New Report Suggests Next Generation Subaru: STI and WRX Getting 2.4 Liter Engine

The next generation Subaru WRX and STI models are still reportedly in the early stages of development, but that has not stopped reports about the duo from popping up on the world wide web. According to the latest report, it appears that a new 2.4 liter turbocharged four cylinder will find its way under the hoods of the duo when they eventually make their global debut.

According to the Japanese publication Car Sensor, the new engine is part of a broader three engine power play by the Japanese automaker, with roughly 80 percent of Subaru’s model lineup being fully turbocharged by 2021. The 2.4 liter FA24 engine will undoubtedly be familiar to those that have slipped behind the wheel of an Ascent, Outback, and the Legacy. It makes 260 horsepower, and 277 lb-ft of torque in all three of those models which is very commendable numbers for each of their respective segments (especially for the Ascent.) But while the engine is pretty stout right out the box, it’s never been known for being a track focused weapon of destruction. The report suggests that won;t be the case for long, with Subaru considering the creation of a high output variant of the engine that would power both the WRX and its spicier STI badged cousin.

Rumors suggest that the engine would be capable of producing up to 400 horsepower which means the addition of fortified internals and different valves to better handle the massive amounts of boost that would be on hand. The switch to the engine also makes sense from a marketing standpoint with the FA24 engine being far more fuel efficient than older WRX and STI engines. This would allow the company to comply with tightening fuel regulations, and also have more breathing room in international motor sports, with Subaru being a major player in various rally events. A six speed manual would still be available for customers to choose from according to Car Sensor, with the STI being the most likely candidate to receive it as its sole transmission option. The report claims that the current iteration of Subaru’s CVT technology can only handle 295 lb-ft of torque, and that might be an interesting problem for the WRX which has offered an optional CVT for buyers at various points in its life. The report also follows up on separate rumors that appeared to suggest that Toyota is offering key input into the development of the duo, including the creation of the next generation all-wheel drive system that would be used.


With rumors already gathering steam in regards to the next generation STI and WRX, look for more information to emerge in the near future. We are curious to hear more about what kind of aerodynamic changes are coming to the lineup, as well as whether Subaru will infuse more performance technology into the STI and WRX to help them stay fresh against a rapidly evolving stable of performance focused entries.