Bentley Teases Brand New Mystery Model, Will Debut It On May 10th

Bentley is coming off the heels of a strong sales year with the British automaker delivering over 14,000 vehicles to customers last year. That’s a 31 percent increase and the company revealed that it’s just getting started in its long-term plans with a new teaser pointing at an all-new model which will make its debut on May 10th.


A Mystery For Now But More Luxury Is A Plus

Bentley also released a lone teaser image in its announcement and it appears to be a shadowy look at the driver’s side door panel. Warm purple-hued ambient lights highlight the door speaker which features several rhomboid shapes and is accented further below by more lightning. That said, the teaser image does appear to confirm that the model will not be a radically new model but instead could be a variant of the company’s current lineup. With the Continental and the Flying Spur competing in their own segments, Bentley’s move here could be focused on maximizing profit and that means a variant of the Bentayga SUV

When we tested the Bentayga sometime ago we pointed out that the SUV is capable of cramming an insane amount of luxury into its flanks and it appears that this new model is indeed giving customers more content. We suspect that it might be a long-wheelbase version of the Bentayga which would allow the brand to capitalize on a recent trend toward longer SUVs with models like the Range Rover LWB, Escalade ESV, and even the recently unveiled Jeep Grand Wagoneer L all trying to sell the classic phrase: “bigger is better” to buyers. The Bentayga is at the extreme end of the pricing swimming pool, but a long-wheelbase variant would allow it to be much roomier while also making it a better option for buyers looking for a large limoesque entry to haul their friends.


All Will be Revealed on May 10th

Bentley claims that the new model will bring “an extra dimension of onboard wellness” and that it will be at the pinnacle of the model totem pole. Those ambitious statements could mean that Bentley will finally have a proper flagship model in its roster with the Bentayga already serving as the unofficial range-topper for the brand after the Mulsanne was quietly retired several years ago. 

The wait also includes word on final pricing information, but look for this new Bentley offering to come with a price tag that formally suits its range-topping ambitions while also bringing it closer to the Rolls Royce Cullinan (despite Rolls’s insistence that they are not rivals.)