Auto Industry Insider: 5 Cool Car Modification Tips for Beginners

Whether done as a hobby or a profession, the practice of modifying cars has been around for as long as cars themselves\. The market for modifying cars is huge, which gives us plenty of choice and room for creativity when upgrading our cars, but it can also be a confusing task for beginners. For those people, the best places to start are the simple modifications that will have the biggest impact.

If you are considering making changes to your car either for performance and aesthetic reasons, here are 5 car modification tips for beginners to get you started.

  1. Swapping tires and wheels

One of the simplest but most effective ways to change the look and performance of a car is to change the wheels and tires. They can make or break a modified car, so it is worth investing in the best. Toyo tires are great for any weather, but your choice will come down to what you want from the car in terms of performance and personal taste.

Your choice of wheels and tires will also be important if you are planning to change the stance of your car…

  1. Changing the stance

Changing the stance of a car is not as straightforward as changing the wheels, but it can also have a big impact. Cars tend to look more visually appealing with a flush arch gap and many of the leading manufacturers opt for this design in their sporty cars. Some people, however, prefer the wheel to be protruding from the arch or tucked away, but lower generally equals better when it comes to modifying cars. When changing the stance of a car, you need to focus on the wheel width and size, tire size, camber and spacers.

  1. Changing the plastics and tint the glass

There are many options when it comes to changing the plastics on a car. You may want to change the bumpers, the grill or just the front splitter. The change which is likely to make the biggest impact is to swap the rear and front bumpers or to replace a honeycomb grill for a slatted grill. Don’t forget window tint!  Darkening the glass can improve the look of any vehicle.

  1. Getting a new exhaust

A new exhaust which changes the sound of your engine is a popular modification because there are so many ways you can approach it and it is typically one of the cheaper modifications. For example, you could change only the back box or you replace the whole thing. You could go for pre-made or get one fabricated specifically for your car. Whatever you decide, you can turn your car’s roar into something to be reckoned with.

  1. Upgrade the seats and interior

It’s not always a straightforward process, but upgrading the seats and other elements of your interior is another choice a lot of vehicle modifiers make. You may be able to find a set which are ready-made for your car, but in a lot of cases, you will need to spend quite a lot on getting bespoke upholstery created. If you are feeling up to it, you might want to try the DI approach and re-upholster the car seats yourself. The final effect can be truly jaw-dropping, however, so if you have the cash, it may well be worth the investment, especially if you are planning to take the car to shows.