Edited for Content: Bentley Changes Tack As World’s Oligarchs Go Into Hiding — 2015 Conti GT Speed Updated and Flying Spur V8 Launched

Oh, you are a comically-inept and hopelessly-corrupt politician? Riding high as some kind of monarchy cousin?

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News Flash: your constituents are tired of seeing your multiple Bentley’s running others off the road all over the world.

Your stage winks last for 15 seconds of awkwardness as the kickback cashier’s check peeks from under your lapel? #Byezees.

15MY_GT_Speed_dynamic_1 15MY_GT_Speed_dynamic_2 15MY_GT_Speed_dynamic_3 15MY_GT_Speed_dynamic_4

As Ukraine’s people write the blueprint for taking down these fat-cats — the rest of the world’s hate-regimes best take note: your time is rapidly running out.

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Very aware of the times, Bentley has updated two of its most important models in hopes of bringing them a bit closer to Earth.

The Bentley range is exceptional and a well-earned purchase for many people who are not corrupt and in hiding within their own borders. Heck, even the most evil men in history were never called “stupid.”

15MY_GT_Speed_front 15MY_GT_Speed_profile 15MY_GT_Speed_rear 15MY_GT_Speed_static

So there is real value in the Bentley range. It just needs to change with the times.

To do so, today Bentley rolled out the revised 2015 Continental GT Speed and the 2015 Flying Spur V8. Both smart ways to stoke the sales engines in a time when driving a Bentley in many depressed regions just became a health risk.

So what are the updates to the GT Speed?

They include a darker style all around, standard dark-tinted headlights, a lower splitter and racing side sills, and a light makeover down below in back. Nothing too sniper-y.

Flying_Spur_V8_Exterior_1 Flying_Spur_V8_Exterior_3

The lower front bumper is the most-revised element on first glance.

The GT Speed, as we know, is offered only with the W-12 engine. The GT V8 S is a bit sexier and cheaper, to these eyes, but then again. (V8 S Shown below)

2014 Bentley GTC V8 Animated GIF

I barely even know any politicians at all, so count me out. Plus: my bribes would never work at the borders, either.

15MY_GT_Speed_dynamic_4 15MY_GT_Speed_front_cabin 15MY_GT_Speed_rear_cabin

They’d ring as hollow as the Soviet force shown from Sevestopol to Vladivostock.

The Conti Gt V8 S is absolutely flawless, objectively, versus these long-dead relic Soviet bases.

GTC Animation V8 S Dark Tinted Lamps


Barcroft Media - Kremlin Krumlbin at Isle of Assholes GIF

Island of Askold –  Photo Credits Dailymail.co.uk

Forget the Kremlin… this fortified base is Krumblin: Russian military outpost littered with rusting tanks and guns can now be visited by the public

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2286126/Forget-Kremlin–fortified-base-Krumblin-Russian-military-outpost-littered-rusting-tanks-guns-visited-public.html#ixzz2uLYXOn00


Post Script: This is a philosophy-based critique versus anything currently in politics anywhere — or, frankly, anything directly to do with Bentley.


But I stand by my opinions.

The History of Western Thought by Bertrand Russel is a must-read to avoid these repeat mistakes on a grand scale.

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Official Details Below from Bentley.



  • Styling enhancements and even more power for flagship Continental GT Speed as the fastest production Bentley ever
  • Luxury tailored packages introduced across Continental family
  • New Flying Spur luxury sedan attracts new customers with V8 power
  • New GT Speed and Flying Spur V8 debut at Geneva Motor Show 2014

(Crewe, England. 25 February 2014) Bentley announces a suite of luxury options and specification updates to its Continental family of luxury Grand Tourers, led by enhancements to the styling, power, torque and performance of the pinnacle Continental GT Speed. Meanwhile, the new Flying Spur luxury sedan is now available with Bentley’s powerful yet efficient 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 engine, introducing the appeal of this luxury sedan to a wider premium audience. These new models will be unveiled as part of Bentley’s presence at the Geneva Motor Show from 4th March 2014.

Flying_Spur_V8_Exterior_4 Flying_Spur_V8_Exterior_5 Flying_Spur_V8_Front_Cabin

Enhanced power and style for Continental GT Speed

The capabilities of Bentley’s flagship Grand Tourer, the Continental GT Speed are cemented further in 2014 with enhancements to its supercar performance and unrivalled refinement.

Bentley’s iconic 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 engine has been pushed even further, now developing 635 PS (626 bhp / 467 kW) and a record 820 Nm of torque. The new Bentley GT Speed coupe reaches a top speed of 206 mph (331 km/h) – the fastest production Bentley ever – while the revised convertible can reach 203 mph (327 km/h). With its Speed chassis setup of a lowered and stiffened suspension, the most powerful car in the Continental family offers the most high performance and luxurious Grand Touring experience.


The extra dynamic performance of the Continental flagship model is complemented by a more distinctive visual presence. The sharp front splitter, discrete side skirts and elegant rear diffuser are finished to match the exterior paint colour for the first time. The new GT Speed is given a more signature look through the use of a dark tint finish applied to the 21” Speed wheel design, headlamps and tail lamps. The exterior modifications are completed with red-painted brake callipers and a stylish chrome “Speed” badge fitted to the front fenders, while a new signature Speed paint colour of Candy Red is now available.

