Bentley Bentayga Gets Sustainable Carpets, Auto Climate Rear Seats For New Model year

The Bentley Bentayga reshaped the way folks thought about Bentley when the luxury SUV allowed the storied British luxury brand to venture into new territory when it first appeared in 2020. The company is preparing some minor updates for its best seller that boosts the amount of luxury on hand and expands the customization experience for potential buyers.   Four-Wheel Steering Sharpens Bentayga’s Handling, Airline Seat Expands Reach   Before we get into some of the other updates that the company has made to the Bentayga for the new model year, we might as well take a moment to talk …

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2024 Bentley Bentayga EWB Mulliner Is Part Yacht, Part Penthouse, Brings More Luxury To Buyers

The Bentley Bentayga has done a good job solidifying its reputation as Bentley’s new flagship model. The SUV is an enviable mixture of luxury, performance, and style, but Bentley is now cramming even more luxury into the SUV with the all-new 2024 Bentley Bentayga EWB Mulliner.   Bentayga EWB Brings Luxury In The Front, Party In The Back As the name implies, the Mulliner model was developed alongside the Mulliner in-house division and comes with several touches that make it stand out from other Bentayga models. They include 22-inch wheels, a double-diamond front grille with chromed lower pieces, and Mulliner …

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Bentley Speed Edition 12 Special Edition Models Cover All Nameplates, Celebrate W12 Engine

Bentley’s long-running 6.0-liter W12 engine has played a number of roles over the years. While the twin-turbocharged wonder is primarily known for its time in Bentley badged vehicles, it has also appeared in the Volkswagen Phaeton, Audi A8 and even the Spyker C12 La Turbie and Zagato models. With this diverse of a resume, it’s no wonder why the W12 has become an icon in the automotive world. Sadly, its time in the spotlight is rapidly coming to an end with Bentley confirming that it will be ending production of the bespoke engine in 2024. Before it goes away though, …

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2024 Bentley Continental GT and Flying Spur Enter The Summer With Minor Updates

Bentley is preparing updates for all of its model lineup with the company confirming that it will be rolling out these changes gradually. The bulk of them though will be focused on the company’s long-running Continental GT as well as the four-door Flying Spur with both models getting some attention for the new model year.   Continental and Flying Spur Get New Depth For Azure Trim The Azure trim was meant to be an offering that promoted well-being behind the wheel with an interior that was designed to deliver a “stress free” experience. The exterior of the GT and GTC …

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Bentley Continental Le Mans Collection Celebrates 2003 Win, Only 48 To Be Produced

Bentley might not hit your radar when it comes to Le Mans competition but it was over 20 years ago when the brand last won the iconic racing event. To celebrate this milestone, Bentley revealed that it will be producing 48 examples of the Le Mans Collection Continental before ending production of the sleek tribute model. Le Mans Collection Hits Victory Lane In Style At first glance, these 48 cars might appear to be nothing more than a styling package with each one featuring a large “7” in the front grille as well as a coat of Verdant Green paint …

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2023 Bentley Flying Spur Speed Is Luxury Lined Rocket, Retains 626 hp W12

While the Bentley Bentayga and Bentley’s upcoming electrification strategy have undoubtedly taken the bulk of the world’s attention, it can be easy to forget that the company also has the venerable Flying Spur sedan. When we last experienced the luxury-lined borderline limousine, it was in a smaller V8 package, and it certainly delivered a solid first impression. But what if you’re a business tycoon, world leader, or enthusiast that prefers to have a pinch of speed to your limo experience? Bentley has the answer to that very question with the 2023 Bentley Flying Spur Speed.   More Performance And Flying …

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Bentley Mulliner Teases Batur Grand Tourer, Previews Bentley’s EV Future

Bentley has talked a big game about how it plans to revamp its future with a fleet of all electric BEV offerings. However, we have not seen too much about what kind of offerings they will be and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and Bentley has finally delivered the goods with the first images of the Batur.   Batur, A Crystal Ball Into The Future The two teaser images don’t reveal too much detail about the Batur, but it’s clear that this successor to the Bacalar will go in a unique direction. The front chrome …

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Bentley Continental GT-S And GTC-S Add New Dimesnion To Customization Experience For Buyers

When it comes to offering buyers the ultimate car creating experience, few can top the charts the way Bentley can. The company’s strong emphasis on putting the customer first in the ultra-luxury segment has defined it for over 100 years and the British firm aims to continue this tradition with the all-new Continental GT-S and GTC-S models.  Back In Black And Sleeker Than Ever, This Continental S Has The Goods All S models begin their lives as standard V8 models but they subsequently go under the knife to become S models. The exterior appointments are mostly limited to blacked-out pieces …

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Bentley Debuts New Azure Range, Redefines Interior Luxury And Promotes Automotive Wellness

Bentley‘s interiors are considered to be the pinnacle of luxury when it comes to the ultra-luxury car segment. The standard Bentley range already offers an impressive degree of customization and materials for imaginative buyers, but what if you want more sparkle and perhaps more opulence in your Bentley purchase? The British luxury carmaker thinks it has the next best thing with the all-new Azure range.   Azure Range Morphs From Model To Interior Package When we last saw the Azure name, Bentley used it to label convertibles with the Continental R and Arnage getting the designation when their roofs were …

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2023 Bentley Bentayga Elevates Luxury Game For Buyers, Debuts New Airline Seats

When it comes to the world of flagship offerings, Bentley has been notably absent from the game ever since the Mulsanne left production a few years ago. The Bentayga SUV was considered by some to be the new flagship, but it lacked some of the opulent details to help it truly embrace the role. Bentley has fixed that issue and has unveiled the all-new 2023 Bentayga Extended Wheelbase model that adds more room and luxury to the Bentayga experience.   More Chrome And Style Define This Bentayga The exterior styling of the EWB may look the same as any other …

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Bentley Teases Brand New Mystery Model, Will Debut It On May 10th

Bentley is coming off the heels of a strong sales year with the British automaker delivering over 14,000 vehicles to customers last year. That’s a 31 percent increase and the company revealed that it’s just getting started in its long-term plans with a new teaser pointing at an all-new model which will make its debut on May 10th.   A Mystery For Now But More Luxury Is A Plus Bentley also released a lone teaser image in its announcement and it appears to be a shadowy look at the driver’s side door panel. Warm purple-hued ambient lights highlight the door …

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Ultra Luxury SUV Mega Comparision Round 2 – 2021 Aston Martin DBX vs 2021 Bentley Bentayga

When we last checked in on our contenders in our inaugural Ultra Luxury SUV Mega Comparision test we saw the 2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 beat the 2021 BMW Alpina XB7 to advance into the semi-final round of our contest. With that out of the way it’s time to move into round 2 to see which SUV will join the Maybach in a final duel to decide which one will square off against the Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge. This time around it will be the 2021 Aston Martin DBX vs the 2021 Bentley Bentayga in a classic case of plucky underdog …

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Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Blackline Embraces Noir Vibes, Expands Customization

The Bentley Continental GT and GT Convertible are still a very luxurious way to celebrate the finer things of life, especially when equipped with the Mulliner Package. But what if you’re a discerning buyer that wants to blend all of this world-class performance and luxury with the noir styling that can only come from sinister black accents. The British luxury carmaker thinks it has found a perfect balance with the all-new Mulliner Blackline edition.   Noir Is In Style Like other blackout packages that we have seen from other automakers, this one takes the existing chrome pieces and replaces them …

