, style and design decisions. As we were with the Viziv before.  Less repugnant… is still repugnant though. The difference is, this new XV Concept model is actually very, very close to production form.  Strip away the fug-nasty orange trims, fake honeycomb LEDs and the pricey paintwork, and we could be looking at the next-gen XV Crosstrek.  Of course, we will also see door handles and a frumpier roofline. The best angle is from the back, …

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Road Test Review - 2016 Subaru Legacy 3

Road Test Review – 2016 Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited

2016 Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited Review By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman   In the late 60’s Subaru came to the United States.  Like other Japanese brands at the time, Subaru’s were small, oddly styled, and considered quirky, compared to US autos.  In the early 1970’s Subaru chose to set themselves apart by introducing all-wheel-drive.  And while they didn’t invent AWD, but at that time, if a customer wanted a vehicle with all-wheel-drive, they were pretty much limited to Jeep products, or truck models.   By offering all-wheel-drive and introducing economical, small displacement boxer-style engines, Subaru cars appealed to an audience interested in …

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subaru impreza 5-door concept 6

2015 Subaru Impreza 5-Door Concept, WRX S207 NBR Challenge Join Packed Tokyo Showstand

Subaru is really growing in leaps and bounds! No better evidence than a frankly packed Tokyo stand from the once-humble maker of AWD mountain cars. Joining the all-new VIZIV Future Concept on the stands is the also-new Impreza 5-Door Concept. While the new WRX still feels very fresh, it is always good to take a sneak peek at the next-gen design vision for the product. Since the WRX and Impreza lineups were formally divorced in this generation in the US, the XV Crosstrek has taken on a bit of an entry-level role in the Subaru range. But this is traditionally …

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2015 Subaru VIZIV Future Concept 16

Subaru Tokyo 2015 – All-New VIZIV Future Concept and Impreza 5-Door Concept

Subaru has a new flagship design concept for the Tokyo Auto Show in early November. And despite its familiar VIZIV name, this masculine and high-tech design theme is very fresh. This third VIZIV Concept Future is an interesting preview of a future LWB Outback with seven seats. The powertrain and seating layout are much more Forester size for this sporty concept car, but the intention is a three-row variant of the large Outback platform, versus the smaller Impreza/Forester footprint.  Or perhaps just a super-lux future Forester. The cabin is shockingly advanced, as is the powertrain. A next-generation hybrid is paired …

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2016 Subaru Series-horz-vert

2016 Subaru Series.HyperBlue Editions Brighten Up WRX and BRZ With Sexy Details

Just a few hundred of these gorgeous new Subaru specials will be produced for 2016 — with the Hyperblue shade a stunning addition for Subaru fans. Just the WRX STi will have a Series.Hyperblue versus sharing it with the base WRX, but the BRZ fills the lower-priced void in stunning fashion. 2016 Subaru Series.HyperBlue Editions   SUBARU TO OFFER LIMITED EDITION SERIES.HYPERBLUE BRZ AND WRX STI MODELS 01/07/15 Limited to 700 WRX STI & 500 BRZ BRZ receives upgraded SUBARU STARLINK® Multimedia Rear Vision Camera now standard on BRZ Exclusive Hyper Blue exterior paint and interior trims Cherry Hill, N.J. –  …

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#NYIAS 2015 – Day Two Showfloor Gallery + Best and Worst Debuts!

Press preview days are wrapped on a very eventful New York International Auto Show – with big reveals from Cadillac, Chevy, Lincoln, Nissan, Kia, Lexus, , Porsche, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and McLaren. Best in show? We’d vote for the Honda Civic Coupe Concept. The new Chevy Malibu is also mighty impressive, while the Cadillac CT6 requires closer inspection than is possible in just a brief glimpse. Mercedes-Benz dominated the World Car Awards (whatever those are) with wins for the C-Class, S-Class Coupe and AMG GT. BMW and Audi did not even bother to hold press conferences, oddly. Worst is show …

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#NYIAS 2015 Showfloor Gallery 49

#NYIAS 2015 Showfloor Gallery – Day One in 122 HIgh-Res Photos!

