Volta Confirms First “Volta Hub” Facility, Paves Way For EV Adoption

Volta Trucks has been making waves in the commercial truck market. While the bulk of their efforts have been mostly confined to Europe, the company is still confident that electrification in the commercial segment will be the new way forward, and has launched the first Volta Service Hub location in Paris, France.


Follows On The Heels Of Volta Zero Trials

This latest announcement comes as Volta is preparing for the first consumer evaluations of the Volta Zero which are slated to begin in the middle of next year. These trucks will see duty in a wide variety of settings, but all of them will need periodic service to keep them at their best.

That’s where the Volta Hub comes into play with the first one being built in Bonneuil-sur-Marne a suburb just outside Paris. The hub will also serve logistic centers in the region including Rungis, Orly, and Bonneull with companies in these areas already having distribution warehouses ready for Volta trucks.

The confirmation of our first Truck as a Service Hub is a significant milestone on our journey to the production of our vehicles. Uptime is critical for our customers, and the forthcoming opening of this facility gives our customers the confidence to know where their vehicles will be maintained to the highest standards,” says Casper Norden, Volta’s Chief Fleet Solutions Officer.

Hub To Cover Multiple Roles

The core mission of the hub is to help minimize downtime in servicing with the Paris location featuring eight service bays and Volta exclusive equipment designed to maximize ease of service.

Along with servicing the trucks, the hub will also be an administration center with the built-in call center promising 24 hr customer service. A Volta training academy will also be on site to help train new operators on how to drive and operate the Zero.


Volta To Expand Hub Network

In addition to the Paris facility, Volta is also planning to build additional hubs in Madrid, Milan, the Rhine-Ruhr region in Germany, and the Randstand area in the Netherlands.

Each site has the enviable combination of not only having good access to highways and existing infrastructure, but also have the ability to cover and service large metropolitan areas which in turn will allow the Volta team to get distinct data of the Zero in multiple markets.