Honda Reveals 2023 Civic Type R Power Numbers, Also Shows Off New Surprises

When we last saw the 2023 Honda Civic Type R, the Japanese auto giant offered what equated to a small sample platter to the masses of fans and loyalists. We got to see the revamped exterior styling that made the new Type R stand out in the crowd, but the company chose not to reveal what kind of power numbers this new model is capable of. Thankfully, Honda has finally delivered the main course and detailed this missing category and some surprises too.   No Hybrid But 315 hp Turbo Four Is Still A Potent Type R Trump Card An …

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Honda Teases 2023 Pilot TrailSport, Promises Big Things Are Coming

Honda’s TrailSport lineup is out to show that the Japanese automaker can blaze a trail off the beaten path when called to do so. The new trim level has proven to be popular with customers with the Ridgeline and Passport TrailSport models all boasting strong sales from buyers looking for an edgier Honda for their driveways. However, there’s one final missing link in the family, and Honda has chosen to rectify this with the newly updated 2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport.   Pilot Brings Family Commuting To The Harshest Of Trails Honda’s lone teaser image is about as vague as it …

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2023 Honda Civic Type R Refines The Art Of Brawn, Comes Packed With New Technology

It’s not often that we get the chance to see a new chapter in the history of the Type R. While the model is technically in its sixth generation, here in the U.S. it’s serving as a sequel to the last iteration of the Type R which introduced the R model to U.S. buyers and finally brought an enviable slice of forbidden fruit to our shores. But the outgoing model was too brash and too crude in some regards for its won good. Honda is out to change that with the 2023 Civic Type R which aims to be a …

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2023 Honda CR-V Arrives Bigger And Better Than Ever, Sport Trim Goes Hybrid

The Honda CR-V has always been the proverbial bread and butter model for Honda, with the current generation being in service since 2016. You would be hard-pressed to remember just how different a globe it was back then, especially with the notion of a pandemic being a borderline fantasy. Alot has changed in those six years, but the CR-V’s need to innovate hasn’t, which is why Honda chose to finally unveil the 2023 Honda CR-V as it seeks to gain the attention of more younger buyers in this hotly contested segment.   CR-V No Longer The Butt Of Jokes In …

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Honda Releases New Footage Of 2023 Type R On Nurburgring, Confirms Wait Is Nearly Over

Honda is confirming that the wait for the next-generation Type R is nearly over with the Japanese auto giant confirming that the updated model will make its global debut this summer. In the meantime, Honda reps have decided to deliver a consolation prize and released an all-new video highlighting the Type R’s recent trip to the famed Nurburgring Nordschliefe raceway in Germany.   Civic Type R, A Track Ready Beast The 39-second video that Honda released doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking here, the car is still camouflaged, and it appears to still have the chops to back up the checks that …

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2023 Honda CR-V Brings Fresher Looks, New Technology To Model

Honda’s long-running CR-V SUV jas become a staple in Honda showrooms and sales, with the model being a potent sales force for the Japanese auto giant. While the model is still relatively fresh when it comes to how long it has been on the shelf, Honda knew that there was room for evolution, and it has released the first tease images of the 2023 CR-V, which adds detail and newfound crispness to the CR-V.   Subtle CR-V Updates Tell A Bigger Story   At first glance, the 2023 CR-V doesn’t deviate too much from what we have seen in the …

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Honda Teases Prologue EV SUV, Points To Bold Direction For Honda And Its Dealerships

We have heard Honda and GM talk about their newly minted venture to help expand the reach and availability of the Ultium battery platform. However, things didn;t move much beyond that point with a lack of solid images balancing out the bold talk. Honda is slowly putting an end to that though and has released a lone teaser image of the Honda Prologue EV SUV which will be the first fruit of the alliance.   Prologue Promises To Be Dynamic Offering While Honda’s image is currently a computerized rendering there’s still alot to dissect here when you look at the …

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2023 Honda Odyssey Pitches LX Trim For All-New Sport Trim, Adds Other Updates

The 2023 Honda Odyssey is proof that Honda knows how to make a good bestseller. Having received a more extensive suite of updates a short while ago, Honda is leaving things largely unchanged for the 2023 model year, but new trims and a newly introduced scheduled maintenance program aim to keep things fresh for a while longer until the Odyssey gets more extensive updates.   Sport Trim Adds Sinister Vibes To Family Hauling Odyssey A notable change here for 2023 is that the Odyssey gets an all-new Sport trim to help appeal to those that want more excitement in their …

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Road Test Comparison – 2022 Mazda 3 Hatchback vs 2022 Honda Civic Si – Which Is Better?

The compact sedan market can be a very interesting place to explore once you have a chance to look at some of the current offerings that are available for consumer consumption. Once relegated to cheap econoboxes that favored thriftiness over performance (hot hatches like the GTI excluded) the segment has rapidly morphed into a different breed with luxury, design, and technology rapidly becoming the key benchmarks as they attempt to stand out against CUVs. The 2022 Mazda 3 and the 2022 Honda Civic Si are two such examples, with both trying to appeal to a broader swath of the market. …

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GM And Honda Confirm EV Plans, First Model Set For Production In 2027

Rumors and borderline confirmations circulated for years about GM and Honda potentially teaming up for an ambitious project aimed at creating an affordable EV model. The two have now made it official with both companies confirming the news earlier today.   Honda To Gain Two New SUV Models A key aspect of this partnership is that Honda will be getting two all new EV utility offerings with the Honda side getting the Prologue while Acura gets a currently unnamed model for the luxury market. This announcement though expands on this and confirms that the deal will focus on affordable EVs …

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Honda And Sony Announce EV Partnership, Will Build Cars Together

Ever wondered what would happen if one of Japan’s largest car companies embarked on a partnership with the firm that’s responsible for the Playstation or television that’s sitting in your living room? We finally have the answer with the surprise announcement that Honda and Sony are partnering together to create EV offerings for consumer consumption.   A Partnership That Makes Sense In The Grand Scheme Of Things While this partnership will not see Honda edition PS5s line the shelves of your local GameStop, it will be a big deal if you’re a buyer of an electrified vehicle. This partnership will …

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2022 Honda Civic Sport Touring Hatchback Review by Ben Lewis

We recently tested the all-new 2022 Honda Civic sedan and loved it. Classy and upgraded inside out with great performance. What’s not to love? So, Honda tells us they now have a new hatchback model, with more utility and – hold on to your hats – an available manual transmission! Time for another road test. Haven’t We Met Before? The hatchback is a near-twin to the sedan – no problem there, we like the sedan’s grown-up look. Like the sedan, the front end has a very Accord-like look, with a prominent forward grille, featuring LED headlights with a cool signature …

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Honda Teases 2023 HR-V SUV, Joins Acura In Sharing Long Term Plans

The road map to the future is full of twists and turns, and many automakers are preparing for a future where green vehicles are rapidly becoming a vital component of the broader sales sphere. Honda is no exception, and the Japanese auto giant has revealed that it not only plans to roll out a next-generation Honda HR-V SUV but also revealed that plug-in hybrid models are not in the final blueprint for both Honda and luxury brand Acura.   Next Generation HR-V Promises To Be Unique For North America The Honda HR-V has made a splash since it arrived on …