Big day today in the Big Apple! Enjoy this photo fly-through of the first press preview day of #NYIAS =] #NYIAS 2015 Showfloor Gallery Ford GT Ford Shelby Mustang GT350R   Subaru BRZ STI Concept + Rally Cars Range Rover SVAutobiography VW Golf SportWagen AllTrack Aston Martin McLaren Koenigsegg, Bugatti + Lamborghini BMW Z4 GTLM + 1975 Sebring-Winning 3.0 CSL Jaguar XF Scion iA Scion iM BMW Alpina Kia Optima Mazda MX-5 Club


2015 Subaru BRZ STi Concept Widebody Packs 400HP Super GT Turbo!

The most important question with this stunning new BRZ STi concept is: have they finally added a turbo!? Yes and no. Yes it is a turbocharged racing engine from the Super GT race series, but no it is not a turbo version of the standard BRZ boxer engine. Grrrr! But do not fret — the below info pack from Subaru promises more STi products and models in the US market in the future, which is very promising. In the short term, this likely means a broader catalog of upgrades as  the aftermarket accessories. But in the medium and long term, it …

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2015 Subaru Outback Limited 4

Road Test Review – 2015 Subaru Outback Limited By Ken Glassman

  2015 Subaru Outback Limited By Ken Glassman Since nearly 25% of Subaru’s total vehicle sales, or around 120,000 copies, comes from the Outback model, Subaru understood that radical changes would be a risky proposition. Outback buyers are a fiercely loyal group, and that’s because they have been happy with the package that Subaru has been offering for many years. So while the 2015 model is based off the new Legacy sedan, the Outback changes have been evolutionary, not revolutionary. The result is a better vehicle, with mild styling changes, and improvements. PERFORMANCE Two engine options are available, and while …

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2015 Subaru BRZ Series

First Drive Review – 2015 Subaru BRZ Series.Blue on Video in Crystal White

How fantastic does this BRZ look! Despite the pouring rain, the pearlescent Crystal White paint of this Series.Blue BRZ really pops with its LED accents glowing inside Texas Motor Speedway. The nose feels pointer on this recalibrated suspension with its STI wheels, body kit and underbody aero fascias — but the rear-drive all-star is still a joy to drift. A perfect driving position, steering and shift linkage are delightful as ever, while the blue lather and suede of the seats offer a bit of premium appeal to this 500-unit special edition. 2015 Subaru BRZ Series.Blue   2015 Subaru BRZ Series …

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subaru rally cars 2015

2015 Subaru WRX STi Rally Racecars + Outback SuperGT First Rescue Operation

Three distinct Subaru’s here: the WRX STi for the Japanese Rally Championship, the WRX STi for Global Rallycross and lastly the custom SuperGT support Outback. The Japanese rally spec appears purest and most like the production car, aside from chassis bracing for the roll cage, a roof vent for the drivers to get some air, and a slightly taller ride height on rally-sped wheels and tires. The Global Rallycross car is interesting: it wears a much wider front-end and bumper that acts as a bit of a flexible splitter. This seems able to take impacts and also be a decent …

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2015 Subaru BRZ GT300 and WRX NBR

2015 Subaru BRZ GT300 and WRX NBR Racers Pack Wild Aero Ugrades

2015 Subaru BRZ GT300 and WRX NBR When overall power is capped by a racing series of technical limits of the engine, you have a few other routes to more speed. These include a drop in weight and an increase in grip. But what can you do if max weight and tire setups are also regulated by racing rules? The last summit to climb is then aerodynamics and downforce. Subaru has embraced this fourth route to greatness in its two new racers: the BRZ GT300 and WRX STI NBR Challenge. The splitters up front add nearly a foot of extra …

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legacy b4 blitzen

2015 Subaru Legacy B4 BLITZEN Concept Debuts at Tokyo Auto Salon

As a current Legacy GT owner, you can bet we were floored to see how sweet this sixth-gen Legacy B4 Blitzen concept looks!  It is a luxury sports styling concept – with the standard 175-horsepower boxer engine. But the all-new front and rear fascias are very convincing, as are the carbon-fiber accents in the sills, wheels and rear spoiler. Favorite details are the gloss-glack mesh grille and the integrated LED styling accents in the outer bumpers. 2015 Subaru Legacy B4 BLITZEN Concept   In third-generation and fourth generation Legacy, has been planned and developed as a special specification car ‘BLITZEN’  …

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2015 Subaru Outback 1

Updated With 100 New Photos – 2015 Subaru Outback COLOR Visualizer

Updated 12.10.14 With 100 Real-Life Photos Third Update: We reversed Lapis Blue and Twilight Blue Metallic. We mixed them up. Lapis blue is the darker color. The new Legacy and Outback are vastly improved over their predecessors in every important way: exterior style is cooler, interiors are more luxurious and refined, and the cabin safety and infotainment take a huge flying leap into the future. To help you pick which Outback color suits your tastes, we’ve prepared a full animated colors guide to all nine options. Many of these colors are premium and new for this year – with the …

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Subaru VIZIV GT Vision Gran Turismo 64

591HP 2014 Subaru VIZIV GT Vision Gran Turismo – Latest GT6 Concept in 70 Photos!

