Cosmetic Car Mods Part 5 – White LED Emblem Baseplate

Cosmetic Car Mods Part 5 – White LED Emblem Baseplate

LED emblem base-plate. (Sticks under badge, wired into low-beams)

This one is self-explanatory. Can be fun, and also comes in various styles for the rear ends of many brand logo’s as well — making the white outline flip to red under braking.

But these are just the single white baseplate I had on my Subaru (briefly).

Quality is dismal, and this one was never the exact same oval shape as my OEM Subaru badge — but for $12 or so, you definitely get some up-close curb appeal.

Who else has glowing badges? Cadillac’s new Escalade is said to wear one for 2015, while the Infiniti Essence, Q30 and other concepts have also donned this look. A factory accessory is also available for the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

salon privé infiniti essence - front led badge_7985706816_l

A variety of very old photos included here. I not longer have this working on the car. Not exactly a priority for me these days…

subaru DIY LED badge - indoor testing - emblem comparisons_8072289100_l subaru DIY LED badge - indoor testing - emblem comparisons_8072300309_l subaru legacy gt DIY led headlights and emblem_8212284654_l Subaru Legacy GT LED emblem_8240482307_l Suburu Legacy GT - DIT carbonfiber grille UK 04 STi_7176312046_l  user35297_pic5398_1313480933_6985595032_l I monkeyed around with a variety of badges over the years. The STI grille piece is long-gone. One idea I had was to use the old Subaru stars emblem (1980s) on the LED frame, but it looked awful during indoor testing.

Some of the odd and rejected DIY efforts below.