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Honda Tweaks Passport Pricing For 2022, Base Model Gone And Price Increases

Honda has released pricing for the 2022 Passport lineup and it appears that the cost of entry is about to go up. However, this is more than just a simple price increase and is in fact a response to current sales demands as Honda prepares to ratchet up its online presence.   Base Passport Trim Axed For More Equipment Unlike some other price increases that we have seen in recent years, Honda’s is not a traditional one and instead involves the axing of the base Sport model. The elimination of the Sport model means that the base trim is now …

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Honda Teases Civic Si Again, Confirms Speedy Honda Will Make Its Debut Tommorow

The current generation Honda Civic is shaping up to be the one where performance and maturity have finally managed to coexist in one sleek package. The reworked sedan and hatchback delivered a Civic that was more polished than its crudely penned predecessor and it even promised to add some spice back into its step. Honda confirmed that it will be debuting the new Civic Si tomorrow, but it has decided to release one final teaser image before we see the sprightly Honda in all of its glory.   Orange Paint And Darkened Taillights Signal Return To Form This latest teaser …

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Car-Revs-Daily Comparision Test – 2021 Hyundai Sonata Limited – The Best Value Sedan?

With SUVs and other utility vehicles rapidly taking center stage in the automotive world, it can be easy to forget that the traditional mid-size sedan market is still a potent battlefield where nameplates come and go, and the ones that survive have to work extra hard to make a name for themselves. That’s the case with the 2021 Hyundai Sonata lineup, which aims to steal the spotlight from the likes of the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. But is the Sonata ahead of the pack in terms of delivering the right blend of equipment, style, and value? To find …

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Honda’s New Trailsport Logo Revealed In Patent Filing, Suggests Off-Road Models Are Coming

While Honda‘s reputation for creating strong selling vehicles with high build quality is pretty much undisputed, the Japanese car giant has never been known for venturing too far into the off-road segment. This is partly due to the company not offering formal body-on-frame models like an SUV or pickup that could take the punishment often associated with going off the beaten path. However, a leaked patent filing suggests that Honda is eying the trail very seriously with a new Trailsport moniker and is perhaps eying the bigger sales that come with it.   What Could Trailsport Bring To Honda? Our …

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Has Honda created a true Golf R killer? We take a second look at the 2021 Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Si for the longest time has always been the de-facto top performance offering for Honda in the United States. But our friends across the pond always had access to something a bit spicier, the Type R. The long wait matched the level of our collective jealousy, but at long last the current generation Type R finally arrived to truly unify the performance car constellations. The Type R has had some time to cement its place in the performance car ranks, and Honda has added some minor updates to the hottest of all Civics for the 2021 model …

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Honda unveils all new 2021 Rebel 1100, promises improved performance and value

Honda’s motorcycle division has been on a roll when it comes to upgrading some of its lineup of motorcycles. Naturally, all of that work also creates its own share of rumors, and one of them centered around the possibility of the company creating an all new iteration of Rebel motorcycle. The company has thankfully confirmed this rumor, and has formally unveiled the 2021 Rebel 1100 Rebel without a cause, well except for style This latest iteration of the Rebel thankfully brings a number of familiar traits to Honda buyers, with the bike continuing to ride on its cruiser style chassis. …

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Honda brings power to the gamers, unveils 2022 Civic Prototype on Twitch

Honda has big plans for the Civic. When we first reported on it yesterday, Honda aimed to make waves with Generation Z, and chose to unveil the 2022 Civic Prototype via Twitch (the first time that an automaker has ever used the service for that purpose.) But we were left wondering, can the 2022 Honda Civic serve as an effective continuation of the Civic nameplate? Especially as younger buyers are rapidly moving towards utility vehicles? Radical styling shift signals more polish is coming to the Civic We learned several things from Honda’s trip to Twitch. The fact that there are …

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2022 Honda Civic promises to be a welcome evolution of iconic marque, 5 things to pay attention to

The venerable Honda Civic has certainly been a trailblazer for the Japanese automaker since it first appeared on the scene several decades ago. The Civic has gone through its fair share of changes and revisions during that time, and the end result is perhaps one of the best compact offerings on the market today. But it’s hard to ignore that the current generation Honda Civic is starting to get long in the tooth, and that change is indeed needed. Honda is planning to do that with the 2022 model, and here’s 5 things that you should know about it. Sleeker …

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Honda brings more aggression, interior tweaks, and new HPD package to 2021 Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline was a very interesting vehicle when it first appeared on the scene. It had some whiffs of the Chevrolet Avalanche when it first appeared, and was supposed to be everything that the old Ridgeline wasn’t. It certainly seemed to be on the right track, with car like comfort, good fuel economy, and even a commendably sized bed. However, the one thing the Ridgeline didn’t have on its side was strong sales numbers, with the truck often being relegated to being a mere afterthought in the sales race. But Honda is not ready to call it quits, and …

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Will Honda: End CBR600RR Production With a Bang? New Report Suggests Yes

The Honda CBR has always been a long standing icon for Honda’s motorcycle division, and it appears that 2021 will be the year that the CBR receives some much needed attention to satiate the needs of bike enthusiasts. A new report appears to have added some further fuel to the fire, with the CBR possibly gaining an upgraded version of the iconic CBR600RR before that offshoot is axed due to tightening environmental regulations.   This is according to the folks at Cycle World who claim that the report is based in information from a “Japanese informant” deep inside the company. …

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Honda Introduces 2020 Hunter Cub CT125, Aims To Dominate Leisure Bike Segment

When it comes to a motorcycle that can be the equivalent of a swiss army knife, few can match the iconic reputation that comes bundled into the Honda Super Cub. An iconic mainstay that has been in near continuous production since the mid 1950s, the Super Cub has evolved over the years to maintain the simplicity and ruggedness that has defined the marque, but adding new technology along the way. Fast forward to 2020, and Honda has once again significantly upgraded the venerable Cub with the unveiling of the all new Hunter Cub CT125. The Hunter Cub returns after a …

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2021 Honda Insight Has Higher Price Tag, Gains New Technology And Color

Honda has released new information regarding the 2021 Honda Insight hybrid. The Insight gains a number of mild updates for the new model year which aim to not only help it remain competitive, but to also help it bring the fight to other hybrid entries that are vying for the top spot in a rapidly evolving marketplace.   A key change is in pricing, with Honda revealing that the base LX model is still holding firm at $23,855 which includes the $955 destination fee. The base feature list also remains largely the same, but the EX and Touring see a …

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2021 Honda Odyssey Brings Enhanced Styling, Tweaked Looks To Minivan Buyers

The current generation Honda Odyssey has been a strong presence in the minivan segment since it made its initial debut in Detroit a few years ago. But age is starting to catch up to the Odyssey, and Honda has unveiled a reworked version that not only enhances its good looks, but also manages to cram in more new technology at the same time. Slated to make its appearance at the 2020 New York Auto Show (barring a coronavirus related cancellation) the Odyssey retains much of the core elements of the old van, but Honda designers have made some aesthetic improvements …

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Honda Unveils Civic Type R Limited Edition, Will Only Build 600 Examples For U.S.