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2021 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Concept Lawn Overdose 300 photos

The concept lawn. What a concept. It’s the nucleus around which the entire Monterey Car Week orbits. It anchors the past, present and future of automobiles in the chosen few cars set on this practice putting green. All of these cars are or have touch-points that reach back for inspiration, and build upon beautiful and sometimes radical visions of the future. One such radical future-think was the Audi Skysphere. It was conceived to extend or contract a foot in length. Project Sandbox is the perfect example of all worlds colliding. Part 911/959, part rally car. The key to doing the …

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Bentley Motors at Pebble Beach Concours 2021 Villa and Concept Lawn

Bentley brought a powerhouse fleet to their Pebble Beach Villas in 2021! We even get a look at the Bacalar concept from the concours lawn.  Aside from the bubble canopy in back it looks fairly production-ready in its details.  The new Flying Spurs and Conti GT’s are also very very appealing.  After you enjoy this 50-photo gallery shot by JC, read some our full drive reviews of Bentleys over here.    Gallery – Bentley Motors at their Pebble Beach Villa and the Concours Concept Lawn   Road Test Review – 2021 Bentley Bentayga – A Nip And A Tuck For …

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Bentley Blings Up The Flying Spur With New Mulliner Model, All Three Engines Can Be Equipped With Package

Monterey Car Week is well underway, and with all the glitz, glamour, and flair on display, it would seem a bit lacking if the folks at Bentley did not find a way to draw eyes to its booth. The British luxury carmaker has a strong reputation for always showing off something truly extravagant and expensive to attendees. The firm has not been disappointed with the debut of the all-new 2022 Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner.   Mulliner Has Ultra Luxury Appointments For The True Jet Setter Unlike the Mulliner Driving Package on other Flying Spur models we have experienced, this particular …

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Bentley Unveils 2022 Flying Spur Hybrid, Features 435 Mile Driving Range

Bentley reps have repeatedly told us that the company is looking to transform into an all-electric brand by 2030. While the company has touted its environmental plan and some of the promises that come with it, Bentley currently only has one green model in its arsenal (the Bentayga Hybrid.) With the winds of change blowing ever harder, the company has unveiled its second green-tinged model, the all-new 2022 Flying Spur Hybrid.   Flying Spur Hybrid Is Like Looking Into A Mirror With the Flying Spur lineup benefitting from a recent redesign that completely rebooted the design language, it should come …

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Bentley Continental GT3 Shoots For The Crown In Pikes Peak Challenge

The annual Pikes Peak hill climb event is fast approaching, and while the COVID-19 pandemic forced contenders to sit out the 2020 event in their garages, the 2021 event promises to continue its wild ways. Bentley is one of the teams competing in this year’s event and has prepared a special Continental GT3 to try and plant their bespoke flag at the event.    A Different Breed Of Continental The Continental GT3 might have originally started life as a luxury-filled coupe, but Bentley engineers have transformed the car into a potent track weapon, with the British luxury carmaker claiming that …

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Road Test Review – 2021 Bentley Flying Spur – The Pinnacle of Luxury?

While the four-door sedan as we know it has certainly faded from importance when looked at the broader scope of things, it can still draw the right amount of attention, especially when it comes with the right mixture of luxury, style, and technology. Bentley may be focused on enhancing its position in the utility market with the 2021 Bentayga. Still, it also wants to make sure that fans know it has not forgotten about the stately sedans and coupes that helped make the British ultra-luxury carmaker into an icon that continually pushes the envelope of luxury and technology. The 2021 Bentley …

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Insider: Ways To Get Back Into The Swing Of Things After A Driving Hiatus

Driving is a pretty straightforward thing when you do it often. Whether you’re driving a manual or automatic car, there aren’t really any tricks that are trying to catch you out. It’s like riding a bike – albeit a little more complex and expensive. If you have ever taken a break from driving, however, the idea of getting back behind the wheel might be a little daunting. This is especially the case if you weren’t driving all that much before your break, or if you have to re-enter a hellish commute with stressful traffic and weather. The good thing is …

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Road Test Review – 2021 Bentley Bentayga – A Nip And A Tuck For Bentley’s SUV Spearhead

When Bentley first announced the Bentayga SUV a few years ago, it represented a seismic shift. Once known for being exclusively all about traditional cars, the company was preparing to enter a changing landscape and was looking to do it by creating something that could make a splash. The first generation Bentayga exceeded all expectations, and for a short while, was the definitive ultra-luxury SUV in the market. But the game has changed since then, and the Bentayga is swimming in a crowded pond with rivals such as the Aston Martin DBX, Lamborghini Urus, and even the Rolls Royce Cullinan …

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Bentley Unveils 2021 Continental GT Speed, Creates Wildest Version Yet

The Bentley Continental GT Speed has always been one of the fastest ultra-luxury cars that money can buy. A silky smooth W12 engine and timeless styling have always been enviable trademarks. But how can you make this inviting package even better? Bentley thinks it has the answer with the updated 2021 Continental GT Speed. Buckle in to hear all the latest details on this very special Continental.   Updated Exterior Styling Adds Depth, Bespoke Interior Captivates The GT Speed’s exterior styling retains much of the standard model’s core identity, but Bentley designers added more aggressive touches to make the GT …

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Auto Industry Insider: Top 6 Exotic Car Brands That Rule the Auto Industry

Have you been deliberating on acquiring a new set of wheels this year? Then how would you feel about investing in a luxury car? To some people, a car isn’t just a means of transportation, it’s also an important property that represents their lifestyle and personal brand. Luxury car owners are known to turn heads wherever they go, so if you’re going to cringe at the extra attention, then you might want to reconsider your purchase, and instead go for high-performing Renault cars.  Premium cars often come with sky-high prices, but their extraordinary features and turbo power are not for …

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Bentley Bacalar Brings Bespoke Details, Exclusivity To Bentley Lineup [Video]

Are you a certain kind of customer that has climbed atop the financial mountain and think that the standard and already elegant Bentley Continental GT Convertible is simply not enough of a styling statement to signify that achievement to the world? if that fits you, the British luxury car company has the answer to your needs with the all new Bentley Bacalar by Mulliner limited edition convertible. It was originally supposed to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show (before it was cancelled) but we took some time to formally examine things in-depth to find out if the Bacalar …

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Bentley Teases Two Seat Bacalar, First Two Seat Bentley Since 1930s

In an era where Bentley models are perhaps the most elegant and sumptuous models on the market today, the Crewe based firm is ready to lift the veil off of an all new Bentley offering that not only pushes the bar on proper Bentley luxury, but is also a nod to its history as well.   Dubbed the Bacalar, the model is named after a Mexican lake, and is the newest creation of Mulliner (the oldest coachbuilder in the world) the extremely lavish grand tourer will make its debut at the Geneva Auto Show on March 3rd. While many details …

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Bentley Marks Retirement Of Mulsanne Sedan With All New 6.75 Edition

The Bentley Mulsanne was designed to be a throwback to the days when big four door sedans were the flagship offerings in Bentley’s stable of ultra luxury vehicles. But with the Bentley Flying Spur stealing relevance and sales away from the Mulsanne, Bentley is finally pulling the plug on the big four door. Before it does, the British luxury car maker is saying goodbye with the introduction of the all new 6.75 liter Edition Mulsanne.   Bentley will be building only 30 examples of the 6.75 liter Edition, with the 6.75 portion of its name being a nod to the …

