Maserati GranTurismo Luce and Prisma One-offs Celebrates Iconic Past, Previews What’s To Come

The 2023 Maserati GranTurismo is making its appearance at the 2023 Milan Design Week extravaganza. Maserati wanted to make a splash and has chosen to not only pay homage to the past, but also preview its future with the unveiling of the GranTurismo Luce and Prisma.


Italian DNA But Distinct GranTurismo Personalities

The GranTurismo Prisma and Luce were created by Maserati’s Fuoriserie department which is responsible for handling unique customer requests and serves largely in the same vein as Aston Martin’s Q-Division and its ability to create wild one-off models. The GranTurismo Prisma is the first of the duo and its supposed to use its paintwork to help celebrate the past with the model having 14 different paint colors. 12 of the colors are visual reminders of history, the Amaranto purple for example was offered in the 1940s while Oro Longchamps made its debut on the 1973 Khamsin. The remaining two colors are modern hues with all of them being covered in over 8,500 letters that spell out all the Maserati models the company has made with each one being crafted by hand onto the second layer of paint.

Meanwhile, the GranTurismo Luce is not quite as brash as the Prisma but it’s supposed to be a sneak peek into Maserati’s future. This particular one-off features a mirror like finish for the paint, a laser etched image, and a hue that Maserati says is almost absent of color. The company says that this characteristic allows the car to blend into the background. Both the Prisma and the Luce were only shown as sketches so it remains to be seen how all of this measures up when they leap off the pages of fantasy and into the world of reality. The interior of the Luce also reportedly uses a type of recycled nylon called EcoNyl


What The Future Has In Store?

For the moment, Maserati didn’t reveal whether either of these one-offs are destined for more mass oriented production but there is a chance that one or both of these models could perhaps reappear in a semi-limited production run. As for the standard GranTurismo it’s almost to dealer lots with the first models making their trek to customers later this month. The coupe will lead the charge for now but the GranCabrio droptop will follow suit shortly after. The coupe version will have a base price of $174,000 while the GranCabrio will have a small premium to reflect its open top nature.