Ever since the Honda Civic Type R made its appearance for the first time ever in the U.S. back in 2017, it has rapidly emerged as one of the best performance cars currently on sale. Honda is very keen on maintaining this reputation, and has unveiled a special track centric version of the Type R for those that need a bit more poise and confidence in their performance sedan purchase. Known as the Civic Type R Limited Edition, the model will not break any new ground when it comes to formal creativity for its name, but Honda hopes that buyers …

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Honda Debuts Mature Version Of Civic Type R, No Wing, More Comfort And Not Coming To America

When Honda unleashed the current generation Civic Type R, its boy racer charms, potent turbocharged four cylinder engine, and a moniker soaked in history were a winning formula for a majority of young buyers. But what if your an older buyer that wants to have plenty of Civic Type R fun but in a more subtle wrapper? Honda has unveiled the answer with the debut of the all new Civic Type R Sport Line. Before we get into what makes this flavor of Civic unique, there is a bit of bad news report with Honda having no plans to send this …

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Motorcycles And Accesibility Highlight 2020 Cleveland IMS Progressive Motorcycle Show

Ever wondered what it would be like to ride a motorcycle? To have the feeling of the wind truly flowing through your hair? While the wind was a bit too cold for formal motorcycle riding, we did the next best thing, and took a detour to Cleveland, Ohio recently to check out the 2020 Progressive International Motorcycle Show. Part of the broader International Motor Cycle Shows series, these shows are designed to not only appeal to long running motorcycle riders, but also new riders looking to enter the world of two wheeling for the first time. But can shows like …

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2019 Honda Passport Elite – Off-Road Test Review – By Matt Barnes

Returning after a 16-year hiatus, the Honda Passport is a large, 2-row CUV that slots between the Pilot and CRV. The Passport is built on the same platform as the Pilot and Ridgeline and uses the same power train, but is six inches shorter, one inch taller with an extra inch of ground clearance. Exterior All Passports come with a blacked-out grill and LED lights, but the Elite we tested had glossy trim throughout and even gloss black wheels. Other trims get a matte finish with polished aluminum or grey wheels. One thing that is immediately apparent is that the …

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Auto Industry Insider: 7 Car Upgrades to Consider in 2020

Looking to improve your car in 2020? The start of a new year is always the best time for making changes and improvements in all areas of your life, including your vehicle. Whether you want to improve the look, comfort or performance of the car (or all three) there are lots of good options for ways in which you can make improvements which will help to make this the best year with your car yet. You do not always have to spend a fortune to make big improvements to your car either – read on for a few suggestions for …

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2020 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T Review by Ben Lewis

We’ve mentioned before that car years are kind of like dog years. Two years in people time can be a long time on the showroom. Take the Honda Accord. When it was introduced as a 2018, it was the new hotness. One of, if not the best reasonably-priced family sedan. Time flies, though, and an all-new Toyota Camry and more recently Nissan Altima are vying to steal the Accord’s steak off the grille while it’s still sizzling. So, is the Honda Accord still hot? Bring Your Oven Mitts Well, in the ficklest of all areas – exterior style – the …

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2019 Honda Civic 1.5T 2dr Touring – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

Love at first sight. Okay, not at first sight. The Honda Civic coupe has been around for a while now, but there’s something special about our tester that keeps us coming back for more. And we have an idea why. It starts with choosing the right Civic We have tested a wide range of Civics, and being enthusiasts, we’ve gravitated to the hi-po models like the Civic Type R, the Civic Si and the grins-for-the-buck Civic Sport.  The first thing we noticed, they’re all 4-doors. And in the case of the Type R (or CTR for those in the know) …

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Road Test Review – 2019 Honda Civic Touring – By Carl Malek

Honda has a lot riding on the shoulders of the 2020 Civic sedan and hatchback. While the Civic still commands a sizable chunk of sales in the compact car market, it’s no secret that the nameplate has felt the pressure in recent years from a resurgence in CUV and SUV demand in the U.S. While the Civic Si and the range topping Type R have helped the Civic bolster its impressive performance credentials, the mainstream Civic has had to use a completely different set of skills to help it maintain its lofty position in Honda’s broader sales pie. The 10th …

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Honda Unveils 2020 CRV Hybrid, Brings All-Wheel Drive To Hybrid Lineup For First Time Ever

The 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid already made its debut in Europe earlier this year, but with the U.S. version of the CR-V due for an update. Honda has unveiled our version of the 2020 CR-V Hybrid, which will be the third hybrid model that Honda will have for sale alongside the Accord and Insight sedans, as well as the first light utility on sale here to benefit from hybrid technology.   Tweaked Exterior And Interior Styling Defines Light Refresh: Honda knows that when it comes to sales, the 2019 CR-V is a very potent winning formula for the Japanese auto …

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Road Test Review – 2019 Hyundai Elantra Sport M/T – By Carl Malek

The battle in the compact sport sedan segment is still heating up despite the rapid ascent of compact crossovers, and the slow introduction of their equally spicy performance variants. While the Honda Civic Si, Volkswagen GLI, and the Subaru WRX have become the established players when it comes to delivering bargain focused performance to selective enthusiasts. An alternative choice that has always been considered the outsider looking in is the venerable Elantra Sport. Hyundai has recently been kickstarting its attempts at being a relevant player in this shrinking but still viable segment. This is thanks mainly to the Veloster and …

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2019 Honda Civic Sport 2.0L 4-Door Manual – Review by Ben Lewis

Ok, we’re going out on a ledge here. But we bet this Civic may become a collectible. Yes, we get that the Civic Type R (or CTR for those in the know) will be a legend. And the current Civic Si is continuing a long line of sweet-performing Si’s. But the Civic Sport seems to go even deeper than that. More to the core of what has always made a Honda a Honda – or a Civic a Civic – for that matter. There’s a simplicity here.  A purity of purpose that typifies the man and the brand. 20-30 years …

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2019 Honda Passport AWD Elite – Review by Ben Lewis

What’s in a name? We’ll skip the Shakespearean reference, and go for the automotive one. Do they make sense? Sometimes. A 911, well that’s a model number. A Maxima – uh, is there a Minima? Now we have the all-new Honda Passport. Wait, we’ve heard that name before. Yep, there was a Honda Passport in the ‘90s. Well sorta. That Passport was a rebadged Isuzu Rodeo, which wasn’t a bad vehicle, and it was a smart idea – Honda needed a compact SUV to fight it out in that red-hot segment. This was three years before the 1997 CR-V would …

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2019 Honda HR-V Sport AWD – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

We’ve tested Honda’s HR-V a while ago and found it surprisingly sporty and fun – especially when equipped in front-wheel-drive with a 6-speed manual transmission. So, when Honda announced a new HR-V Sport model for 2019 we were excited – in Europe, there’s an HR-V Sport with a manual transmission and the 1.5-liter turbo we get here in the Civic. This ain’t Europe. Unfortunately, we’re not getting that Sport. No turbo motor. And for 2019, the manual transmission is gone, too. Farewell… That said, our HR-V Sport gets some goodies unique to the model that should make it more fun …