      How did we miss this!? It has been about two weeks since the amazing Subaru Viziv GT concept was revealed for Gran Turismo 6 – but seeing its details up close still quickens the pulse. We absolutely love these chiseled and chopped lines, the proportions of an ultra-low shooting brake, and the detailing throughout. It is a stunning interpretation of the ultimate Subaru track car. The tech details are a turbo 2.0-liter boxer in front, supplemented by twin electric motors in back and a single electric motor in front. The combination delivers 591-horsepower and 593 pound-feet of …

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2015 outback scroller

2015 Subaru Outback COLORS Guide – All 9 Shades From Every Angle

The new Legacy and Outback are vastly improved over their predecessors in every important way: exterior style is cooler, interiors are more luxurious and refined, and the cabin safety and infotainment take a huge flying leap into the future. To help you pick which Outback color suits your tastes, we’ve prepared a full animated colors guide to all nine options. Many of these colors are premium and new for this year – with the new Crystal White Pearl looking especially nice. The 2015 Outback is priced from $25,000. http://www.subaru.com/vehicles/outback/index.html 2015 Subaru Outback COLORS 2015 Subaru Outback Crystal Black Silica 2015 …

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gt86 tmg cs r3 gif

2015 Toyota GT86 CS-R3 Rally Car in 1080P Video + 80 Photos

   You have the hear this amazing works-prepped racer at full chat!  Click the above video to HD for maximum effect…. How ironic — or at least mildly amusing — that Toyota would take the GT86 rallying before Subaru and its BRZ. But then you realize: Subaru has their all-star WRX rally hero already in place. For Toyota, the GT86 and Scion FR-S program is not just an amazing rear-drive sportscar for a new generation of drivers. It is a platform for all aspects of fun and racing, including Rallye Deutschland. Prepared by TMG and available for sale to other …

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legacy gif1

Road Test Review – 2015 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited Is Nipping Camry and Mazda6 Heels

Rave review first-drive here on the new Subaru Legacy! Along with three dozen all-new photos of this newly-competitive mid-size car. It looks like the drive video we shot did not survive its GoPro upload to the computer, so we will write this one up the old-fashioned way! EXTERIOR The new Legacy’s design is shown in its best light with the 2.5i Limited, which wears the latest LED accents and projector-beam lighting from the 3.6R top-line model. As equipped, this 2.5i is actually very handsome and premium. Why the surprise? Well, let’s face it: the base Legacy has been seriously nerdy …

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2015 wrx auto gif1

Track Drive Review – 2015 Subaru WRX Manual is Turbo Boxer HEAVEN

UPDATED 10.23.14 Thrilled to have spent more time with the new WRX — again on a racetrack! Pretty lucky chap. And this time, we came back thrilled. Absolutely floored with love for the WRX. Why? This test car was a manual versus the automatic. The differences could not be more stark – with big engine burble, more playful handling, and feeling like it has and extra 100 horsepower versus the pokey auto. Love it. Check out the full drive video below. It picks up about 3-minutes in.     The 2015 Subaru WRX is really a terrific car: much more …

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wrx sti rs500 gif

Spec Rendering – 2016 Subaru WRX STi RS500 Coupe

Just a bit of fun for this Friday afternoon – a potential WRX STi Coupe. We have called it the RS500 in a nod to the previous Impreza RS Coupe of the 1990s, with the 500 a power ooutput of this rally-prepped turbo engine. The exterior changes are extensive, but we aimed for production feasibility over other-worldly style. To this end, the windshield rake stays almost exactly the same, as do the front doors and other hard points up front. Obviously cut out the rear doors, and shortened the wheelbase by five inches to make the RS500 Coupe pivot a …

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Impreza 2015

2015 Subaru Impreza Brings Fresh Nose Design, New Lighting and Refined Interior Details

America’s most winterized and adventurous compact car range is slightly freshened for 2015! This brings a new nose to include the grille, front bumper and headlamps, while out back the hatchback gets a new spoiler and the sedan switched to LED lighting for its CHMSL. Subtle changes, but effective at keeping the Impreza clean and stylish versus its powerful WRX siblings.   2015 SUBARU IMPREZA® GETS NEW LOOK, NEW REFINEMENTS AND NOW OFFERS EYESIGHT® DRIVER ASSIST TECHNOLOGY Revised front styling with new headlights, grille and bumper Enhancements make cabin quieter New infotainment systems and features Upgraded interior trim Improved mileage …