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2019 Bentley Continental GT Flaunts Stunning New Stance, Cabin at IAA

The new Continental is a smash hit.  The live debut in Frankfurt shows a car even more stunning than the photos suggested.  Slinky lowness for the hood and a chopped overhang blend flawlessly with butched-up fenders and squatter rear end.  The whole machine seems just compressed downward — in the best ways.  The cabin is also shockingly sexy and opulent. [Updated 9.13.17 with 14 new photos] This is it ladies and gentleman! The big one! Bentley’s all-new Conti GT platform is ready for primetime and will make its first appearance in a few weeks at the Frankfurt IAA.  This is …

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STARTECH Murders Out the Bentley BENTAYGA

Updated 9.1.17 with two additional examples of the StarTech Brabus program for the Bentayga. Finally, a tuned Bentayga that will not embarrass the hell out of its driver!  We highly recommend the monochrome finish versus two-tone.    A very nice stage one mod pack for the new Bentayga just arrived!  Brabus’s StarTech division is leading the effort with custom carbon exterior upgrades, giant 23s and a remote-operated sport exhaust that bellows far louder than stock. The engine output appears to stay the same on this first upgrade.  The press release below discusses the V12 at length… but of course, the …

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New Continental GT - 2

3.6s, 626HP 2019 Bentley Continental GT Revealed!

This is it ladies and gentleman! The big one! Bentley’s all-new Conti GT platform is ready for primetime and will make its first appearance in a few weeks at the Frankfurt IAA.  This is the long-rumored, Porsche-derived platform with the engine located much farther back than before.  The new layout also makes room for the latest in double-clutch tech.  And eight-speed PDK variant here maximizes all that power from the W12TT up front.  The raw figures of 3.6s and 207MPH as a 60-mph sprint and top speed are good, if not world-shattering improvements over the predecessors. But the dynamics of …

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2017 MANSORY BENTAYGA Introduces Forged-Carbon Widebody

Mansory has a huge variety of customization options for the first-evert Bentley SUV.  They split it into the main kit and the ‘soft kit,’ with the softie just upgrading the lower splitters and bodywork details. The full fat Mansory makeover brings a totally new set of bumpers front/back, a reverse-scooped hood and some seriously wide fender extensions.  Hard to say whether the new Lambo-like forged exposed carbon, standard exposed-weave carbon or painted carbon panels are the sexiest.  They all dramatically up the visual drama of a three-ton Flying B. The x-piped sport exhaust and sport lowering suspension are highly recommended …

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1939 Bentley 4

1939 Bentley 4.25-Litre Embiricos Coupe – Amelia Island RM [31 Photos]

  This Bentley really stops your eye dead on sight.  Teardrop fenders with sharp upper edges?  Pinched, gangster glasshouse?  Suicide doors and fastback tail? What is this! A Bentley true and true, with its bodywork a recreation to one-off Embiricos Coupe specification. From its rounded waterfall of a grille to its sleek tail… we adore this car! Someone else does too.  It sold for $671k at the RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island 2017 auction.   Lot 154 1939 Bentley 4¼-Litre “Embiricos” Coupe Recreation by Bob Petersen Engineering Chassis no. B119MX Engine no. W9BC Sold for $671,000   1939 Bentley 4.25-Litre Embiricos …

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2017 Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept – Geneva Debut w/ Video

We can’t wait for the next generation of ‘small’ Bentleys to start arriving!  No longer saddled with its Audi and VW platform, the Bentley range is set to take a big leap up the performance charts. The revolution started with the Speed 6 concept and now continues with this hybrid Speed 6e cabriolet. Its beauty is nothing short of a stunning!  Still a high bathtub shape in profile, but look closer.  Intricate details like the lower sills and even the hood are carved out, scultped for aero and cleanly proportioned like no recently Flying B. The cabin of this two-seater …

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MANSORY Geneva Showstoppers – Top Five Wildest One-Offs

If you ever ask yourself, ‘ Hey, I wonder what Mansory has been up to lately,’ you are in for some fireworks. Mansory’s exotic customs are some of the most lavish and exclusive in the world.  And the latest set does not disappoint! Most striking are the cars they use as their starting points.  Seriously special metal to begin with… then gilded and leathered and ostriched to the max! Gatorskin cabin? Cobalt inlays? Diamonds to match? They do it all. For 2017, Mansory is bringing their new Rolls-Royce Dawn, Bentley Bentayga, AMG GT and a pair of G-Wagens.  Their G63 …

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2016 Bentley BENTAYGA By StarTech Adds Remote Exhaust + 23s

A very nice stage one mod pack for the new Bentayga just arrived!  Brabus’s StarTech division is leading the effort with custom carbon exterior upgrades, giant 23s and a remote-operated sport exhaust that bellows far louder than stock. The engine output appears to stay the same on this first upgrade.  The press release below discusses the V12 at length… but of course, the Bentayga runs a W12!  =] 2016 Bentley BENTAYGA By StarTech The first further refined Bentley Bentayga comes from STARTECH   Sporty-elegant widebody version, 23-inch forged wheels, sport exhaust with sound management, and exclusive interior   The new …

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2016 Jaguar XJ Carves $3B China Skyroad in Plush, Superlux Fashion!

Who loves grand infrastructure projects? We all do, on some level. But the engineering, cost and sheer complexity of many mountain road projects make them cost-prohibitive for all but the grandest planners. Luckily, China and Jaguar are both chock full of the passion and budget to innovate. In the case of the Paxi Expressway in the Sichuan province, this meant building a modern expressway through mountain passes that have been limited to rural, often-unpaved hiking trails for the last 3000 years.  Since 2010, though, the infusion of a million man-hours of prep, and perhaps a billion hours of collective labor, …

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Bentley Continental GT Speed Black Edition(4)

3.9s, 206MPH 2017 Bentley Continental GT Speed BLACK EDITION

Bentley just released info on the new Conti GT Speed: the Black Edition! This run-out special adds about 10 horsepower for a grand total of 642, and more torque throughout the rev range due to a reflash of the car’s computer systems.  The result?  The quickest and fastest production Bentley of all time!  3.9-seconds to 60-mph and 206-mph at the top end are both slightly quicker than the standard GT Speed. The visuals are the real impact: gloss-black details throughout, plus four colors of contrast splitter and mirrors available for that final moneypunch. The GT Speed Black Editions arrive this …

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MANSORY Geneva 2016 – AMG GLE63, Range Rover Sport and Bentley Flying Spur

Roundup of the stragglers from Mansory’s Geneva showstand: the new GLE63, RRS and Bentley Flying Spur. Mercedes-AMG GLE63 by MANSORY WORLD PREMIERE at the 2016 Geneva Int. Motor Show     Sporty Power SUV ­– MANSORY refines the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 to a masculine wide body   All over the world the name MANSORY is synonymous with the refinement of luxury cars. With the new programme for the Mercedes AMG GLE 63 the company in Brand, Bavaria, once again recommends itself as the top address for sporty accessories, powerful increases in performance and an exciting body design.   Sporty elegance characterises the …

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2017 Bentley MULSANNE Revealed – Refreshed Styling + Tech Leaves Bug-Eyes Intact