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2019 Honda CR-V Visualizer – All 10 Colors + Animated GIFs

The CR-V has held onto its spot in the top six selling vehicles in the USA for years now. This latest generation brings a huge leap forward in design and style — to the point we’ve started to really admire them on the road! Pricing is from about $25k and up with four trim levels and all CR-Vs come with these gorgeous LED daytime running lights up front.  To get the sexy full-LED headlights takes the Touring trim or an option package.  To help out on your CR-V shopping, we’ve put together a full visualizer of the new CR-V in …

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Road Test Review – 2018 Honda Pilot Elite – By Carl Malek

The race for supremacy in the mid-size SUV segment has never been as hotly contested as it has been over the past few years. A strong push in sales and a rapid shift in demand from U.S. customers has forced many automakers to step up their game in catering to the ever evolving needs of a new generation of families. But can even benchmark entries standout against a growing pool of mid-size SUV offerings? To find out, we spent some time with the 2018 Honda Pilot to see if this venerable Honda can still maintain its winning ways in this …

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2018 Honda CR-V 1.5T AWD Touring – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

It’s amazing how time flies in the auto industry. Especially in the compact SUV segment. We tested the all-new 2017 CR-V less than a year ago, but it’s got loads of competitors nibbling at its heels, from an all-new Subaru Forester, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and Toyota RAV4 plus a heavily-revised Jeep Cherokee. And don’t forget the Nissan Rogue Sport, Hyundai Kona and other ilk, that are a little smaller, but still in the hunt. How you holdin’ up? Being such a competitive segment, most manufacturers seem willing to be more expressive in their styling – you don’t want to be …

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2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring 10

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. The sedan is not dead. Sure, SUVs and Crossovers are the big biz these days, but there are a lot of folks who like sedans. And there are some areas where those SUV’s and Crossovers are still falling short. Take Fuel Economy When it comes to efficiency, a crossover or SUV with its bigger body, poorer aerodynamics and greater weight, is going to be challenged. Yes, they’re getting better, but they’re not there yet. Also, sedans are fighting back with technology from hybrid, to plug-in hybrid, to EV. Take for example, …

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Honda Formally Unveils Passport SUV, Revives Legendary Nameplate For A New Generation Of Buyers

Honda is a company of many talents, but the one thing it lacked for the longest time was a proper mid-size two row crossover to slot between the CR-V and the larger Pilot SUV. The Japanese auto giant has punched its figurative passport so to speak, and has unveiled the model that will take it to this vaunted chunk of the CUV progress, the 2019 Honda Passport. At first glance, the Passport is indeed what it appears to be, a shrunken Honda Pilot, with the distinctively Pilot themed nose adding to that theme. However, the stance is perkier, and lacks …

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Honda Teases Rugged and Capable 2019 Passport SUV Ahead of L.A. Debut

Honda’s versatile SUV and CUV lineup currently offers buyers five distinct choices to choose from, but later this month, they will be joined by a sixth entrant that not only brings back an iconic moniker to the scene after several decades, but also the versatility and off road prowess that has been noticeably absent from Honda lineup, the 2019 Honda Passport.   We will admit, the first teasers that Honda released don’t show much to the untrained eye, with the Passport’s rear end obscured by a plume of tire generated dirt, and a brief video segment of the Passport tackling …

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Industry Insider: 4 Reasons To Buy A Used Car

When it comes to the time to buy a car, you may be wondering about whether you should buy a new one or a used one. Both ideas have their pros and cons, but there are many more reasons why buying used is the best idea, and is something you should certainly consider. Here are some of those reasons. Depreciation Possibly the biggest reason to buy a used car and not a new one is what is known as ‘depreciation’. Unlike most purchases, as soon as you drive the new car away from the forecourt it will have lost value …

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BMW X1 sDrive28i M Sport - Alpine White in 60 High-Res Photos35

Industry Insider – New or Used Cars: Which is Better?

This is an age-old question. Should you buy a new or used car? Everyone seems to have a different answer and different reasons why. There really is no single right answer because it all depends on your current lifestyle and living situation. Different financial obligations, abilities, hobbies, and plans will determine whether a new or used car makes sense for you. In order to figure out which is best, let’s consider the upfront cost of the car, the gas mileage, the insurance cost, and the cost of repairs. It’s important to crunch the numbers before making any decisions. Determine What …

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2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

A friend just asked about buying a Diesel-engine car. Diesel? Really? It seems like that boat has sailed a while ago, with VW’s diesel-gate putting the powertrain on the chopping block for most passenger cars. Hybrids and EV’s are where it’s going – for their combination of low or zero emissions, hefty government subsidies (ok, those may go away) and driving fun. Yes, driving fun. And one of the most interesting of these vehicles is the new Honda Clarity. A new way to roll Well, the Honda Clarity actually gives you three ways to roll – if you’re on the …

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2018 Honda Civic Type R – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

Are you an extrovert? Do you like being the center of attention? Do you like answering lots of questions from people you don’t know? Then we have the car for you. The Honda Civic Type R. It’s R turn. While Type R Honda models have been the epitome of performance for the brand elsewhere, Honda and Acura have been extremely stingy bringing any to the U.S. When the new Civic bowed, a promise   that the lineup would include the first ever U.S. Civic Type R got enthusiasts all fizzy with excitement. Sparkling or flat? Not everyone likes bright and bold …

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Insider: Factors To Consider Before Buying A Car

It’s more than likely you’ll need or want to buy a car at some point in your life. This can be extremely stressful and a daunting task for those who don’t know much about different vehicles and features. What’s important is that you ask yourself the right questions and can come up with answers for each before you proceed with making a purchase. This will help lead you toward finding the right car for you and minimize the chance of any regrets. Although it can be an overwhelming task, remember to have fun with the process of buying a new …

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2018 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

While crossovers are the big thing, we think it’s great to see the sedan isn’t ready to roll over and die. In fact, with the all-new Camry, and coming soon, All-new Altima, carmakers are stepping up their game – each of these new sedans is on the edge of style, technology, and best of all, performance. Leading the renaissance is the 2018 Honda Accord. Super Stylish It must be tough being Audi. You come up with a gorgeous design, and next thing you know, other manufacturers seem to be dipping in the same inkwell. Take the new Audi A7 – …

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2019 Honda Insight Hybrid Revealed, Brings 55 MPG And Refinement To Hybrid Sedan Ranks

When we last met the 2019 Honda Insight in Detroit, it was in prototype form, and it offered a glimpse of the Japanese auto giant’s future plans for the Insight nameplate. With the New York Auto Show fast approaching, Honda has taken the veil off of the production version of the Insight ahead of its Big Apple debut. The basic styling language of the 2019 Insight is largely reminiscent of the prototype’s albeit with the bulk of the changes taking place at the front end. Here, the car borrows a number of cues from several Honda models including the “flying …

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2018 Honda ODYSSEY Elite – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

