2017 Honda RIDGELINE RTL-E – SpeakerBed Stereo Intro and Photo Flyaround!

We missed our chance to drive the new Ridgeline!  Can you believe it?

How!? Just an action-packed day of drives at the Atlanta Auto Media group’s Family Car Challenge. One with lines waiting for a taste of this new 280HP Truck-UV.  TUV?

Favorite Ridgeline feature in a pitch from Honda to journalists .. even without a drive?  The in-bed speaker system!ridgeline rtl-e speaker bed

The bed of the truck is a giant speaker.  Pure, deep and LOUD sound.

So what, right?  Aren’t they just waterproof speakers or something? Will leak and break and be weak.

NOPE! In-bed, magnetic-resonance audio that uses the inner chassis and truck bed as its speakerbox.  Like a Bose Wave radio, kinda.  And SEALED inside the Ridgeline’s trunk/bed combination.

Very impressive indeed. Huge, rich sound with the bed and all the doors shut tight.  It sources the tunes from the car’s stereo or any bluetooth device nearby.   The in-bed audio is an RTL-E and Black Edition feature only, by the way.

NEXT… The trunk!

The back end of the truck bed opens up.  Very, very useful.

We hope the new Ridgeline carves itself a nice new niche in the mid-size truck biz.  Check out the gallery below for a closer look at the upcoming Ridgeline.  The price is from about $30k and up, with trim levels also detailed via screencap below.

The truck wrapped the day — even without your scribe’s antics — with dusty, sandy tires.  That confirms it is a fun one!