I really, really want to know: who loves the look of the Bentley Mulsanne’s giant, bug-eye headlights. Find me someone.  Anyone. Anyone who is not immediately repulsed by these gobsmackingly hideous, oversized lamps.  Oh, and cross-eyed, too. Certainly not anyone we have met. We even understand the hommage.  Past Bentley’s with their free-standing light units, etc. Even so, for the first Mulsanne facelift/refresh to leave the ‘elephant in the room’ unaddressed…. is inexplicable. In fact, despite the cool new looks front and rear with fresh bumpers and grilles, the oversized lamps are now even more repugnant.  Now lined with a …

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521HP, 4.6s 2017 Bentley Flying Spur V8S Is Sweet-Spot Limo with Gloss-Black Details

The moment you drive the Continental V8 S lineup, you really have to think hard about the W12 variants — as well as the base V8 configuration. An extra 21 horsepower joins forces with revised drive programs and 502 pound-feet of torque from 1700-rpm.  The end result is a fairly rapid 4.6-second run to the benchmark 60-mph.  That is 0.3s quicker than the Flying Spur V8.  But a cool second off the pace of its similarly-priced rivals: the S63 AMG, S8 Plus and the new Alpina B7/BMW M760i. A new look for the grille, trims and diffuser dips all the …

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2017 Bentley Continental R-Type - Renderings 6

2017 Bentley Continental R-Type – Renderings, Rationale and Analysis

The previous Bentley R-Type 1952 meetup with the 2016 GT Speed started a snowballing effort in photoshop. While Bentley certainly focuses on selling their current W12 Speed — especially versus its incredibly good V8S sibling — we are focused on the future! The Panamera basis for the next Continental GT platform is well-known and virtually confirmed in the car business, and has been for years.  But will it be a Panamera clone? Absolutely not. Not one bit of cabin, engines or design anywhere will be in common among the two. Key changes versus the current Conti range are expected to …

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R-Type Continental Races 2016 GT Speed in Charming Family Reunion

Bentley is bringing out the big icons in its back catalog recently for side-by-sides with the current 2016 Continental lineup. Last week, we saw the GT3 and GT3-R road models rendezvous with their iconic 1930 forebearer: the Birkin Blower Le Mans racecar. This week, we trot forward in time to the R-Type Continental of 1952 — the closest direct link to the current car in spirit and execution. This fastback stunner is a magnificent machine for defining its buyer wants and needs, and exceeding all expectations with the eventual product. What were these goals? True sit-up luxury and generous space …

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2017 Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabriolet 15

630HP, V12TT 2017 Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabriolet Arrives in May – Bentley GTC and RR Dawn Beware

The new S65 Cabrio is official!  Mercedes-AMG just revealed the top of the S-Class convertible range with this V12TT — with unique styling, ridiculous power levels and a super-plush cabin to take on the Bentley GTC in the $250k price bracket. The big benefit of the S65 is of course prestige, along with outright speed. But with just rear-drive versus the USA-standard 4MATIC AWD on the S63 and S550 ragtops, the S63 will only leave its siblings in the dust from about 50-mph upwards. Before that point, a full-throttle launch will be a smokey festival of wheelspin from out back. …

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2015 Bentley GT3 Soaks Up Fearless/Fearsome B-Boy Spirit with 1930 Birkin Blower LeMans Icon

Trading paint on a racetrack has always been precarious for all involved. But for open-wheeled racecars like today’s F1 or Indy cars, any contact is almost instantly catastrophic. First you lose grip, then if the car goes sideways or airborn even a tiny bit, you lose all downforce. The results of a track clash were even more stark in the early days of Le Mans racing.  Racing back in the day was 1000X more dangerous than today — so just imagine the balls it would take to pass a race-leading Mercedes-Benz on the side grass of the Mulsanne straight! That …

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Bentley debuts Bentayga First Edition(9)

600HP, 4.0s 2016 Bentley BENTAYGA First Edition Debuts with Carbon-Fiber Aero Details

Like a dream come true from the Bentley Bentayga configurator and Inspirator apps, the new First Edition is a gorgeous showpiece flagship for the whole line. The first Bentayga you see will be the best; a breathtaking evolution on the super-SUV theme. 608 copies of the First Edition will be allocated to markets worldwide, with all other specs to follow.   2017 Bentley BENTAYGA Colors and Options Configurator + Sexy Black Brightware Specification Bentley INSPIRATOR App Is World-First Intelligent Configurator with Facial-Recog Emotion Mapper 2016 Bentley BENTAYGA First Edition BENTLEY DEBUTS BENTAYGA FIRST EDITION AT EXCLUSIVE VIP CUSTOMER EVENT First …

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Bentley Continental GTC by PRIOR DESIGN – Aero Kit Delivers Fresh, Sexy New Style

Wow. Has it really been since 2003 that the world has enjoyed the Continental GT? Indeed!  The original model ran until 2011, replaced a in 2012 with updated details and tech all around. But unless you are in one of the hot recent models, like the GT3 or the SuperSport, your Conti GT might need a bit of updating. This kit appears to fit all generations and models of Continental. Prior Design’s three-piece kit is as effective an update as we have seen, especially for the pricing of the Duraflex pieces — which are a tenth or less than full …

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Bentley INSPIRATOR App Is World-First Intelligent Configurator with Facial-Recog Emotion Mapper

Most automotive preview or promo Apps are pretty lousy. They show a posh experience, videos and photos in a nice branded environment, but generally offer little new info you cannot find on the web. Additionally, they are all just a giant funnel to point you toward your local dealership, or to the OEM’s main website for complex configurations/specs/etc. The new Bentley INSPIRATOR iOS app just launched today with a vastly different approach: a scientific exploration of your moods, preferences and tastes — that requires few of the “next” clicks of a typical configurator. We were heavily skeptical that the app …

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Bentley Mulsanne ADV15 MV2 SL Series_21793913172_o

2015 Bentley Mulsanne Looking Light and Fresh on ADV1 Forged Alloys

Seeing pics of this car sent me immediately to the Bentley Motors website — it looks so fundamentally ‘right’ like an OEM special. Wearing 22-inch ADV1 alloys will work wonders for any car’s style. The results on the Mulsanne Speed are extra special, however, in their transformative powers. With the light multi-spoke 22-inch ADV15 SL Series, the bulging and heavy bodywork of the Big Ben is dramatically lightened to the eye. A revised Mulsanne with smaller lamps is expected in Geneva 2016 in March. It may resemble this photochop of a Continental GT we did a few weeks ago… The …

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BRABUS StarTech Bentley Flying Spur and GTC Are Seriously Fresh and Sexy

We’d wager you’ve seen a few gorgeous Continental GT and GTC super-tunes in your time. The machine really adds aggression and exclusivity with ease — almost as easy as a romp up to 100-mph anytime your toe gets itchy. But HOT makeovers of the Flying Spur? They are a rare sight indeed. Looking through these images, it is hard not to be impressed with the StarTech customization. The new nose, wheels, lowered ride, rear bumper and quad pipes all work together to create a damn sexy limo. Check out how light and lean the tails look with those contrast-carbon diffusers …

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2017 Bentley BENTAYGA Colors and Options Configurator + Sexy Black Brightware Specification

The Bentayga just launched last night, so its full configurator going live at the same time is a big deal! All is there… minus one detail at the end: the price. Even so, among the hundreds of custom options lie some very tempting choices to really make it roar in your style. We’ve spent wayyy too long in there today so will pop out and show you a smattering of the fabulousness via 50 or so color samples, a wheels guide/visualizer, and even a look at the accessories and options. But first: a nugget of smile-inducing info about the Bentayga? …

