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A free new curator that holds all your interests in one place?  Then expands and grows with help from millions of like-minded web-surfers?

MrOwl is promising just that with its roll-out of a system for storing and discovering hyper-specialized interest areas.  Collaborative topic branches intend to make MrOwl into the best of forums and visual discovery engines.

We took the leap and tried it out this week with a few new @Car_Revs_Daily branches.  We started with the idea of a luxury sedans ranking, but realized the better way to organize might be by car brand.

What does all this mean?  Well, let’s start with the BMW M760.  Those who follow CRD know its shocking power really left a drive impression the other week.  WOW!

So, we have a BMW 7 Series branch now on MrOwl, to share our favorite resources about the engine model generation – 740e, 740i and 750 as well as the Alpina B7.

Now, this branch subtopic expands to the new 5 series.  We have these each as subtopics under the overall ‘Best Luxury Cars’ branch.  Now we have a few dozen photos and links of all the best 5 series articles and information.

These interest areas are so specialized that they attract and form a community grouping.  My BMW posts populate the overall BMW Branch on MrOwl as an automotive brand.  MrOwl then becomes a digital HOME for all your specific interests.

You will also find other car enthusiasts who are just as madly in love with Rolls-Royces as you are! From the custom wide-bodies to the stock power-boats-on-wheels… the Double-R is close to the heart.  Now when anybody is seeking the latest Black Badge photos or Dawn Inspired by Fashion details… they will have our CRD highlights close to hand through our MrOwl branch.

The idea is to find new corners of the web that your normal google searches are omitting things that might not make the first page of results – but are still game-changers for people who adore that content.

Our last brand sub-topic during the foray into @Car_Revs_Daily on MrOwl was for Mercedes-Benz.  What a lineup these days!

And even three stand-alone brands: MB proper, Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Maybach.  We shared a first look at the new C63-S Coupe launch edition via photos and links.  Plus a detailed photo flyaround of the ridiculously posh new S650 Maybach Convertible.

To really get some Grabs and Hearts for the @Car_Revs_Daily branches on MrOwl, we capped things off with an all-time hero machine: the new G-Class 4×4 squared.  This G550 4×4 absolutely towers over the G65 parked next to it!

If you pursue your passions across the internet like me, you know that great reads, great photos and great online adventures are getting harder to find online.  And harder to recall the next time – what was the name of that blog?

Our favorite part of MrOwl so far is that topic groupings and clusters are so incredibly organized.  This is a fun way to find cool things across the enormous global web of 2017 and beyond.

Next steps?  Download the free MrOwl app and follow @Car_Revs_Daily, of course!

But also – dig deep.  Share your interests and knowledge with the world in a hyper-organized and fun way.

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