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Brivido gif

2012 Giugiaro BRIVIDO Martini Racing Honors Lancia Beta Montecarlo and 037

In the world of iconic racing liveries, Martini Racing is right up there with Golf Oil as the most-loved in history. What better way to salute the long collaborative partnership between ItalDesign Giugiaro than to dress their sexy Brivido GT concept in fast red and blue stripes on a white base. In the case of the Brivido Martini Racing, the homage is more than paint-deep. With a semi-exposed rear diffuser and and long, low nose splitter, the Brivido is close in spirit to the legendary 037 and Beta Montecarlo racecars. These wild turbo rally specials were so fast and wild …

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FT86 Open concept gif

Concept Flashback – 2013 Toyota FT86 Open Concept is Stunning Ragtop

Is the long-rumored GT86 and BR-Z cabrio dead in the water? That is the strong rumor — which is very unfortunate when reviewing how fantastic the design looks as a soft-top. Shown in Geneva and Tokyo in 2013, the FT86 Open Concept would have some hills to climb as a production car. Pricing would likely top $30,000, which would be a cool $8,000 above the MX-5 at most levels. Additionally, the chassis bracing required would add nearly 200 pounds to the already-slow sportscar. 2013 Toyota FT86 Open Concept  


Updated with 20 Sexy New Photos – Track Test Review – 2015 Subaru WRX STI

Updated 8.13.14 Is this white over black wheels and trim STI the sexiest thing you have ever seen from Subaru since the 555 WR Blue racers from the 1990s? Yes, yes it is. Hopefully this latest vogue style does not become a fad or something that dates all 2014/2015 cars in the future. For now, however, there is nothing hotter on the world’s expressways and racetracks.   LATEST PHOTOS             The 2015 Subaru WRX STI! The time has come for (one of..) the last of my reviews from the amazing sojourn up north to Road …

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Viziv 2 GIF

Subaru VIZIV 2 Concept From Geneva Is Fug of the Year Award Winner

The nose and tail of the Viziv 2 concept from Subaru definitely go into the “What were they thinking” file. The design shown here is expected to preview the upcoming Tribeca replacement, which will be a jumbo Outback seating seven. But hopefully the production car looks… A.) nothing like the first B9 Tribeca B.) nothing like this. In fairness, the worst elements by far are the twin giant round light elements in the nose and tail. If you block those out, the car is not half bad. New lean surfaces and geometric shapes show a nice crispness. But the red …

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Rigid Industries LED best gif

DIY Car Mods – Rigid Industries Dually LED High-Beams Are The Best

A quick plug for Rigid Industries LED lighting products. They are outstanding! There is a premium price, but you will realize why the moment they arrive. These things feel like you could drop them off a building and they would still light up. And that is helpful — because LEDs that are cheap often take just as long to mount and fit and wire and test— then the cheap things fail 4 weeks later. What a waste of time and money! I have these LED Dually lights as my Subaru Legacy GT’s high-beams and they are so bright it really …

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Accord Coupe GIF header1

Road Test Review – 2014 Honda Accord Coupe V6 is Family Sports Coupe of the Year

As you can see from this first video – taken moments after I first sat down in the Accord Coupe – the car is really fun and fast. That is the key take-away if you read nothing else below! INTRO I thoroughly enjoyed the 2014 Honda Accord V6 Coupe that spent a few weeks here this summer. Two previous articles followed the Accord Coupe’s adventures here in the Carolinas, with… — a mega photo shoot from historic Charleston — as well as the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and Blue Ridge Parkway up toward Tennessee. And this really hones in …

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Rally Legends – 1983 Lancia Beta Montecarlo and 1982 Lancia 037 at Goodwood 2014

These Lancia rally cars from 1983 and 1984 really defined and propelled Group B’s creation – and perhaps the unlimited performance class’s ultimate demise. They were rally cars only in tire and suspension settings. For all other intents and purposes, these were the hardest-core sports racers in decades. They leveraged new innovations in tech heavily – things like electronic fuel injection, carbon-fiber chassis construction, and turbocharging – to wild effect. The Martin colors are just icing on the cake, really. But while Group B might have taken these cars with them to history, the legacy lives on proudly today in …

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WRX STI TT gif header

2015 Subaru WRX STI in Full-Length FLAT OUT Isle of Man TT Record Run

Some feats of bravery are almost as scary to watch from afar as they are up close. Subaru’s new-record run of the Isle of Man TT course in the all-new WRX STI is definitely one where the viewer can get a little shakey watching the speeds of the rally road car. Imagine piloting your car through a mountain town at 150-mph?! Any blink or twitch would be game over. Car in wall, you on stretcher. So a big part of the WRX STI’s achievement here is instilling so much driver confidence that he feels close to comfortable attempting what you …

