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Third update.  Still trying to figure this out.

Just kidding. For boring technical reasons, the GIFs will be made static just for the main homepage and category pages. Post pages will act as normal.

BETA Image UX: Animated GIFs

Hey guys,

Just a quick note about the user experience (UX) of the website.

We’ve heard many times from many people that the animated GIFs were a problem. At minimum, slow-to-load …. and at maximum, an eyesore and turnoff from enjoying the content.

Over the last two months, we’ve attempted to make things better with a far more relaxed pace between images. From 77-milliseconds as the default, we bumped up to one second between images. Then two seconds. Then 250-milliseconds… and finally a round 300-milliseconds between images.nsx debut

We were reluctant to ditch the animations altogether; they are part of why is so much cooler than boring old print magazines, or even iPad editions of great magazines like Evo or TopGear.

We are testing currently a new solution. The GIFs are still present and accounted-for, but will generally animate and start their ‘slideshow’ on mouseover. They are largely disabled on mobile — but you can click them open to a new tab in mobile, where they still animated automatically.

The new GIF setup will start playing on desktops when you roll over the image. GIFs will be labelled with a small circle saying “GIF” in the center of the image.Picture1

What is the downside? Nothing… once everything is converted. For a few days, the gifs may not have their grey GIF circle and might not roll-over animate. But, in theory, they will….

Thanks for getting through this admittedly dull info update. To jazz things up, here are 20 new, real-life photos of the stunning 2017 Ford GT.

– Tom

2017 Ford GT

ford gt1