The visual changes continue inside the cabin of the GT Speed, starting with a completely new colour split reserved exclusively for the Speed models. Starting with a dark monotone interior, accent stripes in a contrasting colour are applied across the doors, rear panels, fascia wings, inner console and gear lever. Matching contrasting stitching is then sewn to various aspects of the cabin, with a new cost option to continue contrast stitching through the diamond quilting of the seats and doors. Speed branding is also sewn to the front and rear headrests, while a subtle yet elegant chrome “Speed” badge adorns the passenger side fascia panel.

2014 enhances luxury in the Continental family

Alongside the launch of the new Speed models, 2014 also brings enhancements across the entire Continental family. While options are still offered on an individual basis, seven distinct packages are now available:

  • Premier Specification: enhances the cabin of the Continental with additional technology and comfort. It includes massaging and ventilated seats, the Naim for Bentley premium audio system, a rear view camera, twin front arm rests and a valet key.
  • Interior Style Specification: combines the very best of Bentley hand‑craftsmanship for the ultimate tailored cabin. Includes contrast stitching to the entire cabin, whilst deep pile overmats are included and feature contrasting leather binding. Including the optional cross‑stitching element brings unparalleled attention to detail, with 37 hours of additional crafting and over 600 metres of thread.
  • GT Classic Specification: Available for GT W12 model and enhancing traditional styling cues, including bright chrome front matrix grilles, veneered door and rear quarter panels, boot carpet matched to the interior and the hand-crafted stowage case complimenting the centre console finish.
  • All-Seasons Specification: makes the Continental Convertible models even more comfortable when driving roof-down in cooler temperatures. It includes the in-seat neck warmers, removable wind deflector and a heated steering wheel.
  • Mulliner Driving Specification: available on all Continental models, this package brings a sporting set of features to the specification, including diamond quilting to seats and doors, a knurled gear lever, drilled alloy foot pedals and the “Jewel” fuel and oil filler caps.
  • GT V8 S Sport Specification: includes Carbon-Ceramic brakes with red-painted callipers, a Sports exhaust and carbon fibre fascia panels.
  • Classic Mulliner Styling Specification: Available for GT W12 and GT Speed models, this accentuates the elegant shape of the Continental with a front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser all in carbon fibre.

Deliveries of the new Continental family models commence in the summer.

An introduction to the world’s best luxury sedan

A new V8 powertrain is being introduced to the Bentley Flying Spur, giving customers the option of a new interpretation of this luxury sedan. Complementing the Flying Spur flagship W12 model, the V8 sedan provides the opportunity to experience the Flying Spur’s unique blend of sculpted, sleek coachwork, exquisite craftsmanship and advanced on-board technology. The Flying Spur V8 will draw new customers to Bentley, looking to upgrade from a premium sedan.

Bentley’s renowned 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 engine develops 507 PS (500 bhp / 373 kW) and 660 Nm, powering the Flying Spur V8 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds (0-100 km/h in 5.2 seconds) and on to a top speed of 183 mph (295 km/h). This impressive performance comes with a fuel range of 520 miles (840 km), thanks to the highly efficient engine that includes cylinder deactivation, intelligent thermal management and electrical recuperation.

As in the Flying Spur W12, the engine feeds power through a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission to a continuous all-wheel drive system that provides reassuring stability and traction in all road and weather conditions. With ride comfort of vital importance, the independent computer-controlled air suspension of the Flying Spur V8 maximises impact absorption and isolation.

Subtle styling differentiates the Flying Spur V8 from its flagship W12 sibling. Figure of eight chromed exhaust finishers signify the alternative powertrain, while the famous Bentley winged badge receives the usual red centre to denote the V8 engine. The front bumper grilles are finished in black, with a black “wing” insert.

The Flying Spur V8 comes complete with a suite of on-board technology to make it an ideal place for work or relaxation on the move. An innovative Touch Screen Remote, deployed from the veneered rear centre console at the touch of a button, allows control of the car’s climate and infotainment systems from the comfort of the rear seat, while the optional Multimedia Specification brings an extensive Rear Seat Entertainment system.

The Flying Spur V8 has a monotone interior colour split, Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus wood veneer, a single-piece three-person rear seat, single front armrest, 19” Classic alloy wheels in a painted finish and a choice of seven exterior paints and four interior colours.

Customers wishing to upgrade their Flying Spur V8 can opt for the Flying Spur V8 Mulliner.  The Mulliner Driving Specification adds diamond quilting, a knurled gear lever, drilled alloy pedals, an indented leather headlining, “Jewel” fuel and oil filler caps and embroidered Bentley wings to all headrests. 20-inch five-spoke painted alloy wheels are fitted as standard, as is the 4+1 rear seat system including fully adjustable seats with lumbar support and seat heating. The standard veneer range is extended to include luxurious Dark Stained Burr Walnut and Piano Black finishes, while the full range of 17 hide colours and four additional colour splits is available.

Customer deliveries of the new Flying Spur V8 will commence in the spring.

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