Bentley Speed Edition 12 Special Edition Models Cover All Nameplates, Celebrate W12 Engine

Bentley’s long-running 6.0-liter W12 engine has played a number of roles over the years. While the twin-turbocharged wonder is primarily known for its time in Bentley badged vehicles, it has also appeared in the Volkswagen Phaeton, Audi A8 and even the Spyker C12 La Turbie and Zagato models. With this diverse of a resume, it’s no wonder why the W12 has become an icon in the automotive world. Sadly, its time in the spotlight is rapidly coming to an end with Bentley confirming that it will be ending production of the bespoke engine in 2024. Before it goes away though, Bentley will be celebrating in style with the all-new Speed Edition 12 lineup of special edition Bentley models.


Speed 12 Edition Covers All Bentley Models

Unlike other special edition models that are typically limited to a single nameplate, the Speed Edition 12 treatment will be available on all Bentley models. The only minor difference centers around where the Speed 12 emblem is placed. On the Continental and Continental GTC models, the emblem is on the front fender while the Bentayga and Flying Spur move it onto the rear pillar. All models will have a numbered plaque on the engine cover which will denote their place in the lineup.

The Blackline package will be standard on all of these models with each one getting silver brake calipers and large 22-inch wheels. The other major change for these models is the addition of a new edition exclusive hue called Opalite which is a combination of light gray and green with infused copper accents that are supposed to create a unique visual effect when the sun shines on it. The interior also gets a few exclusive touches too with buyers being able to choose from either Beluga White or a two-tone mix that infuses the Beluga hue with Brunel Blue, Cricketball Red, Linen or Orange. Bentley is even crafting a scale model of the W12 for all owners with the aluminum being sourced from an actual W12 engine block.

As the name implies, all models will get their performance from the fore-mentioned 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W12 engine which makes 650-horsepower and is mated to an eight-speed automatic. Bentley revealed that it has made over 100,000 examples of the W12 but the Speed 12 Edition will be limited to only 120 examples each for all models. The W12 is making way for Bentley’s all-electric future with the company claiming that BEVs will form a core part of Bentley’s business moving forward.