Minivans aren’t often objects of desire. Sure, they can be objects of affection, and we know many owners who swore they’d never own one who now swear they’d never drive anything else, but mostly they lie in the job title of family workhorse – destined to be covered in sweaty sports gear and crumbled cheerios. But maybe things have changed. Is the new 2018 Honda Odyssey lust-worthy? Well, it’s certainly handsome. Hard to believe, but the 2018 is the 5th generation of Honda’s people mover, with 2.5-million units sold it’s Honda’s 4th best-selling vehicle of all time. Impressive. For its …

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Honda Showcases Revived Insight Hybrid, Has Prius In Its Crosshairs

Following on the heels of the recently launched Civic and Accord sedans, Honda is now focusing on beefing up its green presence. This includes the launch of the second generation Clarity sedan, as well as the unveiling of its budget oriented companion, the 2019 Honda Insight. Honda admits that it is a prototype at the moment, but the exterior styling of the 2019 Insight is largely production ready, and is perhaps the sleekest Insight we have seen yet. In addition, this new model also demonstrates the three generation evolution that has taken place, with the original Insight arriving as a …

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Honda Teases 2018 Accord, To Make Debut In Detroit

Honda’s full-size Accord sedan has be an endearing sales hit for Honda during its long history in production, but its bland styling as well as a reputation for not being fun to drive are notable weaknesses in this otherwise compelling delight. Honda aims to change all that with the 2018 Accord, which is set to make its debut in July at an event in Detroit. The exterior styling of the car (teased via sketch) hints at an Accord that will be much more stylish with plenty of Civic derived cues, especially at the front of the car. The Civic’s design …

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2017 Honda Fit 2

2017 Honda Fit – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

We’re often asked for buying recommendations, and certain models are our go-to cars. We know they’re good, fun, reliable, and the odds of getting a bad one are slim. (We hate angry emails.) And for many years, the city car of choice has been the Honda Fit. These days, so many buyers are clamoring for mini-crossovers, we forget that for a lot of folks, a small hatch is equally capable to do the job. So, is today’s Fit still a good fit for buyers? Well, it’s certainly a good looking little guy. Okay, we should probably caveat that. The bright …

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2017 Honda CIVIC Si Now In Showrooms from $24k

UPDATE 5.12.17 The new Si twins from Honda go on sale across the USA tomorrow!  Pretty exciting stuff, even though the new 205HP turbo motor matches the previous Si outputs.  Why?  Because of the new surge in low-end torque that will shave nearly a second off real-world 0-60-mph sprints. The turbo engine also presents an extremely easy tuning roadmap.  Juicing 300 ponies out of here might cost $4k for ECU reflash plus big downpipe/intake/exhaust.  Getting to 300 from the naturally aspirated engine would cost at least double that and be frankly quite challenging without a full race rebuild of the …

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Top 11 Hot Hatchbacks in the USA for 2017

This spring has been a renaissance for hot hatch testing here at Car-Revs-Daily.  We’ve had the great pleasure of flogging the two reigning champs: the Focus RS and Golf R — and realized these pocket rockets are a speedfreak’s dream come true.  So tight and nimble.  So ferocious on throttle.  And so affordable versus a big V8 in Camaro  or Mustang!  Affordable to buy and also to insure and own. They make spouses less furious  than an impractical two-seat coupe.  And they are actually useful at transporting big things via their fold-down back seats. The market for hot hatchbacks has …

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2017 Honda Civic Type R – Nurburgring Record Video & Photos

The new CIvic Type R is on full boost now.  Its US launch is two months out and production is in full swing.  This must mean the first shipment is already on a giant boat headed stateside! Excitement for the most-powerful Honda Civic of all time is palpable lately, especially with the Si  launch just last week. To prove that AWD is not necessary to take on the Focus RS and Golf R, Honda took the new Civic to break some records on track.  This is now the quickest front-driver of all time around with a 7:43:80 time.  Watch the …

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2017 Honda Civic Type R – 20-Photo USA Debut Gallery w/Video

Check out the most intriguing hyper-hatch in ages!  Here is a 306HP turbo to the front wheels — making it the fastest Honda of all time! The engineering upgrades list to manage that power is long….  but majors on grip and adjustability.  Drive modes and adjustable suspension will give supreme control.  We absolutely crave its exterior design.  It is so massively aggressive.  So carefully modified for the track.  You can sense that none of this body addenda — like the giant front splitter or artful rear wing — is there for looks alone.  This is a purposeful car that came to …

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2017 Honda CIVIC Si Coupe and Sedan Rock 205HP Turbos, In Stores Next Month

It has been a long time coming, Honda fans!  We’ve been holding our collective breath hoping for greatness in the future Civic Type R. AND.. SCORE! Honda delivered and is on an unbelievable hot streak. FLASHBACK:  Here we rendered some dreams of a euro civic in USA. That was back in 2014.  Three years later: New Accord Sport, Civic Sport are world-class excellent once again.  Perhaps not causal… but certainly correlated!?  This new Si looks fairly similar to the Civic Sport from up front — which is to say, amazing.  Around back, new spoilers and exhausts speak volumes about what’s …

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2017 Honda CR-V 1.5T AWD Touring – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

  An exciting new twist with the 2017 CR-V.  Five of them, in fact!~ Honda’s really got us spinning with the all-new CR-V. And while it already was one of the very best, they’ve done a lot of things – big and small – to make sure it keeps its leadership position.   Twist 1: It will turn heads: CR-V’s have always been modern, contemporary vehicles, but not Wowzers. Until now. First of all, the new CR-V looks noticeably bigger, and it is. Give partial credit to the smaller HR-V being offered so its big brother can stretch out. The …

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2017 Honda CIVIC Sport 6MT Hatchback – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

Civic loyalists, your car is back! If you’ve wanted a performance Civic hatch, it’s been a long wait.  The last one was in 2003! In Si form, that Civic five-door was a neat little car.  We especially liked the rally-style shifter mounted high on the center console, the sport bucket seats, and the large (for Honda) 2.0-liter with i-VTEC. And while not a nose-bleed revver like the smaller Civics, it was still fun to drive hard. But that was 14 years ago! And while we’ve had plenty of enjoyable Civics to drive, they’ve only been offered in Coupe and Sedan …

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Honda Unveils 2018 Odyssey Minivan [Live Images]

Honda has formally taken the wraps off of the 2018 Honda Odyssey at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in a bold effort to not only steal sales from the recently unveiled and highly popular Chrysler Pacifica minivan, but also allow it to stand out against the Nissan Quest and the Toyota Sienna.       The exterior styling of the 2018 Odyssey is a tasteful evolution of the traits that made the previous generation Odyssey a hit with buyers. The bland front fascia that defined the old model has been pitched, and the 2018 version puts a renewed …

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2017 Honda Ridgeline RTL–E – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

Is the Honda Ridgeline too good for most truck buyers? I mean after all, when the first Ridgeline appeared in 2005, it was revolutionary. Where trucks had trundled on for decades on separate chassis and bodies, the Honda re-envisioned the pickup with a unibody design. Much in the way the SUV’s and crossovers were dramatically improved with car-like comfort and manners, the Ridgeline should have been the standard bearer for pickups. Instead, after making a small splash, the majority of truck buyers went back to the harsh riding, less fuel efficient, but perceived tougher and more durable traditional trucks. They …

