2017 TOKYO Motor Show LIVE – Top Ten Sexiest Debuts

Tokyo is full of EVs and stand-tall vans per usual.  But this year the eco flavor has a lot more speed and outdoorsiness.  Cars like the Nissan IMx — a preview of a Juke replacement running 400+ electric ponies.  Taller ride height and gravel-busting looks are part of the Subaru VISIV concept’s rallytough looks.

We even love the new Mitsubishi

Mazda is on a roll with its gorgeous Vision Coupe concept — a light teaser of where the humble Mazda6 is going in the future.  Same for the sexy shrink-wrapped KAI Concept for its 2019 Mazda3 flavors.

Cars like the new Lexus LS+ Concept are bursting with design presence.  And parked so close to an all-new Toyota Crown Century that is simply ghastly?

Oh yes.   Take your pic.

And your pics!  We have 100 or so live photos to share, along with a countdown of the hottest reveals.


2017 TOKYO Auto Show – Top Ten Sexiest Debuts

2017 Lexus LS+ Concept

2017 Honda Sports EV Concept

2017 Mazda VISION COUPE Concept

2017 Subaru VISIV Concept

2017 Mazda KAI Concept

2017 Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept

2017 Nissan IMx Concept

2018 BMW M5

2017 Mercedes-AMG Project One

2018 Toyota Century