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Pikes header gif 2 new

Driving Adventures – Pikes Peak and the Colorado Continental Divide

Just a few weeks from from now, Pikes Peak changes from being a year-round national park into a full-fledged racing circuit. The 19-mile hillclimb is one of the most famous rally racing events on the annual calendar. Unlike Spa-Francorchamps or Imola raceway, this circuit is right in our collective backyard. Anyone can go up the paved road year-round (weather and bravery permitting) to follow the exact route used by the prototypes from Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Peugeot for 2014.   As you climb from the starting point at barely 7000 feet above sea level, you pass through the “Alpine Zone” …

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2015 wrx auto gif1

Updated with 37 High-Res Photos – Track Review – 2015 Subaru WRX Automatic

Updated with 37 High-Res Photos – Track Review – 2015 Subaru WRX Automatic The 2015 Subaru WRX is really a terrific car: much more rigid chassis, same awesome handling, but now much better-looking and far more liveable on a daily basis. The regular WRX is also darn close to the STI in the official sprint times: 5.2s for the WRX plays about 4.8-seconds for the STI. This test car is the automatic, which is a CVT this year with six-speed or eight-speed paddle-shifter settings available. Unfortunately, the automatic WRX did not feel quite as peppy as the manual cars’ times …

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GT6 Vision GT header GIF

Vision GT Concept Car Teasers – What Is Left? Subaru, Lexus, Honda, Tesla, Aston, Ford, GM…

Oh yes! Were you growing a bit fatigued with the GranTurismo VisionGT concepts? Well, brace yourself! We are only about 20-percent of the way through the major manufacturer releases – only Mercedes-Benz AMG, VW GTI Roadster, Mitsu XR-PHEV and a handful of others have been seen so far.   This leaves the vast majority still to come, in a drip feed about once monthly over the next year or more. Why this slow trickle? It is to provide space for each car to be driven by people in the game, and room to breath around the other announcements. Here are …

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STI Gif header 20152

Track Test Review – 2015 Subaru WRX STI Is Brilliantly Fast, Grippy and Fun on Autocross

The 2015 Subaru WRX STI! The time has come for (one of..) the last of my reviews from the amazing sojern up north to Road America last month. The STI is certainly in my Greatest Hits column. It feels punchy, fast, vocally boxer and turbocharged, eager to turn in and happy to muscle its way out of any corner. As such, the STI was swamped with wanna-be rally heroes for its big laps of the main Road America circuit. But there was time for some on-camera bonding via the smaller Go-Kart track that we set up as a timed Autocross. …

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Off-Road Test Review – 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid is Surprisingly Silent + Very Capable

As shown by the Toyota 4Runner off-roading article earlier this week, we know I am a total wimp when it comes to off-roading. Despite my grand ambitions to be a Bowler Wildcat-running mudder in my own 2005 Subaru Legacy GT — all efforts to date have seriously damaged the car. I am on my fourth set of wheels, for example. But what would even lead me to take my beloved Subie off-road? One word: grip. The Subaru AWD system is seriously unflappable. In wintertime this year, I was fortunate enough to have a 2WD Chevy Silverado press loaner in my …

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2014 Bentley Continental GT V8 S GIF header2

2014 Bentley Continental GT V8 S – Road Test Review of AMG and BMW’s New Daddy

Does anyone else recall the Fox TV network’s endless promo’s many years ago for that crappy show called Wife Swap? “Meet your new mommy!” the announcer crowed over video of the horrified children — shocked that their parents would sign up for this reality-show charade? That is my face now as I say to myself, “Wow, meet the new luxury supercar ‘Daddy.’” The Bentley Continental GT has faced many harsh critiques over the years it has dominated its market segment – criticized even while selling so many that it defined what a modern, successful Bentley Cars Ltd should be in …

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2015 BRZ Series Blue GIF

2015 Subaru BRZ Series.Blue Limited-Edition Brings STI Goodies

2015 Subaru BRZ Series Blue …. Also Available in White. No joke. 500 copies of the World Rally Blue color and 500 copies of Crystal White are the only choices for the top-spec Series.Blue limited edition coming this summer to Subaru BRZ fans. A minimal makeover of the 2015 BRZ will kick off the second-generation cars’ market tenure: underbody aero panels smooth the drag coefficient, STI wheels and body accessories add drama outside, while larger exhaust tips and a shark-fin radio antenna also join the fun for 2015. The cars are also likely to include a bit more NVH material …

