What To Watch: NISMO GT Academy Is High-Quality, Big-Budget Reality Competition!

Updated 11.10.14

The new season of GT Academy is online and watchable via the below YouTube embed! To celebrate, we’ve paired the episode with some of the coolest NISMO cars from SEMA 2014.

Mostly, relaxing for me is commercial-free online television of some kind.

Just stumbled upon the latest for GT Academy, and feel compelled to share this exciting series.

Imagine a mix of a few shows like Toughest Soldier Challenge, TopGear, … and … America’s Next Top Model…. and you will get an idea of what GT Academy offers viewers.

Instead of shooting or pouting, these guys train to be real NISMO athletes on the racing tour, globally.

From out of the basement and into racing-prepped GT-Rs, 370Zs, and many more.

Reality competition is the show structure, but this is no self-shot affair. High-definition camera-work, production and editing means this is 30 minutes of true, quality car-guy TV — gamer or no gamer.

Enjoy the latest episode above — which is fun even for non-gamers. How do we know?

My relationship with computer and video games is not stellar. I have only ever played a few games, including Donkey Kong Country as a child, Goldeneye with my buddies for years in high-school, and later: Gran Turismo on PlayStation in my 20s.

I was never good at any of the games versus neighbor kids who owned consoles, if I am honest.

I played GT4 religiously for months with a buddy. A-spec, B-spec, LeMans cars — we got really far in the game.

Bought a PS3 for GT5 and played that one solo. Got busy or lost interest, but in terms of the SouthPark “console wars” I am definitely in the Sony camp.gt academy gif10382512_10154790419355375_8728211215774490278_o 10636941_10154790418115375_4354874277801035541_o 10351320_743797048988726_6924661517072100694_n 10619946_10154790420955375_7333400726037108051_o 10750144_10154790421330375_3410200048686140484_o 10468196_10154790419670375_7485354967587561734_o 10750232_10154790419935375_9019660196774092871_o 10397065_10154790416025375_6366677649320094341_o 10515335_10154790415975375_4388042801040754571_o 10682218_10154790415910375_7925969607885730300_o



Toughest Test Yet for GT Academy Graduates


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