Bentley Teases Two Seat Bacalar, First Two Seat Bentley Since 1930s

In an era where Bentley models are perhaps the most elegant and sumptuous models on the market today, the Crewe based firm is ready to lift the veil off of an all new Bentley offering that not only pushes the bar on proper Bentley luxury, but is also a nod to its history as well.


Dubbed the Bacalar, the model is named after a Mexican lake, and is the newest creation of Mulliner (the oldest coachbuilder in the world) the extremely lavish grand tourer will make its debut at the Geneva Auto Show on March 3rd. While many details surrounding its exterior styling are not known, the company has released an all new teaser image that confirms rumors of the Bacalar being a two seat only affair. This configuration is a big deal for the company since the Bacalar would be only the second Bentley model to offer a two seat layout since the 1930s. The shadowy teaser showcases a rather opulent interior, with high quality leather slathered throughout. We suspect that Bentley’s latest iteration of its infotainment system is also on board, as well as several Bacalar exclusive features to help enhance its exclusivity. Behind the seats are a pair of matching travel suitcases that are made out of the same materials as the cabin, and even incorporate environmentally sustainable materials in their design.

While this is roughly all that Bentley is willing to unveil for the moment (aside from a few other teaser images) the interior image does showcase some clues about the design direction Bentley chose to go, with some of the wrap around elements being inspired by the EXP 100 GT concept that was unveiled back in August of 2019. As for the Bacalar, rumors suggest that it would arrive in the form of a convertible, and that would make sense considering that a two seat layout is the perfect companion to a droptop offering.  We won’t have to wait long though, with Bentley unveiling the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar in a few weeks in Switzerland where it will be unveiled alongside the Bentley Continental GT Mulliner convertible.


Look for pricing to be quite lofty, and the production figure to be quite low when the Bacalar eventually makes its way into formal production. Lastly, while Bentley has not confirmed this detail yet, don’t be surprised if all the production slots for the Bacalar have already been sold out as is the case with other special projects and limited production runs of other bespoke models from other ultra luxury firms.