1986 Lotus 98T/3 F1 Car of Ayrton Senna – Animated 3D Cutaway by Roy Scorer, Tech Illustrator Extraordinaire


Ed’s Intro:  Please welcome a brilliant new contributor: Roy Scorer.

Roy shares a detailed, step-by-step demonstration of his artistic process here — and it is a fascinating display, indeed!

Why is this all so special?  Let’s zoom out for a moment, and know that even in 2016 and with unlimited processing power… 3D ‘cutaway’ technical illustrations of a car’s engine, chassis and mechanicals are all done by hand.  CAD-CAM etc is lovely for surface details, but is singular in that purpose.  To actually “see” inside a car takes near-surreal understanding of every component, from every angle.  Even after photographing a car with and without its body panels, the designer still must detail the cylinders under that camshaft cover, for example, by his or her own expertise.

We’re thrilled to share Roy’s work here — starting with a true motoring icon: the 1986 Lotus F1 car driven by Ayrton Senna.

1986 Lotus 98T/3 F1 Car of Ayrton Senna – Animated 3D Cutawayroy scorer lotus f1 technical drawings animation

Lotus 98T Photo Credits: TheLotusForums

1986 Lotus 98T/3 Ayrton Senna’s car is a popular car so thought we’d start with this one.

I am a technical illustrator from Swindon UK and in my spare time have been illustrating race cars from standard side profile views to ¾ 3D cutaway/ghosted views.

I produce the illustrations from photographs where I photograph the car/bike/truck  with and without body work and wheels etc depending on how much detail needed to be shown.  And depending on what panels etc are easily removed.  I can also convert a cad/3D solid works type image of an area i.e. front wheel, brakes and suspension  setup, into an digital airbrushed ghosted type illustration.

The artwork is of the  best quality and can be used for magazine double page spread quality to exhibition display and has even been used by M-Sport as a graphic of their Fiesta S2000 SWRC car on the side of an articulated 40′ trailer.

Info about me can be found http://www.automotiveartists.com/roy-scorer/

Roy Scorer

Technical Illustrator