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WRX COlors header 2

2015 Subaru WRX Colors – All 7 Shades in Animated Turntables + Track Testing Videos

The 2015 Subaru WRX is really a terrific car: much more rigid chassis, same awesome handling, but now much better-looking and far more liveable on a daily basis. The regular WRX is also darn close to the STI in the official sprint times: 5.2s for the WRX plays about 4.8-seconds for the STI. This test car is the automatic, which is a CVT this year with six-speed or eight-speed paddle-shifter settings available. Unfortunately, the automatic WRX did not feel quite as peppy as the manual cars’ times suggest above: we estimate this automatic WRX to hit 60-mph in about 6.2 …

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Volkswagen Vision GTI Roadster for GT6 Scores 4Motion and 500HP Twin-Turbo VR6

The GranTurismo Vision concept series is still in roll-out mode – there are perhaps 20 more special concept cars still to come from all sorts of brands, including Lexus, Subaru Alfa-Romeo and more. Subaru’s looks very tasty – stay tuned for more details on Subie’s fast wagon prototype. For today, however, all eyes are on the VW #VisionGTI – a deliciously chopped-top roadster that is also packing huge four-wheel-drive power. Tallies are nearly 500-horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque to the 4Motion drivetrain. A seven-speed DSG is also in the mix – ensuring this little GTI will be running hot …

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Phantom Canyon Header

Travel Adventures: Rally Roads – Phantom Canyon in Colorado

HD Driving Video: Best Rally Roads – Phantom Canyon in Colorado Published on: Jan 30, 2014 @ 6:00 I got some great drives during a recent trip to Colorado, including the legendary Pikes Peak hillclimb route. After a week in the area, I discovered that the really fun roads are the smooth but unpaved mountain roads in the region. Included in the first Travel Adventure Series, here are descriptions, maps and video of a 22-mile stretch of rally-style gravel heaven called the Phantom Canyon Road in Adelaide, Colorado. My criteria for off-roading trails are pretty wimpy. My car, a 2005 …

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cmc header gif

Auto Landmark: Chicago Motor Club Building- Vacant Art Deco Highrise

How sad is this title? 17 stories of glory, with car elevators and a full drive-up garage system, on prime real estate of Wacker Drive in Chicago? Last we checked, 68 South Water Street was owned by a consortium of flustered real estate investors. Hotel conversion plans have backfired, and there are rumblings that the building … may not be inhabitable. Too bad. Look at this penthouse sun room. Vacant for the last 30 years, at least. Built over 80 years ago, bringing this masterclass in Art Deco architecture up to code seems to be prohibitively expensive at the moment. …

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Acura RSX-S 2002 from Special Features Editor Chris May

A Love Note to Honda, from Special Features Editor Chris May

Written By Special Features Editor Chris May A Love Note to Honda: We are on a Break Let’s get this out there right now, I really like Honda. I have owned 6 Hondas over the course of 10 years and current have 2 still in my driveway. I have an RSX-S that is my track toy and of course like any good fan-boy, the Ridgeline to trailer it to events. Now before you assume I don’t buy other marks, over the course of the last 10 years, I have also owned a BMW M3 (E46) and two family cars in …

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2015 sUBARU wrx gif1 HEADER

2015 Subaru WRX Hits The Gravel In 70 New Photos in Four Colors

Is there a study that shows how many former WRX owners go on to buy an M3 BMW? I would bet it is a high percentage – both cars are real giant-killers in their own right. While the WRX stalks prey in the lower realms of budgets and street battles, its real draw comes from its AWD and turbocharged driving manners. It is endlessly entertaining, and a solid choice no matter what the exterior design. Why do I mention this? I was the proud owner of a 2003 WRX Wagon from 2003-2006!  Yes, the bug-eye one. It was hideous. I …

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Mustang 66 GT350 header

Mustang 50th Favorites – 1966 Mustang 2+2 Coupe running Big Brake Kit and LED Brake Lights

Intro note: The hood and trunk and doors are all open in these photos on purpose. The car is running fine, but car photos with the hood up can be really confusing on first glance.   This darling 1966 Mustang 2+2 Coupe stopped by Olthoff Racing for a bit before making his way to the big 50th Anniversary gathering with his 5,000 closest Mustang pals.       It was a nice chance to see such a well-modded example that is also abolutely pretine inside. Drive-able upgrades all around, including radar detector and other accessories – Cold AC included. How …