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4.0s, 187MPH 2017 Bentley BENTAYGA Is Official! Full Launch Details, Video and Tech Specs

Welcome to the most luxurious SUV ever made. The new Bentley BENTAYGA has been many years in the making, but the results look worth every minute of effort. This Q7 and Cayenne-derived vehicle will join the Lamborghini LM002 from the 1980s in the hall of fame books. Why? 12 giant cylinders in front. Stonking power, balanced foot-down handling and cloud-like air suspension all join forces to make the BENTAYGA a fascinating look into the future of super-trucks. The huge engine and worlds-fastest top speed for an SUV will help set the Bentaya apart from its siblings, and also the most …

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Mansory-fighter ARES DESIGN MODENA Makes #77Picadilly UK Home for Wild Superlux Customs

We obviously cover the best of the best customs and tuners here. Sometimes too much? In the world of $300k monthly spending, too much is never enough. ARES design of Modena, Italy just celebrated that fact with a fresh showroom in the heart of London prime: 77 Picadilly. The launch cars are the ARES range of Wraith, Conti GT, Rapide S, Rangie, G63 and more. A brand-new ARES Huracan premiered at this five-diamond launch affair — but thats are only the beginning! This boutique design studio appears to have some serious talent and resources. The cabins are jaw-dropping. The exteriors …

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2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed BREITLING JET TEAM Special

Bentley and Breitling have one of the most durable brand partnerships in the car business. There just seems to be never-ending relevance among Bentley owners and Breitling wearers. Seven examples of this Breitling jet team special will be produced – with polished alloy for the hood and roof, grounded by a bright cyan lower bodykit and interior detailing. The car will debut at the end of July at the Boeing air show in Washington state, with order books to open (and then close:) as fast as a control-tower flyby of seven top guns! 2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed BREITLING JET …

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2015 MANSORY S63 Coupe Widebody 8

2015 MANSORY S63 Widebody Coupe Launches New 710HP Power Level for Gorgeous CF Restyle

Mansory just came out with its second S63 AMG Coupe — wearing the stunning carbon-fiber widebody and now offering a very-modest 710 horsepower option. This is down more than 180 ponies from the bonkers Diamond Edition shown below in blue, but is still enough to wipe the floor with most supercars in a pure drag race. These power upgrades are far more than electronic: the Mansory engine overhaul upgrades a dozen key components under the hood to make the block stronger and faster-revving, plus able to cope with the astounding levels of peak torque. Previous limiting factors on overall power …

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2015 Range Rover Supercharged LWB 5

Road Test Review – 2015 RANGE ROVER Supercharged LWB – Royal Plush on HD Video + 75 Photos

2015 Range Rover Supercharged LWB Review       As we discuss in the video above, there is a grand tradition in long-wheelbase Range Rovers making the shorties obsolete. Once the first-gen Range Rover Vogue LWB was included in the US lineup for 1993, it was quickly curtains for the standard-length ‘County’ models. The big jump in length on that first-gen truck helped balance the looks nicely, with almost no downsides to the performance or price of the truck. In fact, there was only upside to be had. More rear legroom, a less pinched ingress and egress process, and an …

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2015 Volkswagen C Coupe GTE Concept 17

Updated With 18 New Photos – 2015 Volkswagen C Coupe GTE Concept

Updated 4.21.15 With 18 New Photos VW + China = Love   You probably know that Chinese car buyers love VWs and they love limousines. Seems like a perfect opportunity to combine the two into a stylish market-leader, right? Perhaps. The VW Phaeton has indeed been a relatively big hit in China, which is the car’s leading/only market along with Germany. Phaeton ≠ S-Class But there are three big issues with the Phaeton achieving big sales in China (or anywhere else…): 1 — it is ancient inside with very, very poor technology compared with the new S-Class 2 — its engines are …

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2015 Volkswagen C Concept GTE 20

2015 Volkswagen C Coupé GTE Previews Phaeton Replacement

VW + China = Love   You probably know that Chinese car buyers love VWs and they love limousines. Seems like a perfect opportunity to combine the two into a stylish market-leader, right? Perhaps. The VW Phaeton has indeed been a relatively big hit in China, which is the car’s leading/only market along with Germany. Phaeton ≠ S-Class But there are three big issues with the Phaeton achieving big sales in China (or anywhere else…): 1 — it is ancient inside with very, very poor technology compared with the new S-Class 2 — its engines are too large and draw massive VAT …

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2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed BLUE TRAIN By Mulliner

Bentley just rolled out a new Mulliner Limited Edition — the Mulsanne Speed ‘Blue Train.’ Honoring one of the most famous Bentleys of all time, a 1930 Speed Six that beat the high-speed Calais-Mediterranée Express train  to its destination — something most thought could not be done by any car. Featuring a one-off chop-top coupe style, the Blue Train is such a legend that a few reproductions have even been created — including the RM Amelia Island car below.  The 2015 Mulsanne Speed Blue Train is debuting today at the Techno Classica auto show in Germany. The car features a few …

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First Drive Review - 2015 Bentley Continental GT V8S - White Satin 34

First Drive VIDEO Review – 2015 Bentley Continental GT V8S Convertible – Mulliner Spec in White Satin

The Bentley Continental GT V8S is the real sweet-spot of the range – with monster power in the form of 528-horsepower to an optimized and sportified chassis re-engineer. There are just no words to describe the nimble, light and resolutely rear-drive feel of this twin-turbo V8. Yet there is grip for days and the ability to drive hard, rain or shine, with pace to make supercars blush. Nothing else with 502-pound-feet of torque is this race-able in a complete downpour, including the Continental’s new nemesis: the Mercedes-Benz S550 4Matic. The Bentley somehow feels small and accurate in its typical size …

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2015 Mansory S63 Coupe 6

2015 MANSORY S63 Coupe Is Garish At First, But Actually Fantastic Widebody

 Okay, okay…. We hear you. “This thing is hideous inside and out.” “Matte paint and matte wraps are so 2011.” “The interior looks like a not-great way to spend $100k.”  But step back from the details of this one-off Diamond Edition, and the MANSORY S63 Coupe is actually a sweet set of mods. By the way, those formica-looking black accents are carbon-fiber with flecks of jewels and crystals inside. Fancy. But the real benefits to the appearance of the Mansory S63 Coupe are more subtle. A new lower bumper is far more intense, aggressive and open. Unique lower bumper flaps …

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Update2 – 40 New Photos – 2015 Bentley EXP10 Speed6 Concept

The long-rumored Porsche 928 might have just shown its face for the first time….. as a Bentley!? The first Panamera Coupe is indeed looking like a Bentley, thanks to the just-revealed Exp 10 Speed6. EXP10 for Bentley-speak as the 10th concept car, and Speed 6 as a reference to the likely turbocharged V6 behind that all-new face. Low, lean and light are design themes instantly visible on this two-seater – with hollowed-out spaces, organic form flow and an overall lowness that is far sportier than any Continental GT.   2015 Bentley EXP10 Speed6 Concept EXP 10 SPEED 6 – A …

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2015 Bentley EXP10 Speed6 Concept Previews Future 2-Seater Based on Panamera Platform

