2015 MANSORY S63 Coupe Is Garish At First, But Actually Fantastic Widebody

 2015 Mansory S63 CoupeOkay, okay…. We hear you.

“This thing is hideous inside and out.”

“Matte paint and matte wraps are so 2011.”

“The interior looks like a not-great way to spend $100k.”

 But step back from the details of this one-off Diamond Edition, and the MANSORY S63 Coupe is actually a sweet set of mods. By the way, those formica-looking black accents are carbon-fiber with flecks of jewels and crystals inside. Fancy.

But the real benefits to the appearance of the Mansory S63 Coupe are more subtle. A new lower bumper is far more intense, aggressive and open. Unique lower bumper flaps near each side are capped with stunning LEDs in a nice swish of light. Gorgeous with the OEM lighting.2015 Mansory S63 Coupe 2 2015 Mansory S63 Coupe 7

All this underhood air needs to escape though, or will cause lift at high speeds. Enter — or exit, rather — the giant carved-out vent behind the front fenders. The fenders themselves are also a fill three inches wider on each side with nicely-integrated flares.

Lower scoops in the new sill extensions and an all-new rear fender/bumper change round out the upgrades to the bodywork. It is a really cool look, helping the S63 to feel lower and meaner than the stock model. A problem for the gorgeous new S-Class Coupe is that they all look good. Not much differentiates the S63 and S65 from the also-stunning S550.

This Mansory upgrade definitely solves that problem in gorgeous fashion.

Just be careful when selecting paintwork, carbon-fiber styles or interior decor…!

2015 Mansory S63 Coupe

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March 2015


at the 2015 Geneva Int. Motor Show


MANSORY refines the new Mercedes S-Class Coupé AMG S63 to a drivable piece of jewellery


Only three months after the S-Class sedan, MANSORY now presents its refinement program for the Mercedes sports Coupé at the Geneva Motor Show. Masculine body extensions, powerful 986 HP and artfully hand-crafted interior modifications characterise the S 63 AMG Coupé refinement program baptised by MANSORY with the name DIAMOND EDITION.


MANSORY refining program limits fine-tuning of the series chassis for the sedan whereas for the S-63 coupé, no stone is left unturned. Extensive modifications transform the series design into a muscular athletic package. The redesigned front with its LED day driving lights and the powerful cooling air inlets ensures an awe-inspiring appearance. The new lightweight hood with integrated NACA nozzles complete the MANSORY air control system optimised for the supply of fresh air to the front motor. The new carbon fender at the front and the seamlessly integrated spacers on rear fenders widen the sides by 50 millimetres and give the S-Coupé its distinctive and dynamic appearance. Additionally, perfect harmony is maintained with the new side skirts as well as the carbon housing of the side mirrors. The roof spoiler and rear lip made of carbon fibre as well as the diffuser style designed rear bumper, complete the sporty look. But not only do the MANSORY components look good through the in-house autoclave manufacturing from the carbon material, they are also extremely durable and especially light. No other company in the market is as closely linked to the use of carbon fibre as MANSORY. These specialists manufacture and process this ultra-light, extremely strong material taken from the world of motorsport in their own in-house autoclaves, which means they don’t have to rely on suppliers. This gives them complete freedom in the scope, fit and design of components.


The MANSORY sports exhaust for the DIAMOND EDITION is responsible for a throaty and imposing sound. The rear silencer, which is made from stainless steel with its angular twin tailpipes, perfectly integrates itself into the newly designed rear section. But MANSORY is much more than just a powerful sound. Even the performance potential of the eight-cylinder biturbo is utilised by the engine developers at MANSORY. MANSORY has completely revised the aggregate of the S 63 AMG and installed genuine high-performance components with the M1000 performance Kit: With this Power-Upgrade, connecting rods, big end bearings, crankshaft, bearing bushings, turbocharger, suction and compressor system, as well as many other parts replace the serial parts. Together with the newly conceived pipe fan manifolds this results in superb performance values. Instead of 576 hp (430 kW) the heavily modified S Class now achieves an impressive 985 hp (735 kW) while the maximum torque climbs to an electronically limited 1,400 Nm at 1,500 – 3,500 rpm. So when fired up the MANSORY DIAMOND EDITION rockets to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and only stops at an electronically regulated 300 km/h.


The rim program is impressive in both its scale and its extent. Whether stylishly sporty or luxuriously refined- MANSORY offers various wheel designs and sizes. The latest development is the one-piece 22 inch Multispoke alloy wheel. As for perfect tyres, MANSORY recommends ULTRAC SESSANTA tyres from Vredestein in size 255/30/ZR22 on the front axle and 295/25/ZR22 on the rear axle.

 2015 Mansory S63 Coupe 3 mansory-mb_s-class_coupe-6

Totally in keeping with the Mercedes traditional brand which in the interior places value on comfort, elegance but also sportiness, MANSORY offers exclusive interior applications: Therefore aluminium pedals as well as the newly designed steering wheel give a sporty accent. The set of foot mats, which are framed in leather with embroidered MANSORY emblem, as well as the illuminated door sill trims, underline the elegant effect. A highlight of the interior refinement is the elaborately hand-shirred and expertly stitched seats. On request MANSORY will individualise the complete interior in their in-house saddlery with leather, carbon, wood or other exclusive materials.


You will find more information about the exclusive programme for Mercedes-Benz on the www.mansory.com website

 mansory-mb_s-class_coupe-5 mansory-mb_s-class_coupe-4 mansory-mb_s-class_coupe-7 2015 Mansory S63 Coupe 10

About MANSORY Design & Holding GmbH:

British high-class vehicles, and their particular flair, have always been the passion of the company’s namesake and founder, Kourosh Mansory. This enthusiasm resulted in him spending several years in England and also led to a personal commitment to automotive values such as tradition, hand crafting and sophisticated technology. So right from the founding of the company in 1989, special attention was paid to the brands Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin and Ferrari. In the middle of 2001, the company moved from Munich to the Fichtelgebirge area: At its new headquarters in the town of Brand, not far from the Wagnerian city of Bayreuth, the experienced team develops and produces high end tuning in all disciplines of vehicle building and has established itself as a qualified supplier to several vehicle makers.


Manufacturing at the highest technical level, combined with outstanding workmanship and the finest materials represent the quality standard of the MANSORY company. The basis of the MANSORY technology programme consists of harmoniously designed aerodynamic programmes, ultra light aluminium wheel rims and powerful increases in engine power output, while high quality accessories and stylish interior equipment supplement the product range. Whether distinctively sporty, or extravagant and high-end, the MANSORY engineers ensure a feeling of comfort and authority.


MANSORY now has a team of more than 200 employees and can fulfil nearly every automotive desire of its exclusive clientele. The company does that in Germany and worldwide through its selected distribution partners.


 2015 Mansory S63 Coupe