Honda Teases 2023 HR-V SUV, Joins Acura In Sharing Long Term Plans

The road map to the future is full of twists and turns, and many automakers are preparing for a future where green vehicles are rapidly becoming a vital component of the broader sales sphere. Honda is no exception, and the Japanese auto giant has revealed that it not only plans to roll out a next-generation Honda HR-V SUV but also revealed that plug-in hybrid models are not in the final blueprint for both Honda and luxury brand Acura.


Next Generation HR-V Promises To Be Unique For North America

The Honda HR-V has made a splash since it arrived on our shores a few years ago, and it followed up on the success it has had in other markets, including Japan, where it’s called the Vezel. However, the next-generation model will move away from its global sibling and instead be built from the ground up for the North American market. Honda released two renderings of the HR-V, and while the wilder styling elements will most likely remain in the drawing stage, some core attributes immediately stick out. The front fascia is meaner-looking than before and eliminates some of the disjointed angles that define the current generation model.

The door handles also have a different design, and the glass in this rendering is noticeably different from what we have now. It’s unknown if the performance hardware will follow this mantra, but the next-generation model could bring a new engine or two to try and live up to the sporty persona projected by the exterior. Look for the interior to follow some of the basic cues we already see in the Civic and walk a fine line between ultra-modern flair and sporty substance.


Plug-in Hybrids Are Not Part Of The Script

A bombshell announcement is that both Honda and Acura will not be developing plug-in hybrid versions of their next-gen vehicles. A changing market climate is to blame, with Honda reps claiming that the shift to eliminating emissions outright (versus merely reducing them) has eliminated the practical point of even developing such a model and that the company could invest some of the capital and time needed for a hybrid and move all that into a fully electric vehicle that can better comply with the goal of eliminating emissions.

Acura’s is preparing to fully jump into the EV segment in all-electric vehicles. Still, for the moment, the immediate plans for them are more modest when compared to Honda’s, with the luxury brand preparing to launch the all-new Integra and add the Type-S package to the MDX full-size SUV. After all, that’s done. That’s when we will see more electrification, with Honda still on track to produce its upcoming Proluge EV. The Prologue will be Honda’s first North American market EV and will also be the fruit of a partnership between the company and long-time rival General Motors, with the General supplying the platform for it. Acura will also likely get a version for itself, but unlike the Proluge, look for the company to give it an alphabet soup acronym name to help it fit in with its current model lineup.