German Special Customs Turns Mercedes-Benz ML into Autobahn Cruise Missile

This overhaul looks seriously awesome, and completely reinvigorates the Mercedes-Benz ML from the outside – its weakest current point.

ML-Class with GSC Typhoon Widebody Kit]

This W166 generation of ML-Class is actually far better than ever before under skin and inside, where this versatile family car now equals the cabin quality of the E-Class.


The latest Mercedes-Benz ML Widebody kit from German Special Customs dramatically increases the road presence of this mid-size SUV. From well below the Jeep Grand Cherokee in the styling stakes — to flexing and eating Cayenne Turbo’s for breakfast.


The Mercedes-Benz ML is a relatively unloved member of the range, albeit representing one of the biggest growth segments in the premium car industry. Even the butch square skid plates of the ML63 AMG are a still bit too Jurassic Park 3 for some people.

The German Special Customs upgrade includes a full fender extension kit, revised racing bumpers with deep air vanes and ducts for cooling, and air suspension to lower or raise the ride height on the standard 22-inch wheels.


A new hood brings a massive air duct ahead of the engine block, both venting excess air pressure from the engine compartment and looking very cool up close. The vent looks exotic, almost like the Ford GT in how deep the hood cut-out is.


The exterior modifications are matched inside with alcantara and embossed leather everywhere you look, but the engine itself is left alone. This opens the door for even small diesel ML250’s to look the part of a $100,000 racing SUV – on the outside at least.

Is this cosmetic kit the dream package for ML owners seeking more style from their luxury soft-roader?

German Special Customs Turns Mercedes-Benz ML into Autobahn Cruise Missile 8

Typhoon Widebody by GSC for ML-Class W166- Exterior Analysis

What makes such huge fenders a game-changer for the appearance of the most humble vehicles? The flares can become a styling pillar in their own right, as seen by the cult hero status achieved by the Audi Quattro or Subaru Impreza WRX.

German Special Customs Turns Mercedes-Benz ML into Autobahn Cruise Missile 9

Done well, and the whole vehicle can be transformed – looking instantly lower, faster and far more exclusive. This kit is one of the better options for upgrading the ML Mercedes-Benz and still keep it classy enough to resell in a few years. After all, the math just doesn’t work when paying for modifications on the front end of the deal and also taking a loss come sale time.


For this kit’s smooth flow and integration with the ML’s original styling, the GSC team should be proud. The new front bumper takes much of the credit, with its hollow and carved-out air vents looking right off a DTM touring car.

A lower chin blade also has a touch and blocky aesthetic to match the grille’s original style, and the bumper flanks allow a smooth flow into the defined new fender arches.


The width stretch of the GSC Widebody kit is not disclosed, but the 10-inch-wide tires all around indicate at least a 4-inch lateral stretch over the stock 8-inch tires. Counting the aero-optimized running board sills and rear bumper embellishments, the GSC Widebody is a sharp machine.

German Special Customs Turns Mercedes-Benz ML into Autobahn Cruise Missile 2

Out back, that industrial and tough design flare re-appears for the lower diffuser brightwork and the new exhaust finishers that are embedded in the new bumper.

German Special Customs Turns Mercedes-Benz ML into Autobahn Cruise Missile 3

The final treat in this super-luxury cosmetic personalization effort? A speedometer whose top speed is now pegged at 217 mph.

Reaching much past even the AMG ML’s natural 170-mph top speed is not in the cards for the GSC ML Widebody, but at least it looks the part in the autobahn fast lane.

ML-Class with GSC Typhoon Widebody Kit]

For more info, cruise over to the GSC homepage here. Pricing with shipping is available upon request.