Mega Galleries + Future Renderings – Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner Spec

The Bentley Mulsanne lives a charmed life.

It its glamour photos, the Mulsanne whooshes around between palaces, castles and state capitols.

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This is a car that lives the globe-trotting life we all dream about.

It will hit 180-plus-mph between the safety chicanes that break up its namesake straight-away at LeMans.

Everything is supremely luxurious, well-executed, and most of all: memorably fun to drive.

This big bruiser has 10 VW’s worth of power under that massive hood, and rear-drive dynamics ensure old-school Bentley Boys thrills around any damp corner.

But there is a wide-eyed elephant in the room. The Mulsanne is not easy to look at in the eyes, let alone love.

But like the best things in life, this styling takes time to appreciate. Enjoy these mega galleries of the Mulsanne, including a few historical snaps with its Blower 8 Litre ancestor – helping to make sense of the inboard, giant round lamps.

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For some, it will be the epitome of history and future in one flying B.

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Bentley Mulsanne – Exterior Galleries

Official Specifications below.


0-60 mph

5.1 secs

0-100 mph

11.6 secs

0-100 km/h

5.3 secs

0-160 km/h

11.5 secs

Top Speed

184 mph / 296 km/h



6.75-litre twin-turbo V8


6750 cc / 411.9 cu in


Two parallel turbochargers, indirect intercooling


512 PS / 505 bhp / 377 kW @4200 rpm


1020 Nm / 752 lb.ft @1750 rpm


Alu. alloy heads and block, forged steel crank, conrods and pistons

Bore x Stroke

104 mm x 99 mm / 4.1″ x 3.9″

Compression ratio


Fuel delivery

Port injection

Valve Gear

Single central camshaft with phaser, pushrods, 2 valves per cylinder


98 (95) RON

Cylinder Deactivation

Four cylinders, valves and fuel deactivated at light load

Other Notes

90° V-angle. 15% improvement in fuel economy and CO2 emissions compared to previous generation of V8 engine, whilst producing more power and torque across the rev range.



Automatic gearbox, torque converter, rear-wheel drive

Torque Split (front:rear)

NA – rear wheel drive

Gearbox Specification

ZF 8HP90 eight-speed automatic

Gear ratios

1st: 4.71, 2nd: 3.14, 3rd: 2.1, 4th: 1.67, 5th: 1.29, 6th: 1.00, 7th: 0.839, 8th: 0.667

Final Drive


Shift Time

Mechanical time 600ms, total time 800ms

Other Notes

Sport mode and steering-wheel mounted paddleshift


Brake Disc Material

Cast iron


400 mm diameter x 38 mm thick


370 mm diameter x 30 mm thick



Twin-booster arrangement, ABS, Hydarulic Brake Assistance, Electronic Brake Prefill and Automatic Hill-Hold Control


Electronic Stability Control and traction control. Full disablement possible at driver command.

Cruise control

Cruise control as standard, optional Adaptive Cruise Control

Other Notes

Electronic Park Brake with Drive-Away assist


Body Type and Style

Steel monocoque, super-formed aluminium front fenders, aluminium bonnet and doors, composite bootlid with integrated antennae


Bi-Xenon projector headlamps, LED signature daylight running lamps, LED main beam supplementation, LED rear lamps

Paint Colours

28 standard, 100+ additional options and duotones







5575 mm / 219.5″

Width across mirrors

2208 mm / 86.9″

Width across body

1926 mm / 75.8″ (width with mirrors folded)


1521 mm / 59.9″


3266 mm / 128.6″

Front track

1615 mm / 63.58″

Rear track

1652 mm / 65.03″

Front Legroom

1065 mm / 41.9 in

Rear Legroom

1090 mm / 42.9 in

Front Headroom (max)

1018 mm / 40.1 in

Rear Headroom

967 mm / 38.1 in

Drag Coefficient

0.33 Cd (0.32 in Sport suspension mode)

Kerb Weight

2685 kg / 5919 lb (North America: 2711 kg / 5976 lb)

Gross Vehicle Weight

3200 kg / 7055 lb

Weight distribution (FR:RR)


UK (inc. 20% VAT)




Europe (exc. tax)

€ 248,400

Middle East (exc. duty & tax)


China (inc. taxes & duties)

CNY 5,080,000

Russia (inc. 18% VAT)

RUB 16,044,000





Speculative Renderings – Fixing the Mulsanne’s Nose

Loving the Bentley Mulsanne - Mega Galleries 39 Loving the Bentley Mulsanne - Mega Galleries 41 Loving the Bentley Mulsanne - Mega Galleries 40

So, is the problem all in the nose? The design sketches are beautiful: but something was seriously lost in translation in the roofline and shoulders of the machine.

So, the nose is … hard to love. Is it mainly the gaping headlights that are the problem? A quick photoshop experiment shows me that:

Yes, in my opinion, the lights are the problem.

Bentley Mulsanne Nose Fix Rendering2 Bentley Mulsanne Nose Fix Rendering

Bentley Mulsanne – Interior Gallery

Official Interior Specifications below.


Front Layout

Double wishbone, anti-roll bar

Rear Layout

Multilink rear suspension with toe and brake reaction control

Springs & Dampers

Self-levelling air suspension with Continuous Damping Control, automatic ride height control and four driver-selectable modes

Steering System

Rack and pinion, ZF speed-sensitive Servotronic power assistance

Turns Lock-to-Lock


Steering Rack Ratio

45.6 mm/rev

Turning Circle

12.6 m / 41.3 ft


Driver Interface

8″ high-res screen, central Multi Media Interface (MMI) controller

Sound System

14-speakers, 2x subwoofers, 8-channel DSP, iPod/MP3 connection, DAB or SDARS radio, 6-disc CD changer, DVD drive, 2x SD card readers, micro-USB, opt. 2200W 20-speaker Naim system.

Navigation System

Dynamic route guidance, 7-digit postcodes, 3D topography

Phone System

Telephone system, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, privacy handset

Onboard Storage

60Gb hard disc with 20 GB of personal storage space

Other Notes

Tyre-pressure monitoring, Keyless entry & ignition, power door-latching and boot, Park Distance Control. Optional: rear-view camera, TV tuner, Naim premium audio, rear-seat entertainment



Power-adjustable front (12-way) and rear (8-way) seats. Heating and memory functions. Optional seat ventilation and massage.

Interior Features

4-zone climate control, bulls-eye air vents & organ-stop controls, electric rear privacy blinds. Optional: tilt sunroof, bottle cooler

Hide Colours

25 standard

Wood Veneers



Driver & front passenger air bags, front/rear head & thorax airbags