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2017 Honda CR-V – Turbo-powered Redesign Continues March Upmarket

You know those statistics that say California is a top-10 economy, ranked worldwide versus entire countries? The CR-V is a similar story for Honda.  It is an absolute mint. This car makes money like you would not believe, and single-handedly pulls in revenue many automakers can’t achieve with their entire lineups. CR-V is a profit-center extraordinaire. As a result, the model has received careful pruning over the last few years to make up for the missing total redesign.  Even while the compact crossover market has grown to the second-best-selling in all of automobile-dom —- behind pickups and neck/neck with midsize sedans …

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2017 Honda HR-V 6MT – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

A Honda HR-V with 2WD and manual transmission. ! Rare barely begins to describe the 6MT on Honda lots nationwide. Perhaps this is an auto-reviewer special!? It’s certainly possible. In the craze for small crossovers, it seems like an automatic is de rigueur, and most buyers are finding the added grip and confidence of All-Wheel Drive (AWD to you and me) a temptation too hard to resist. A while ago, we tested an AWD, CVT, HR-V (OK, it’s alphabet soup) and really liked it. A bit slow perhaps, but with all the brilliant simplicity of design that we think would …

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2017 Honda Ridgeline AWD RTL-E – Road Test Review – By Carl Malek

Mid-size trucks are gaining sales a wild rate in 2016. With the revitalization of the mid-size truck segment over the past two years, this is now a hotly-contested battlefield. Once defined by wheezy entries such as the Ford Ranger, as well as older iterations of the Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma, the second generation Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon have set the current benchmark for the segment, and pushed their Asian rivals out of the mix in the process. Honda looks to reverse this trend with the 2017 Honda Ridgeline, but can this revamped entry standout in a crowded segment while …

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2016 Honda Civic 1

Road Test Review – 2016 Honda CIVIC 1.5T Sedan – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

It seems like Honda has been making Civics forever.  It could be because that from the very first one, the Civic has been an outstanding small compact car with a reputation for value, reliability, and excellent gas mileage among other virtues.  It was loved by journalists and buyers, alike. However, the last generation Civic (2011 through 2015) was received with tepid enthusiasm from the press, and from customers.  That led to a very unusual second-year update, but even that didn’t do much to help keep the Civic near the top of the competition that got fiercer every year. For 2016, …

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Drive Review – 2016 Honda CIVIC COUPE – By Ben Lewis

    Is the new Civic a great little coupe, or the end of the automobile as we know it? A bit over-dramatic? Maybe not. We’ll get there. But first…   Honda recently introduced and all-new Civic Sedan that marked the 10th generation of feel-good affordable Honda sedans. And over the years, the Civic has had its ups and downs, but it’s always been pretty good and sometimes brilliant. The new one gets a very, very, very good rating from us. And like before, there’s a Coupe version on offer as well. In this case, we prefer the Coupe. To …

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2017 Honda RIDGELINE RTL-E 12

2017 Honda RIDGELINE RTL-E – SpeakerBed Stereo Intro and Photo Flyaround!

We missed our chance to drive the new Ridgeline!  Can you believe it? How!? Just an action-packed day of drives at the Atlanta Auto Media group’s Family Car Challenge. One with lines waiting for a taste of this new 280HP Truck-UV.  TUV? Favorite Ridgeline feature in a pitch from Honda to journalists .. even without a drive?  The in-bed speaker system! The bed of the truck is a giant speaker.  Pure, deep and LOUD sound. So what, right?  Aren’t they just waterproof speakers or something? Will leak and break and be weak. NOPE! In-bed, magnetic-resonance audio that uses the inner chassis and truck …

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Geneva Auto Show 2016 - Mega Gallery 317

Geneva 2016 – Showfloor Mega Gallery – Part One

Highlights in the gigantic, 250-photo gallery below?  Definitely the W Motors Lykan Hypersport!  Painted to match the Furious 7 hero and attending Geneva for the first time. Others definitely include the Opel GT Concept, VW T-Cross Breeze, Arash AF10 (perhaps), Honda Civic hatchback concept, 2017 VW Up!, SEAT Alteca, Peugeot Traveller and many more! The new Smart Fortwo cabrio is looking sharp in bright baby blue, as are the new C-Class twins in C400 and C43 Cabriolet. Geneva 2016 – Showfloor Mega Gallery – Part One

2017 Acura NSX WTF 15

@Acura: $200k NSX Is WTF, Dickslap Sticker Shock

Are you f***ing shi****** me? Talk about bait and switch. This new NSX just doubled in price somehow, overnight. What was widely thought to be an $80k PHEV supercar is suddenly carrying a $168k base price. And that is slightly stripped out. Painted wheels?  $1500.  SiriusXM carbon roof?  $6k.  CCM brakes?  $11k.  CF exterior?  $10k. It goes on and on, until the bombshell $200k total gives you a dickslap at the Summary screen. These options read like someone literally did a “times 2” excel function for the original prices.  Then pasted it down the entire column. Shocked. The colors, by …

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2017 Honda RIDGELINE – Challenges Mid-Size Roughriders with Smooth, Plush and Efficient Pickup Solution

At first look, the new Honda Ridgeline seems like even more of an open-bed Pilot than ever before. And in many senses, that is exactly what it is. Then you zoom out a bit, and consider the growing mid-size pickup truck market. The new Colorado, Canyon, Tacoma and upcoming Frontier refresh will make a totally reinvented truck class. And within that group, the general theme is full-size ability — now in a fun travel size. For a large swath of buyers, the refinement and road manners of the Ridgeline make it a unique offering. With nearly all the towing and …

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2015 LA Auto Show 88

2016 Honda CIVIC Coupe Reveal – Big Style, Power from First-Ever Turbo Engine Option

First look today at the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe! Very impressive and sexy new form language, design elements and a gorgeous, coupe-exclusive tail make this the hottest 10th-gen Civic shown so far. Power is up across both LX and EX trims, with a fairly potent new 1.5-liter turbo four making 174 horsepower, an improvement of 31 ponies versus the equivalent engine last year. Joining the Civic sedan, the Coupe is the second reveal in a broad Civic assault over the next year. The first-ever US-market Civic 5-door is coming along soon, followed by Si versions of at least the Coupe …

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Honda’s New Car Can Power Your House for a Week? Introducing Jamie Hanninen

Honda has been working on hydrogen-fueled cars for several decades now, but hadn’t settled on a design they felt was worthy of releasing to the public until now. The Clarity Fuel Cell was just unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, and it packs an amazing punch, even though it looks like a standard four-door sedan. It Emits Only Water Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are so clean that the only thing that flows from the tailpipe is water. The cars rely on basic chemistry to convert hydrogen into power. The hydrogen enters the chamber, and is introduced to an anode. Its …

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First Drive Review – 2016 Honda HR-V – Looks Cool, Drives Poorly with Zero Power

