R-Type Continental Races 2016 GT Speed in Charming Family Reunion

Bentley is bringing out the big icons in its back catalog recently for side-by-sides with the current 2016 Continental lineup.

Last week, we saw the GT3 and GT3-R road models rendezvous with their iconic 1930 forebearer: the Birkin Blower Le Mans racecar.

This week, we trot forward in time to the R-Type Continental of 1952 — the closest direct link to the current car in spirit and execution.

This fastback stunner is a magnificent machine for defining its buyer wants and needs, and exceeding all expectations with the eventual product.

What were these goals? True sit-up luxury and generous space for four, but world-beating pace as the fastest 2+2 available when it was launched in the early 1950s.  The ethos carries through to today very strongly — sedan-based coupes with so much power, you forget that they are hyperlux cruisers on light throttle.  With the new GT Speed, the evo of the series is almost at its peak. Vastly lighter handling feel, body control and cornering grip make the new GT Speed a far cry from the best-selling W12 model that led the current Bentley sales nirvana.  Those old gripes about its understeer and lack of purity on the roads?

They are completely academic.  As in, they do not seem accurate in a real-world context, where the car is absolutely brutal at crushing air, time and space.Continental GT Speed - Spectre(1)

Bentley Continental GT launch, Norway, June 2015 Trollstigen Road, Norway Photo: James Lipman / jameslipman.com
Bentley Continental GT launch, Norway, June 2015
Trollstigen Road, Norway
Photo: James Lipman / jameslipman.com

Behind the wheel, sheer twin-turbo 12-cylinder force will pull even the most Teutonic cheeks into a full riotous smile.

And while it does not, in fact, have the fleet-footed, RWD manners of an Aston Vanquish that car reviewers love… for buyers, there is nothing better than the GT Speed’s velvet sledgehammer of a personality.

The tie-in with the R-Type is very effective at tugging the heartstrings among loyalists, and is likely to help sell a few more 206-mph 2016 GT Speed models than they might have before.

The wider purpose of these past meetups?  To set the footing for a hard reset of the Conti GT for the 2018 model year. The car will go lower, leaner and meaner than ever before. A Panamera-based platform will take road feedback and handling balance to a new peak.

But for Flying B traditionalists, now is the time to strike to secure a true R-Type grandson: the 2016 GT Speed.

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Dec 16, 2015

  • New film features 16MY Continental GT Speed and R-Type Continental
  • Traces the DNA and design of the Continental from 1952 to present
  • 16MY GT Speed is the fastest production car ever made by Bentley
  • Watch the film now at youtube.com/bentleymotors

(Crewe, 16 December 2015) The Bentley Continental GT is one of the most iconic cars on the road today. The Continental name first entered the company’s lexicon in 1952 with the R-Type Continental – arguably the world’s first Grand Tourer.

With a top speed of 120 mph it was the fastest four-seater in the world at the time of its launch. Many of the 208 examples produced were coachbuilt by Mulliner – a name that is still closely associated with Bentley to this day.

With just three strokes of the designer’s pen, the shape of the Continental comes to life – the striking power line, muscular rear haunches and swooping, fast roof line. These three elegant styling cues have remained a fundamental part of the Continental’s DNA over six decades.

Today’s Continental elegantly fulfils the same grand-touring brief as its forebear. With immense W12 power, a top speed of 206 mph and an unsurpassed ability to cross continents in total comfort, the Continental GT Speed is a truly extraordinary car.

Follow this link to a new film telling the story of the evolution of an automotive icon. youtube.com/bentleymotors

For more information about the R-Type Continental, visit this link. www.bentleymotors.com/en/models/heritage/r-type-continental.html.

More information about the Continental range can be found at this link. www.bentleymotors.com/en/models/continental.html.