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Subaru Outback header GIF

2015 Subaru Outback Is All-New with Better MPG and Refinement – Turbo XT or Non-CVT Both Missing

In most business segments, the term “all-new” is actually a highly regulated figure of speech intended to convey 100-percent new content. The car business is an exception to this marketing rule – obviously. All-New? Ummmm… ‘Facelifted’ is probably more accurate, Subaru, but let’s move on. Definite improvements in efficiency for the four-cylinder and CVT combo, but the rest of the additions to tech and refinement are not exactly Earth-shattering. Blind-spot warning, touchscreen navigation and a quieter cabin are all mandatory safety features that the Outback lacked altogether until the 2014 model year. The car is more attractive, with less of …

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Update1 Meet the Nissan Frontier Baja 1000 Upgrade from Fiberwerx – Best $1400 Nose and Fender Mods Ever?

Update from Josh Campbell, owner of this beast! Shipping and painting were both about $500 each, and the install was done by him in about one day. This requires some heavy/huge wrenches, as well as knowledge about bodywork repair — but can theoretically be done on a DIY basis for most guys. He said the most time was spent fabricating mounts for the new Titan headlamps as well as the hood mounting pins. Great results overall! A new high in lifted trucks? A new low in my automotive writing career? We saw this amazing Nissan Frontier on the way home …

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Legacy GT versus Outback GIF header

The Case for a 2016 Legacy GT – Latest Outback is Full 8 Inches Taller, Hurting Planted Stance and Handling Dramatically

Less of a case as a visual and performance appeal. The benefits of ground clearance are many, and the Outback does still handle with a far more hunkered-down feel than any SUV or crossover out there. But nothing compares with the look and road feel of a road-hugging stance, to thisguy at least. For reference, this is the 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Limited versus the 2014 Subaru Outback. 2005 Legacy is on stock Bilstein suspension but +1 18-inch wheels and a roof rack delete, which really helps sink the car visually.  


Car Basics: How To Jumpstart A Dead Car… in less than 10 Words

Jumpstarting Reminder: Red to Red, Black to Black With the good car running: Red to red, black to black.     Step-by-step guide from GEICO’s Dawn McCaslin: Start by protecting your clothes and your hands with protective clothing or a blanket on the ground and gloves. Open the hood to your car. Sometimes when you “pop” the hood, you need to also release the latch. This can be found by running your fingers under the slightly open hood until you find a little lever to push on. Use the stick to prop the hood open while you work. Locate the …

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DIY Car Mods Series — $20 Honeycomb Grille Insert — From the Ford Crown Vic!

    Easy and Cheap Honeycomb Grille Insert DIY This Subaru did not come with a honeycomb grille, obviously — nor is it an STI!  So silly looking back at all these absurd modifications — many of which are circa 2006-2007. But I digress. Honeycombs are awesome. Want one? Sweet!  Many online performance shops will sell you a fancy custom grille — but here’s the thing: they usually cost $400 or more, and are unpainted and perhaps ridiculously-bad quality. My solution to update the Legacy GT’s nose? Cut out inner grille bars, replace with Ford Crown Victoria honeycomb mesh. Cost …

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DIY Car Mods Series — Plasti-Dip Your Chrome or Painted Grille Matte Black

Part Six of a new ‘DIY Car Mods’ series. Definitely some really trashy stuff included in this series of articles. But what is the best/worst part of modifying your own car? No matter the price of the upgraded parts — you have zero guarantee they will perform as promised, or even fit. So please take all these with a hefty dose of salt. Ideally, these are just ideas based on what has “stuck” on my car’s cosmetic refresh list over the years. Many, many even trashier upgrades have been installed and later removed from deep shaming by car-guy pals. And …

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DIY LED Subaru Emblem_7191985530_l

Cosmetic Car Mods Part 5 – White LED Emblem Baseplate

Cosmetic Car Mods Part 5 – White LED Emblem Baseplate LED emblem base-plate. (Sticks under badge, wired into low-beams) This one is self-explanatory. Can be fun, and also comes in various styles for the rear ends of many brand logo’s as well — making the white outline flip to red under braking. But these are just the single white baseplate I had on my Subaru (briefly). Quality is dismal, and this one was never the exact same oval shape as my OEM Subaru badge — but for $12 or so, you definitely get some up-close curb appeal. Who else has …

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Top Cosmetic DIY Car Mods Part 1 Switchback Blinkers LED DRLs Under Glass LED Turn Signal  2

Updated With Night Photos — Top Cosmetic Car Mods Under $50 — Part 1 — Switchback LED Blinkers — How-To Instructions