    Really wanted to love the new HR-V as an emblem of new Honda mojo. But after a brief drive, the HR-V is a huge letdown and not in the top five cars in the compact-crossover segment. How to go from excitement to extreme aversion in just an hour on the road? The HR-V is perhaps not as bad as it seems when I end this drive video with “Hate It.” But Honda desperately needs to ace at least four big criteria for its next-gen models, this HR-V and new Civic included: — Design — Drive — Cabin tech …

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2016 Honda Pilot Elite AWD – Photo Flyaround Shows Classy LEDs, All-New Look

  Updated 10.18.15 with 37 New Photos The 2016 Pilot is nearly unrecognizable. It is completely new from all sides, with the next-gen Honda face and LEDs brightly glowing front and rear. While the silhouette of the new Pilot’s nose, windshield and glasshouse is extremely rakish now, the dimensions also appear to have grown quite a bit. The second row and rear overhang are particularly jumbo in this new design from the exterior. Inside, of course, you get the benefits of that large and in-charge profile.   The new 2016 Honda Pilot is here! With a striking new design that …

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2016 Honda Civic Sedan 61

2016 Honda CIVIC Sedan – 70-Image Reveal of Lux New Look + 1.5L Turbo

Honda’s live YouTube concert and Civic reveal is streaming the world debut of the all-new sedan tonight — with shockingly advanced design, tech and cabin luxury upgrades. The all-new look is quite distinctive and very sexy, particularly versus the current Civic. An all-new platform brings a lower hoodline, a more rear-mounted windshield, plus flying C-pillars out back that plunge into the trunk nicely. Out back, an aero-optimized octagon forms the main trunk and bumper shape, wearing striking LED light pipes around the top edges. Those lights are a great complement to the LED headlights, turn signals and DRLs in the …

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Best of Frankfurt 2015 – Honda Project 2&4 Concept – Floating Seats Promise Surreal Track Pleasure

Updated 9.16.15 With 35 New Photos Check out the Honda Project 2&4 up close and in detail!  This is one of the most outrageous concepts from Honda in years. Not just Honda, any manufacturer, really. And this is not just some track car, either, as we surmised below. By engineering the 2&4 with outboard seating, the drive experience should also blend the joy of two-wheeling. But with the cornering pace of a four-wheeled vehicle. Not having any panels, doors or bodywork anywhere to your left shoulder, hip or pedals will be a revolution on the road. Far more exposed than …

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2015 Honda Project 2&4 Concept – World Premiere of 14000-RPM Baby NSX

  Much as the world (and especially Japanese K-car buyers) love the S660 roadster, the sports potential of that mid-engine roadster is limited. Limited by power caps, safety rules and exhange rates — the S660 is not a global halo car, and definitely not a mini-NSX. What about the latest in Honda engine tech, paired with an open-wheeled racing design fresh from 2025? Now that would be something! Running the ultra-potent RC213V MotoGP bike engine, the Project 2&4 is ultra light and ultra simple. Ultra fresh sci-fi looks are just part of its charm, however. The real thrills will come …

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2016 Honda Accord Coupe Touring

2016 Honda Accord COUPE Shows its Fresh, Sexy Design in 50 New Photos

Updated 8.11.15 The Coupe joins the Accord reveal today! Did you do a double take on first sight?? We did… perhaps for the first time in years for an Accord Coupe. Shown in the top-spec V6 Touring trim level, the new Accord Coupe is vastly more attractive than the frisky and fast — but dull-looking — existing model. The Coupe looks really striking with all its new LEDs and styling upgrades – especially up front, where it is far more serious with black chrome in place of the sedan’s normal brightwork. The nose look is similar to the Accord Sport …

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2015 Honda Civic Type R European Dynamic Launch 12

2015 Honda Civic Type R – European Launch Gallery in 104 Gorgeous Photos

  Are you sitting down? Get ready to be absolutely floored with adrenaline via the all-new 2015 Honda Civic Type R’s intense design and visual fury at speed. On sale now in European markets, this is not a total ****tease for US and global Honda fans. The turbocharged engine under the hood of this Euro-exclusive Civic Type R is just the first salvo for Honda’s resurgent performance. Honda of America is visibly excited about turbo power energizing its upcoming range. Davis Adams of Honda PR is freshly home from the Slovakia track launch of the 2015 Euro Type R, and …

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F1 Canadian GP Auto Racing

2019 McLaren-Honda F1 Racer Rendered With Gorgeous Closed-Cockpit Canopy

  Andries Van Overbeeke’s third set of future F1 car designs is his most intriguing yet — thanks to a subtle tweak up top and a revolution down below. Up top in the Overbeeke F1 McLaren-Honda we have a closed cockpit for the first time. No F1 car has run enclosed in the history or the event. Shaped like a fighter jet canopy, this forward-hinged cockpit promises smoother aero at high speeds and enhanced safety in any accident. F1 cars have typically been open for practical reasons. Venting exhaust fumes at first, then allowing drivers to be ejected or extracted …

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2015 Honda CR-V Touring AWD Review 56

Road Test Review – 2015 Honda CR-V Touring AWD is Stylish Top Trim

The best-selling Honda CR-V is many things. Efficient, roomy, practical and safe are traits all closely linked to Honda’s mid-size SUV. Stylish and luxurious, though? The 2015 CR-V Touring is the best-looking and most premium CR-V Honda has ever made. EXTERIOR   You will see the new CR-V coming from afar. Gorgeous LED lighting up front glows for miles with a ribbon of white light around the headlamp edges, with the lower edge extra bright for LED DRL functionality. These LEDs are standard for EX, EX-L and Touring trims. Only the base LX with its $24k price and steel wheels …

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2016 Honda RC213V-S USA 10

2016 Honda RC213V-S MotoGP Champ Coming to Select USA Owners By Year-End!

It is very, very rare that a pure racer of any kind is offered to the public for sale. Heck, for most racing teams, even divulging key mechanical specs can be an act of high treason. But after two MotoGP World Championships, the impossible is now confirmed: Honda will sell the bike in the US market. Ever-so-slighty tweaked to add license plate brackets, the looser safety rules for two-wheelers make this a genius move by Honda. This is beyond performance flagship or halo model. The RC213V-S is a knockout blow to all other superbikes.  Pricing and availability are not yet …

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2016 Honda HR-V Looks Damn Good in 88 New Photos

  Updated 5.26.15 With 88 New Photos We struggled for a minute on this headline — but there is no mistaking the meaning: the 2016 HR-V’s design looks sublime in this new photo set. Even in its dark Steel Grey, the swoopy lines and stance of the HR-V are clear winners. We see LED lighting out back, but none up front. Even so, the nose of the HR-V is one of its coolest angles. The deep grille with its dark crossbar up top is very convincing. A sport grille is available, as are some cool multi-spoke alloys – as shown …

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2016 Honda HR-V - Modern Steel Metallic 12_001-horz

$20k 2016 Honda HR-V Arriving Now! Trims, Pricing + All Colors in Animated Turntables