The long-rumored Porsche 928 might have just shown its face for the first time….. as a Bentley!? The first Panamera Coupe is indeed looking like a Bentley, thanks to the just-revealed Exp 10 Speed6. EXP10 for Bentley-speak as the 10th concept car, and Speed 6 as a reference to the likely turbocharged V6 behind that all-new face. Low, lean and light are design themes instantly visible on this two-seater – with hollowed-out spaces, organic form flow and an overall lowness that is far sportier than any Continental GT.   2015 Bentley EXP10 Speed6 Concept EXP 10 SPEED 6 – A …

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continental gt speed (6)

2016 Bentley Continental GT and Flying Spur Boast More W12 Power + Revised Designs

Not content playing second fiddle to the very warmly-received Bentley twin-turbo V8 in the Conti GT family, the W12 engine is back for 2016 with a vengeance! Big power boosts, enhanced efficiency and slight tweaks outside and in are enough to bring the W12 entries bang up-to-date. The Continental GT Speed and Flying Spur Mulliner Spec now boast an impressive 600-plus horsepower each, along with some yummy new colors for the exterior and the leathers inside. Less touted but just as significant, the W12 Continental GT is likely to adopt much of the handling and chassis changes that have made …

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RM Amelia Island 2015 Preview – 1930 Bentley Blue Train Is Reborn!

Part mystery, part fantasy – but all legend! The Blue Train Bentley is back with this just-finished recreation of one of the most legendary Flying B’s ever made. As the official RM write-up below charts, the car was created the beat one of the quickest trains on a route to France. This might seem easy today, with six-lane motorways throughout the world and pavement allowing high-speed progress for even the most unskilled drivers. But in the 1930s, the idea of averaging more than 90-mph in a car, across long distances, was pure fantasy and hyperbole. Like something right out of …

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bentley speed 8

Hero Racecars – 2001 Bentley Speed 8 LMP1 Winner Laid Bedrock for Modern Flying B

  You have to hand it to the Volkswagen Group for their skillful rebirth of the Bentley brand in the early 2000s. Long mired in Rolls-Royce’s shadow with shakey engineering expertise and wobblier cars, Bentley sought greatness by going back to its roots in grand style. This meant competing in LeMans – where Bentley had dominated for a few years in the 1920s with its supercharged Speed 8 models — innovative technology that delivered crushing pace when the blowers were attached to such enormous engines. Specific output in this era was barely 10-percent of what it is today; with a …

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bentley grand convertible gif

2015 Bentley Grand Convertible is New Ragtop Mulsanne Flagship

Know the phrase Rags to riches? How about Riches to Ragtops!? Bentley is feeling huffy about Rolls-Royce hoovering up its resort clientele — and will respond to the Phantom Drophead Coupe and upcoming Wraith Cabriolet with a salvo of its own: the Mulsanne Grand Convertible. In the grand tradition of ultra-plush Monaco cruisers, the Mulsanne GC cuts a dapper and unique silhouette. A giant cabin is still on offer, with true space in the back seats. The contrast-finished brushed alloy of the hood and windshield surrond is a great accent to the Grand Convertible’s sun/fun lifestyle positioning. The launch venues …

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2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed colors header gif1

Updated with 55 New Photos – 2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed in Paris + Colorizer

Updated 10.16.14 The Mulsanne Speed is clearly the best-looking flagship in the Bentley sedans range. Surprising how nicely the dark trims and giant five-spoke wheels clean up the appearance so dramatically. Bentley even suggests a few very bright colors in the visualizer — things like Apple Green are just one of the hundreds of standard and custom shades available.   Check out the visualizer here.    PREVIOUS Holy flagship, Batman! The Bentley Mulsanne Speed tops the Bentley line for 2015, with sexy exterior trim tweaks and a huge jump in power from the gutsy 6.75-liter V8 engine up front. …

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mansory rr bentley vote gif

Update1 – Superlux Style VOTE! Mansory Bentley Flying Spur vs. Mansory Rolls-Royce Wraith

These two are both pretty outrageous expressions of UHNWI style and personalization. The colors and trims shown here are not the ‘limit’ of Mansory’s abilities. Moreover, they are the opening salvo. You can have anything your mind can dream up on a Mansory custom. The refinements are pretty extensive outside, inside and under the skins of this Wraith and Flying Spur. The Wraith with a matte-effect silver on the grille and upper body is actually pretty interesting in contrast to the super-metallic sheen of the painted surfaces. The interior of the Flying Spur is remarkably glamorous – and shows the …

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hood ornaments gif432

Top 10 Most Beautiful Pebble Beach Hood Ornaments

One of the most delightful details of cars in the 1920s and 1930s are their hood ornaments. These free-standing sculptures became a symbol of prestige and class and were a sign of a super-luxury car due to their labor-intensive casting and polishing processes — not to mention the actual concept vision, sculpting prototypes for the reverse mold, followed by chrome or brass plating. The below are all pretty outstanding, with the anthropomorphic ones featuring living creatures as perhaps a bit more captivating than the pure Art Deco style shown by the LaSalle and Horch Auto Union cars. In terms of …

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2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed gif

Bentley Mulsanne Speed is New for 2015 With 811-Pound-Feet of Turbo Torque!

Holy flagship, Batman! The Bentley Mulsanne Speed tops the Bentley line for 2015, with sexy exterior trim tweaks and a huge jump in power from the gutsy 6.75-liter V8 engine up front. Max speed is up to 190-mph, while the 60-mph sprint is now down to just 4.8-seconds — which is a huge bit of speed for such a large barge of a car. Dark tints are added to the nose and tail detailing, with the headlamps now standard-fit in this more subtle design. 2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed   BENTLEY ANNOUNCES NEW MULSANNE SPEED – THE WORLD’S FASTEST ULTRA-LUXURY DRIVING …

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Bentley FS v8 gif

2015 Bentley Flying Spur V8 Debuts in Moscow – 53 High-Res Photos

Thew New Flying Spur is all about formality and luxury of the Mulsanne style, but in an easier and AWD package. Exclusively the W12 before, the new Flying Spur V8 will easily dominate the sales charts from now. The V8 has huge power and a bit of lightness in the nose that the twelve-cylinders’ lack. Surprisingly, the real design action is out back – where a much blockier form language takes over with large lamps far apart in each corner. 2015 Bentley Flying Spur V8       NEW FLYING SPUR V8 MAKES DEBUT FOR BENTLEY IN MOSCOW Russian premiere …

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GT V8S gif1

2015 Bentley Continental GT V8S Is Stunning in Black Crystal Paintwork

With so much trendy energy in 2014 around white cars for the latest style — what about that other always-fashionable choice? Black Bentley’s will never go out of style. But which of the black tones fits you best? We are fairly confident this car is Black Crystal – but it may be Beluga Black or Onyx Black. The Onyx is least shiny, based on the configurator representations, while the Beluga black is dark is midnight. So color here is so amazingly attractive that one might forget this car lacks the Mulliner and Sport specification packages — and the stunning 21-inch, …

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2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible GIF 32

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible Updated with New 8-Speed Automatic + Pacific and Atlantic Packages

Updated 8.20.14 Chevrolet has just announced an updated powertrain for the 2015 Corvette Convertible: a new eight-speed automatic transmission adds two gears and improves sprint pace for this incredibly impressive drop-top. This is in addition to the new-for-2015 Pacific track pack for the coupe and Atlantic aero pack for the convertible (special package details below). Good additions all around! PACIFIC ATLANTIC 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible   INTRO I am the biggest Corvette Stingray “convert” for this C7 generation – a true believer these days. This is coming from someone who has long scoffed at the Corvette, even as the …