Part One of a new ‘DIY Car Mods’ series. Definitely some really trashy stuff included in this series of articles. But what is the best/worst part of modifying your own car? No matter the price of the upgraded parts — you have zero guarantee they will perform as promised, or even fit. So please take all these with a hefty dose of salt. Ideally, these are just ideas based on what has “stuck” on my car’s cosmetic refresh list over the years. Many, many even trashier upgrades have been installed and later removed from deep shaming by car-guy pals. And …

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My 30PSI-Boosting Subaru Legacy GT on HD GoPro Video + Photo Comparo vs Cadillac CTS 3

My 30PSI-Boosting Subaru Legacy GT on HD GoPro Video + Photo Comparo vs Cadillac CTS 3.6 Wagon

This one is pretty fun. My first external GoPro mounting that also includes some very hard driving. Challenge: Name that Video’s Locale! At least half the time in this film was spent worrying that the camera would fly off the hood at any moment! Got lucky this time, but definitely looking into a more reliable and stick-able suction mount. My Personal Subaru Legacy GT Limited Wagon in photo comparo versus 2011 Cadillac CTS 3.6 Wagon. Which would you prefer? Worth noting is that the Subaru is currently in the shop at the moment for a 115,000-mile service. A “Custom Tune” …

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219S P2P GIF 2

Amelia Concours — Marque Showcases — Mercedes-Benz 219 Peking-to-Paris, 220SE (Coupe), 250SL Pagoda and Even 500E HAMMER!

Bored of these concours articles yet?! With 3,000 photos snapped in three days — I was even a bit tired of all this out-of-reach metal myself my the end of the weekend. But there really were some stunning machines in attendance. Best part? Their owners were typically nearby — more than happy to extol the benefits of their cherished cars. And more often, the great care and passion they have put into getting these machines up to show-quality. Yes, in theory, anyone with a cool car could apply for a lawn badge. But be prepared for light interrogation by fellow …

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2014 Volkswagen T-ROC Concept – A Baja Coupe for Silver Lake Dunes!

2014 Volkswagen T-ROC Concept I like the T-ROC even more in the official images versus the sketches from last week’s preview article here. The T-ROC is still firmly a concept — but here is what we predict: this exact car, with streetable tires, coming soon to VW dealers nationwide. Based on the MQB architecture, the T-ROC will hopefully be more affordable than the Tiguan, but more feature-rich than the Taigun. The night-vision, terrain cameras and blackout functions of a military vehicle headlight are present on the T-ROC’s foglight (above). Examples of this tech shown here: Very cool. Keeping the two-door …

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German Special Customs Turns Mercedes-Benz ML into Autobahn Cruise Missile

This overhaul looks seriously awesome, and completely reinvigorates the Mercedes-Benz ML from the outside – its weakest current point. This W166 generation of ML-Class is actually far better than ever before under skin and inside, where this versatile family car now equals the cabin quality of the E-Class.   The latest Mercedes-Benz ML Widebody kit from German Special Customs dramatically increases the road presence of this mid-size SUV. From well below the Jeep Grand Cherokee in the styling stakes — to flexing and eating Cayenne Turbo’s for breakfast. The Mercedes-Benz ML is a relatively unloved member of the range, albeit …

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HD Driving Video: Best Rally Roads – Phantom Canyon Road in Colorado

HD Driving Video: Best Rally Roads – Phantom Canyon Road in Colorado

Published on: Jan 30, 2014 @ 6:00 I got some great drives during a recent trip to Colorado, including the legendary Pikes Peak hillclimb route. After a week in the area, I discovered that the really fun roads are the smooth but unpaved mountain roads in the region. Included in the first Travel Adventure Series, here are descriptions, maps and video of a 22-mile stretch of rally-style gravel heaven called the Phantom Canyon Road in Adelaide, Colorado. My criteria for off-roading trails are pretty wimpy. My car, a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT, is all-wheel-drive but very, VERY low. I know …

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My Car In Detailed Turntable Animations + 30 Photos -- 2006 Subaru Legacy GT Limited  31

My Car In Detailed Turntable Animations + 30 Photos — 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Limited

One would assume that after working for some big tech names like Pandora.com and Starcom Worldwide that I would be able to master aspect ratios. Yet that silly Kodak-style 4×6, 5×7 etc layout glitch often keeps my swanky animations from playing on the homepage. Probably for the best — the site is slugggg-ish today, and those Aston Martin N430 Spinners topped 8MB in some configurations. Each! So, not exactly a low-bandwidth type of mind on thisguy. Sidebar: all the GIFs are download-able on purpose =] Regardless, I saw another very pretty car today that might make for an attractive animated …

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