Welcome to the ultimate Honda HR-V colors guide! 300-plus images, eight turntable animations and even the full pricing and trims list. The first HR-V’s are rolling into dealerships this week, but will be snapped up almost instantly by other eager shoppers. Why? Great style and design, posh cabin with cool new tech, plus pricing from a base of just $19,000 for the LX model. The EX-L Navi with AWD and an automatic transmission tops out the model range around $27,000. Our pick? The most-loaded manual transmission model in EX FWD form. With the cool available machined alloys and the Sport …

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2015 Honda S660 31

2015 Honda S660 Is JDM Mid-Engine Targa With Turbo Triple Engine + 6-Speed Manual

Honda’s renaissance in sporty cars might be topped by the NSX supercar, but the effects of a sporty focus runs up and down the range. This K-car is a very positive step forward for Honda, even if it is primarily aimed at the Japanese Domestic Market. With style and LEDs like much pricier and more powerful sports cars, the S660 is the most affordable way into a mid-engine, open-top thrills. Weight distribution is 45-percent front, 55-percent rear, promising much of the light nose and nimble thrills of the Porsche Boxster for perhaps a quarter of the price. Power comes from …

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Holy ****Balls!! Gen-10 Honda Civic Coupe Concept Is INCREDIBLE

  By the tenth generation of something, you should be an expert at just about anything. Honda is indeed finalizing the Gen-10 Honda Civic for a launch next year as a 2017 model-year, and shows that it has found the plot once again. Surely, they have realized now that something dreadful happened somewhere in the Gen-7 phase of around 2004. Purists might tell you it was when the independent rear suspension was swapped for a cheap and dirrrty torsion bar. But whenever it happened, the Civic — and especially the Civic Coupe — have veered much to close to humdrum, slow-as-**** …

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2015 Honda Civic Type R 24

5.7s, 167MPH 2015 Honda Civic Type R Scorches Into Geneva With 300HP Turbo VTEC

The 2015 Honda Civic Type R is official! This is it ladies and gentleman — the hottest-ever Honda road car since the original NSX. And it is about time!  Honda is relaunching the NSX as a 2016 model with turbo power, and the latest McLaren-Honda F1 car is also packing forced-induction for 2015. It all really comes together on this new Type R Civic, however. Very exciting performance stats are just the opening salvo — the real track joy will come from its incredibly tossable and tight-handling chassis tune.   2015 Honda Civic Type R   A HOT-HATCH ICON REBORN: …

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2015 Honda FCV Concept + Year of Honda Turbo VTEC and Turbofan HondaJet Arrival

Honda is very re-energized lately. It will take time for the actual products to catch up with the mood inside the halls of America Honda these days, but when they arrive, they should be terrific. After years of a relatively glum and forlorn outlook, there is a palpable sense of future potential in Honda today. The FCV concept is still in its production-engineering mode, as Honda is keen to perfect every detail before the global rollout. This sense slightly delayed the new Acura NSX as well, but we now see it was worth the wait. Honda is diving head-first into …

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Update2 – 550HP+ 2016 Acura NSX World Premiere in 95 Images

Updated 1.13.2015 With 20 new photos What really strikes you after first viewing the new NSX is how incredibly stylish and lean its design is. At first glance, it seems an exact copy of the concepts we’ve seen over the years. But that is not actually true. The nose is dramatically cleaned-up, with the chrome bar now subtle and mounted right at the hood’s leading edge. Previously, it was below the hood and had black space above it — creating the unpopular beak face many have hated on Acuras recently. Beyond that refinement, there is also a full lower aero …

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nomad colors

2015 ARIEL Nomad – Exclusive Digital COLORIZER

This Ariel Nomad is a very cool piece of news – even as CES is in full swing and Detroit is starting to build momentum ahead of press parties starting on Sunday. We’ve spent a bit of time in photoshop to create an exclusive color visualizer for the new Nomad — with our skills obviously best able to create bright, Skittles-style shades. We’ve also lightened and darkened the wheels for a few ideas of what the gloss-black optional rims might look like. This car seems like it is *perfect* for the X-raid class of rallying, and as such there are …

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ariel nomad

3.3s 2015 ARIEL Nomad – Tech Specs, Options and Full-Throttle Testing Video!

Updated 1.6.2015 If anything, the real-life Ariel Nomad is even cooler than last week’s teaser renders indicated. Power is a stout 235-ponies, the Yokohama 35-inch mud tires are insane, and the options list will make you start drooling onto your touchscreen. Is there any downside to the ultra-light yet super-strong Ariel Atom chassis concept being applied to an off-roader? Not that we can think of. A heated windshield is even offered. The rear-engine playfulness and handling joy seem to apply themselves perfectly to the Nomad’s off-road mission — as well as guaranteeing traction for sprints and heavy braking. The 100-kph …

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juke color studio

2015 Nissan JUKE Color Studio Offers 4000+ Unique Trims Via 12 Customizable Areas

  The new 2015 Nissan Juke Color Studio is a fantastic step forward for Nissan – with MINI-besting combinations of trims that total at least 4000 unique variations. How? Over the eight base Juke coolors for 2015, shoppers can custom-color 12 sections of the body in unique accent shades. Everything from matte black wheels to carbon-fiber-effect wraps creates a mind-boggling level of one-of-a-kind Jukes. Once a shopper has picked their ideal Juke Color Studio combination, the results can be sent right to the local Nissan dealer to be fitted to a new Juke on arrival. The styling of the new …

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juke gif

2015 Nissan JUKE Secures High-Style LEDs All Around in Design Refresh + Official USA Pricing

  Updated 12.1.14 The 2015 Juke in the USA now brings the latest styling enhancements seen first in Geneva on the Euro-market Juke. Included below are 2015 USA Juke prices. Watch this space for a follow-up article on the 2015 Juke’s new Color Studio accessories.   NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nissan announced U.S. pricing for the new 2015 Nissan JUKE sport cross, which features a revised exterior and enhanced standard equipment – plus a new JUKE “Color Studio” personalization program. The 2015 JUKE goes on sale today at Nissan dealers nationwide, following its North American debut at the Los Angeles Auto …

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trax gif

2015 Chevrolet Trax Arriving in January With Base Price of $21,000

Updated 12.1.14 The Chevy Trax is arriving to Chevy dealers very, very soon! As these latest photos and top 20 features below show, Chevy is eager to make Trax in the compact crossover market sales charts! We were pretty far below the Trax’s actual prices in our ballpark below of $19k to $25k — the Trax will actually start from $21,000 as a front-drive and $22,500 with AWD. Simple trim levels at least mean the LTZ AWD will not be much of a jump up the price ladder – with our new estimate being $27,000 with every available option. Fuel …

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Top 10 Midsize Sedans – 2016 Mazda6 Is Best, Subaru Legacy Second

The Mazda6 is the best-looking, best-handling and most refined mid-size sedan available even before these updates. But two areas kept the car from being a world-beater: the cabin design and a slightly unexciting exterior in the lower and cheaper trim levels. Yes, the Grand Touring had big wheels and LED accents, making the most of the absolutely gorgeous core design. The Mazda6 in every trim now looks like it should costs $50,000, versus only the GT giving that impression before. Both issues are resolved for 2015 with a sweeping enhancement to the design and content of a long-time favorite family …

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