Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Blackline Embraces Noir Vibes, Expands Customization

The Bentley Continental GT and GT Convertible are still a very luxurious way to celebrate the finer things of life, especially when equipped with the Mulliner Package. But what if you’re a discerning buyer that wants to blend all of this world-class performance and luxury with the noir styling that can only come from sinister black accents. The British luxury carmaker thinks it has found a perfect balance with the all-new Mulliner Blackline edition.


Noir Is In Style

Like other blackout packages that we have seen from other automakers, this one takes the existing chrome pieces and replaces them with blacked-out accents. Bentley’s transformation didn’t require anything new and instead only required the firm to add the Mulliner package to the existing Blackline package. Bentley is also looking to build on existing sales, with 38 percent of Continental GTs ordered featuring the Blackline trim. With this strong figure, it naturally makes sense to expand on the Blackline’s popularity by giving wealthy customers an expanded pool of options especially with the Mulliner package.

But back to the car itself, and the first change that buyers will notice is the 22-inch black wheels which feature self-leveling center caps and a small chrome ring that surrounds them. The black-out package is pretty extensive but the two notable exceptions are the Bentley badges and the edges of the front grille with the latter helping to add some pop to the car. The interior here follows the same script that we have seen in other Mulliner-equipped Bentleys with buyers having a large pool of hues and other features to choose from. For it’s part, Bentley has eight recommended color combinations it suggests to buyers (in the event they let the company choose for them) with all of them delivering opulent levels of style and luxury.

The package’s role as a design-focused special means that the performance hardware was untouched with buyers still having the option of choosing either the base 4.0 liter 542 hp twin-turbocharged V8 or the optional 626 hp 6.0 liter W12 which allows the Continental to smash through the 600 hp barrier on its way to a top speed of 155 mph. The car Bentley featured in its press images is a European model with right-hand drive but look for the combination to make its way to U.S. bound models in the near future.