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Bentley vs rolls MANSORY PHOTO POLL gif1

Superlux Style Battle – Photo Poll of Mansory Bentley versus Mansory Rolls-Royce

These two are both pretty outrageous– but if you had to pick your poison… which would it be? The refinements are actually pretty extensive. The Wraith with a matte-effect silver on the grille and upper body is actually pretty interesing in contrast to the super-metallic sheen of the painted surfaces. But neither will win you many Best Dressed honors in most respectable circles. Mansory Bentley versus Mansory Rolls-Royce          

Qoros header gif 1

QOROS Design Analysis – Qoros9 and Flagship Concepts Preview Exciting Future Models

QOROS is the German-led Chinese car firm that could change global perceptions about Chinese vehicles through sheer strength of engineering. The firm aims to deliver the best of European safety, handling, styling and quality standards to an affordable-produced model for the first time. Headed by Gert Hildebrand as design chief, Qoros is on firm footing to bring his MINI Cooper design expertise to all sorts of new segments. Here is Hildebrand with the Qoros Flagship model discussed below. QOROS Design Analysis – Qoros9 and Flagship Concepts Preview Exciting Future Models After many false starts by other brands, the Qoros 3 …

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JAG Mark IX gif1

Iconic Classic – 1959 JAGUAR Mark IX Is Blue-Blood Royalty With Most Lux Cabin of the 1950s

A lofty statement? The best cabin in all the 1950s?  Really? Perhaps this Jaguar Mark IX would be outdone by a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley from that wonderful decade – but we highly doubt it. Of course, the modern gauges and CD player spoil the period mood – but only slightly. This car has AC, after all, which is a mod worth adding! This Jaguar Mark IX preceded the 1965 Jaguar Mark X featured in a previous ‘Fatcat Chic’ article, comparing it with today’s XJL in matching photo angles. 1965 JAGUAR Mark X   All three cars are flagship …

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3.6s 2015 Bentley GT3-R Street Car Has Arrived! Exclusive V8TT With 40:60 AWD and Rear Torque Vectoring

The day has come for the Bentley Continental GT3 racecar to hit dealerships! We have all been relatively amused by the sight of the big Conti GT on racetracks, but the knowledge of this prototype racer’s rear-drive chassis makes it clear right away that it shares very little with the road-going Continental GT – even the new V8 S and the W12 Speed models. The current-gen road car is fairly locked into the AWD layout ahead of the next-gen car receiving a Panamera-based platform for true rear-drive offerings for 2017, we estimate. But even with the AWD layout, there is …

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RM Auctions Monterey 2014 Preview – 1936 Auburn Eight Supercharged Speedster Is First American Supercar

1936 Auburn Eight Supercharged Speedster So, if the Chrysler Airflow Eight from the previous article is a delightful curio in the evolution of the modern family car, this Auburn Eight Supercharged Speedster will definitely get us back-on-track for sportscars. Supercars, even! This machine was one of the most powerful and rapid American cars ever made, and perhaps one of the best-handling as well. This was well before any Corvettes or even any Mustangs. Decades beforehand. Until this point, the most sporting cars were some mini Duesenburg’s all the way to giant Packard’s and Hudson’s. This Auburn split the difference in …

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Bentley GT W12 Speed GIF header

2014 Bentley GT Speed W12 Easily Wins Fastest, Most-Sideways Award at Road America

How can an all-wheel-drive supercoupe be ‘most sideways,’ you ask? The Conti GT Speed was giving demo rides with none other than Bentley Works GT3 driver Jamie Morrow at the helm. This polite and dapper gentleman turns into a car-hurling beast on the track — with lurid Scandinavian flicks rocking the car off-balance and the huge, huge W12 Speed’s engine power pulling around corners in a perma-drift heaven. It was absolutely magnificent. A man in a Breitling watch and an official Bentley pay stub can certainly push the car he knows so well to the limits — better than a …

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2014 Bentley Continental GT V8 S GIF header2

2014 Bentley Continental GT V8 S – Road Test Review of AMG and BMW’s New Daddy

Does anyone else recall the Fox TV network’s endless promo’s many years ago for that crappy show called Wife Swap? “Meet your new mommy!” the announcer crowed over video of the horrified children — shocked that their parents would sign up for this reality-show charade? That is my face now as I say to myself, “Wow, meet the new luxury supercar ‘Daddy.’” The Bentley Continental GT has faced many harsh critiques over the years it has dominated its market segment – criticized even while selling so many that it defined what a modern, successful Bentley Cars Ltd should be in …

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2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible GIF header

Track Lap and Road Test Review – 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible 3LT Z51

INTRO I am the biggest Corvette Stingray “convert” for this C7 generation – I am a true believer. This is coming from someone who has long scoffed at the Corvette, even as the ZR-1 blazed back to reality in recent years. I just was stuck with the old thoughts of perves driving the 1980s cars, or old fat men driving the 1990s cars. But then I got some time behind the wheel of the coupe in October 2013, and it all changed. I was like a man who had found sportscar God. Eager to tell friends and strangers alike how …

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Concept Flashback - 2001 Audi Avantissmo is A8 Dreamwagon

Concept Flashback – 2001 Audi Avantissmo is A8 Dreamwagon… Directly Influenced 2015 Bentley Falcon SUV

There are shades of the upcoming Bentley Falcon SUV all over this A8 Avantissmo concept from 2001. That is no bad thing! Enjoy this delightful look at superluxury transport – as envisioned in Audi’s 2001 showcar catalog.


Bentley Boys, Roller Gents – Building My #RollsRoyceinColour Ghost SWB V-Specification

Orig Published on: Jan 8, 2014 @ 22:21 The Rolls-Royce Ghost is absolutely spectacular on all levels, in all colors and even considering the cost. Experiencing Ghost up close only makes the configuration options of the new V-Spec even more enticing.   The new-for-2014 Ghost V-Specification is welcome because even though a Ghost could be made to look like this in the aftermarket, it is nice to see some of the wild old spirit of the founding gentlemen back in action. Before we dive in: Rolls-Royce refers to their vehicles as simply Ghost and Wraith, not The Ghost and the …

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Coolest Vintage Hood Ornaments -- RM Auctions Amelia Island 2014 -- Pierce-Arrow, Cadillac, Stutz, Chrysler, Ford, Aston-Martin, Bentley and More 43 - Copy

Coolest Vintage Hood Ornaments – Pierce-Arrow, Cadillac, Stutz, Chrysler, Ford, Bentley and More…

I have an odd fascination with artful hood ornaments, and took some close-ups of favorites over the big Amelia Concours weekend. But first: when did hood ornament become a dirty word? They previously epitomized the height of class and prestige — while often serving functional benefits as well. Pierce-Arrow As the top-mounted radiator cap in the early days of luxury cars, you know knew the cap was screwed on (and threaded) correctly when the symbol faced dead ahead. (Ford) One highlight you must wonder about right away is the life-sized Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy. She is a 1940s art deco …

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Honda Hall Collection GIF1 header

Honda Heritage Celebration — Official Togichi Museum PhotoSpheres — 71 Honda-isms and Milestone Achievements Since 1936

