Honda Teases 2018 Accord, To Make Debut In Detroit

Honda’s full-size Accord sedan has be an endearing sales hit for Honda during its long history in production, but its bland styling as well as a reputation for not being fun to drive are notable weaknesses in this otherwise compelling delight. Honda aims to change all that with the 2018 Accord, which is set to make its debut in July at an event in Detroit.

The exterior styling of the car (teased via sketch) hints at an Accord that will be much more stylish with plenty of Civic derived cues, especially at the front of the car. The Civic’s design has recieved a fair amount of critcism especially in Type R guise. However, we suspect the 2018 Accord’s duds will pull off the look better, and create a rather handsome looking full-size entry.

Honda was also quick to point out that the 2018 Accord will have a sharper focus on fun than before. While the V6 is being dropped, we suspect that won’t be an issue for many buyers, especially once they get a chance to experience the new turbocharged four cylinder.

Power output is currently unknown, but it is supposed to be higher than the outgoing V6, so look for the new engine to make between 278-300 horsepower which is a solid amount.

Honda’s new 10-speed automatic is also expected to make its apperance as well as the carryover six-speed manual gearbox with the latter catering to performance enthusiasts. Honda claims that the car is all new from the ground up, so look for its suspension to also be updated to cater to buyers looking for more handling prowess on twisty roads.

We look forward to finding out more about the 2018 Accord over the next few weeks, and seeing for ourselves whether it can fill the shoes left by its predecessor.