Auto Museums are super cool. Even if your eyes glaze over at the thought of visiting a dark and endless art museum — if you like cars, you will be ecstatic the moment you walk into any car museum. Why? The cars are there because they are objectively so, so important. So important that they cannot even be stored in the basement archives of the car company — but need to be proudly displayed for both internal teams and the public to admire. Another amazing reason car museums should be on your radar? These collections are expertly-curated and laid out …

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RM Auctions MONACO 2014 Preview -- 1958 Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback by Franay 26

Meet the Real Bond Car: 1954 Bentley Continental R-Type Fastback — RM Auctions Monaco Preview

As much as we young folks like to think Aston-Martin is the epitome of a Bond car, that was not actually the case the first few times our man slid behind the wheel in Ian Fleming’s novels. His preferred coach in at least the first few books is the Bentley Continental R-Type, in black, if we’re not mistaken. Without quoting any of Flemings work (for lack of time, in honesty); the R-Type Fastback Sports Saloon certainly best matches my memories of his first car-of-choice. For, you see, Commander Bond was a bit of a lout. He was not a wild …

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BENTLEY SUV Image March 19

Bentley Confirms SUV Details with First Official Photos — Falcon or InterContinental? 600HP W-12 Expected

The Bentley SUV is finally here! Real #NewBentley SUV: Above EXP 9F Concept: Below     After a long gestation period to overhaul the EXP 9F’s exterior, Bentley today revealed the first official image of its upcoming 2015 SUV model. Originally tagged the EXP 9F concept, we strongly predict the 2015 production model will be dubbed the Bentley Falcon. It builds on the more-youthful and less-polarizing style of the Bentley Continental V8 S significantly. 2012 EXP 9F Gallery     This name speaks to broad global interest in predatory animal names for car models — as well as a popular …

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RR GHOST II -- Animated GIF Header

2014 Rolls-Royce GHOST Series II Revealed! Plus Wraith & Phantom LED Comparison

2014 Rolls-Royce GHOST Series II Early bird gets the worm! This applies in elementary school as much as it does in Warren Buffet’s Berkshire compounds — with one of Buffet’s companies recently snubbing high-frequency traders’ access to market-moving news releases. As we know, Geneva is seven hours ahead of eastern time in the United States. Therefore, as I type this at 5:58am, the Ghost Series II has already blown the doors off this Swiss expo hall. But wait, I hear you say: “The car does not look all that new?” That is the Rolls-Royce way. Huge progress without boastfulness. Continuity …

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Edited for Content: Bentley Changes Tack As World’s Oligarchs Go Into Hiding — 2015 Conti GT Speed Updated and Flying Spur V8 Launched

Oh, you are a comically-inept and hopelessly-corrupt politician? Riding high as some kind of monarchy cousin? News Flash: your constituents are tired of seeing your multiple Bentley’s running others off the road all over the world. Your stage winks last for 15 seconds of awkwardness as the kickback cashier’s check peeks from under your lapel? #Byezees. As Ukraine’s people write the blueprint for taking down these fat-cats — the rest of the world’s hate-regimes best take note: your time is rapidly running out. Very aware of the times, Bentley has updated two of its most important models in hopes of …

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~2.9s to 60MPH Lamborghini Huracan — Exclusive Videos, Colorizer and Options — Inside and Out + Tech Specs

Shock! Our DIY Colorizer of the Lamborghini Huracan from December was a bit wilder than the actual palette of colors offered from Lamborghini this time around. Yes, there is Mantis Green and a few yellows and even a Creamsicle orange shade. The 90-second video below is a must-watch drift and burnout feat. It is part of the Hexagon Project web series for the Huracan’s launch — which basically sends two Brits to Italy on a mission to hoon the newest, hottest Lambo in the world.   All-new double-clutch box, 3.2-seconds to 62-mph, and a much more pronounced rear torque bias …

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WOW! 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 4MATIC Coupe — High-Speed, High-Fashion 2-Door Glam Shuttle

The S-Class Coupe debuted this morning to rapturous praise from thisguy! It looks stunning and will hit showrooms virtually unaltered from the shockingly-attractive S-Class Coupe Concept from Frankfurt. Today may indeed mark the start of the Bentley Continental GT’s long, slow decline. As the market-makers tire of that bloated and understeering hog of a machine: both the Rolls-Royce Wraith and this new S550 4Matic Coupe are eager for their attention. Please enjoy these official images and debut details from Mercedes-Benz ahead of the S550 4Matic Coupe’s arrival to U.S. showrooms in Fall 2014. Exteriors   Interiors Official Details below from …

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#ZeroCompetition True for 2014 Nissan GT-R: Bentley GT Too Big, Porsche 911 Turbo Too $$, But Lambo Huracan Gunning for R35

In terms of #ZeroCompetition – The GT-R’s performance really does stack up amazingly well versus almost any other hypercar. To have an Audi R8 that can really compete takes the V10 Plus S-tronic AWD – and a $180k price. Similar story with the Porsche 911 Turbo – which bases for around $150,000, but is easy to spec up to $180k once all is said and done. The only surprise listing? The Jaguar F-Type V8 S – which is quoted by ChromeData as delivering a cool 495-horsepower in U.S. spec. This bodes well for a 600HP R-S eventually from Jag! Amazing. …

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CarRevsDaily - 2014 Bentley Continental GTC V8 and V8 S  11

2014 Bentley GTC V8 S – The Best-Handling, Best-Looking Flying B?

Bentley is currently enduring a bit of ‘blowback’ response from auto critics regarding its new styling direction. The new Bentley look is growing on me, however. Even the new Conti GT models look wider than the gulf between rich and poor between those huge tail-lamps, while the Flying Spur looks simply gigantic.   Sales are still excellent across the board, but the Conti GT is not quite the ‘coolest car on Wall Street’ that it once was. Comprehensive updates now offer the coupe and cabrio in four trims: V8, V8 S, W12, and GT Speed. Shock of shocks, when preparing …

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Loving the Bentley Mulsanne - Mega Galleries 76

Mega Galleries + Future Renderings – Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner Spec

The Bentley Mulsanne lives a charmed life. It its glamour photos, the Mulsanne whooshes around between palaces, castles and state capitols. This is a car that lives the globe-trotting life we all dream about. It will hit 180-plus-mph between the safety chicanes that break up its namesake straight-away at LeMans. Everything is supremely luxurious, well-executed, and most of all: memorably fun to drive. This big bruiser has 10 VW’s worth of power under that massive hood, and rear-drive dynamics ensure old-school Bentley Boys thrills around any damp corner. But there is a wide-eyed elephant in the room. The Mulsanne is …

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Maserati MC Stradale High-Res Images - CarRevsDaily

V8 Bellow of 2014 Maserati Corsa Stradale Gran Turismo Twins Will Melt Your Heart

HD Exhaust Howl These two extremely limited-production racing specials are truly sublime. Every exterior detail is massaged, including the deep carbon-fiber left unpainted in some close-ups ofmthe MC Stradale GranTurismo. The cabrio in white is even more erotic, almost. Updates for 2014 include the rear seat available as an option, which is a fantastic benefit for the Maserati super-coupes. The back seat size is far closer to the Bentley Continental GT’s than the tiny parcel shelves in the Porsche 911 or the Aston Martin Vanquish. Enjoy this exclusive animated video of the twins in action, including the official soundtrack of …

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